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What to watch from movies while in quarantine: ”Platform” (2019)


With the coronavirus on the horizon, it is gradually beginning to thaw, but it is still a long way from opening cinemas. Therefore, we are forced to continue to sit in front of TV sets and computers, sorting through an endless string of posters on streaming services and wondering what to watch from the films. We have already picked up one good movie for you. Today we will watch the film "Platform" 2019 release.

Again fantastic, only now from Italian filmmakers.

What the film "Platform" (2019) is about

At first, it is not entirely clear why we are shown thorough preparation of various kinds of dishes, but after that, when the first "feeding" begins, everything will fall into place. In the meantime, we'll take a look at what kind of trailer the creators of the masterpiece concocted.

The main character of the film "Platform" (2019) - a man of about 35 named Goreng, who is far from being brutal in appearance - wakes up in a square cell with number 48.

Apart from a couple of beds, there is nothing more of the furniture in it. One bed belongs to him, the other to a cellmate. There is also a washstand and a latrine. And that's all.

There is a quadrangular hole in the floor and ceiling in the middle of the camera. According to the main character, we can assume that he does not know anything about the local "morals", since he begins to gradually elicit information from his "brother in misfortune", who, by the way, is called Trimagashi.


He confesses to him that he came here of his own free will, in order to get some kind of diploma and advance in the service, and at the same time to quit smoking, since you can't smoke here, firstly, because these are the rules, and second, because nobody will give you cigarettes here.

The inmate of the main character admits that he got here for a crime. Everyone can carry one item with them into the Pit. And while Goreng chose a book by Cervantes, Don Quixote, Trimagashi took with him a self-sharpening kitchen knife for cutting meat.

I made the right decision, as it will become clear later.

Here the signal "for lunch" is heard, and for the first time the "Platform", full of all kinds of food, falls from the ceiling to the floor. These foods are in such a state as if a lawn mower had driven over them.


Trimagashi then enlightened Goreng that, they say, they are now at the 48th level, and all the dishes are in such a mess, since they have already been "tasted" by the "prisoners" from the upper tiers, that is, those from 1 to the 47th. Goreng did not touch the "leftovers" and after a while the platform went down one floor.

But hunger is not aunt. It is clear that for a long time Goreng will not be able to turn up his nose from food, and in a few days he will be eating like a sweetheart, devouring both cheeks.

According to a cellmate, the levels here are something within 150, and below 70, people are starving, because there is simply no physical food left on them. If everyone ate only what they "ordered" during testing (the blunt-nosed Goreng ordered a dish of several snails), then there would be more than enough food for everyone. But ...

And everything would be fine. Staying on the 48th floor would not have been difficult to stretch for 6 months. Yes, only every month is castling. After 30 days of "experimental confinement", all the prisoners were euthanized with gas and the next morning Goreng woke up on the 171st floor, moreover, tied hand and foot. While he was walking away from the drowsy gases, Trimagashi tied him to the bunk with sheets tied into ropes.


And then it dawned on Goreng why he had taken a butcher's knife with him to the Pit ...

What a wide audience liked and what not

It is not entirely clear why the protagonist of the film "Platform" agreed to this long-running experiment, which has been "tested on humans" for at least 25 years. According to him, he went to a 6-month "term" in the pit only to get some kind of diploma, and even quit smoking. It seems that he hardly guessed that he would have to eat a little of his cellmates, or even become food for some himself. Otherwise he would have received such a "bloody" diploma.

Although, if you look at it, many people have already passed through the Pit, from which it can be assumed that everything that is going on inside it is no longer a secret for the next "willing". Should I conclude that:

  • The main character was so idiot that he was not aware of the specifics of the "experiment" to which he was signing up?
  • Or was in the know, but did not believe that it was true?
  • Or did you not even suspect about anything at all, since everyone who came out of the pit gave a kind of "nondisclosure agreement"? But this is idiocy.

The second option is most suitable for the main character, since he certainly was not convicted of any crimes. But if he was such a naive idiot, where did such lofty thoughts begin to mature in his head and such determination and courage came from?

Does the pit change people? Probably. It's not for us to judge. We only heard about it, but we ourselves did not sit in it.

The disadvantages of the film "Platform" (2019) are only in the above-mentioned "hit" of the protagonist in the "clutches" of the experiment. Everything else is quite a big fat plus. A very good breed for today's "civilized society" and our "life-being". Everyone should take a look. And draw your parallels, which you can see in everything here and link to whatever your heart desires.


Anyone interested in our today's advice on what to watch from the movies can safely press the link below.

Watch the film "Platform" (2019) online

We say goodbye to you on this stern note. We wish you a speedy completion of the self-isolation regime, good health and, as always, more cool films and TV series.

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