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Kingdom Come Deliverance - a short excursion into the history of Bohemia


Kingdom Come Deliverance is a unique role-playing game, the plot of which is based on real historical facts and takes place in the territory of medieval Czech Republic - in the Kingdom of Bohemia. Unfortunately, in world history, the events in the medieval Czech Republic are given a minimum of attention, so we have prepared this material for you.

After reading this article, you will be able to learn more about the main historical figures of the Kingdom of Bohemia and the events that preceded the beginning of the Kingdom Come Deliverance game plot.

Bohemia Kingdom Come Deliverance

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Kingdom of Bohemia

Warhouse Studios, headed by Daniel Vavra, are developers from the Czech Republic, so to create a historically accurate game, they decided to take a real conflict that took place in the native land of the game's creators - the Kingdom of Bohemia. The Kingdom Come Deliverance map and Bohemia itself covers only a part of the territory of modern Czech Republic, in which, in addition to Bohemia, there is also Moravia and Silesia, which occupy the entire western part of the country.

Bohemia map

Nominally, the date of the founding of Bohemia is 1212, when the emperor of the Roman Empire Frederick II signed the Sicilian golden bull, in which the borders of Bohemia were established and the Czech nobility was allowed to independently choose the king. In addition, after the signing of the bull, all Czech monarchs were endowed with Elector powers and could take part in the election of a new emperor.

Bohemia existed as a sovereign state until 1918, when there was a split of Austria-Hungary, after which the entire territory of the Bohemian kingdom became part of modern Bohemia.

Golden Age of Bohemia

Kingdom Come Deliverance is a game where the events unfold in the most important period in the history of Medieval Czech Republic - before the end of the Golden Age and the beginning of the Hussite Wars. Initially, Bohemia was of no value in the political arena until the accession to the throne of Wenceslas II. Oh, this guy is a real example of success, because possessed three royal crowns at once: Polish, Czech and Hungarian, began to issue the Prague crown, which became one of the most popular coins on the territory of medieval Europe and introduced a monopoly on the extraction of silver.

Riches of Bohemia

The treasures of silver in Kutna Hora helped to enrich notably both Wenceslas II himself and to improve the Czech lands. The monarch was able to significantly strengthen the power of the Bohemian state in the medieval political arena and even tried to build the first university in Prague.

The period of the reign of Charles IV, who assumed the throne of John of Luxenburg, is considered to be the real flourishing of Bohemia. Unlike his papani, who saw Bohemia only as a pump for pumping out silver, Karl was a real patriot of the state, knew the Czech language perfectly, was distinguished by literacy, developed handicrafts, agriculture and equally pleased both the nobility and ordinary citizens.

Charles IV

In addition to the Bohemian crown, Charles IV still managed to gain the approval of the German nobility and become a German king, and also became the first Czech monarch who was honored to be the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. True, the soul of Wenceslas was closer to his native Czech lands, so after his coronation in Italy he returned to Bohemia, which he made the cultural and political center of medieval Europe.

After his death, Wenceslas VI gave the reins of power to his many sons, among whom were Sigismund and Wenceslas VI, who became one of the main characters of Kingdom Come Deliverance.

Wenceslas IV and Sigismund

The throne of Bohemia by right of inheritance went to Wenceslas VI, during whose reigns medieval Bohemia slowly fell into decay. Well, what can you do, instead of conquests and the development of domestic politics, Vaclav loved to drink, and go to the bathhouse with the girls. You can't argue against nature, as they say. Another disadvantage of Vaclav is that, unlike his father, he could not sit on several chairs at once.

So, Wenceslas was considered the people's king, the peasants adored him, because he appointed ordinary people to various important positions, which raised questions from the nobility. In addition, Vaclav often quarreled with the archbishop and representatives of the clergy, who demanded an additional tax on the people.

Sons of Charles IV

By the beginning of the 15th century, two problems hit Wenceslas's life at once: in 1400 he was removed from the throne of Germany for systematic drunkenness and not participating in state affairs, and already in 1402 Wenceslas was captured by his half-brother Sigismund.

Sigismund was a more successful and ambitious ruler than Wenceslas: after the death of Charles IV, Sigismund received Bradenburg, and then, having married the daughter of King Louis, expanded his possessions in the lands of Hungary and Croatia. In general, Sigismund's career inspires respect: the coronation by a German monarch, the occupation of the Czech throne and the main achievement - the election as emperor of the Roman Empire.

Churchmen in the Czech Republic

Jan Gus

Jan Hus is one of the most important characters in the history of Bohemia, without which it is impossible to imagine an overview of the events of Kingdom Come Deliverance. Despite the fact that Gus cannot be found in Kingdom Come Deliverance, it can be assumed that if Warhouse create the next part of a medieval RPG, then it is the personality of Jan Gus that will form the basis of the game's plot.

Jan Hus was a sincerely believing in God man, but while preaching in the Bethlehem Chapel, he made himself many opponents in the clergy because of the criticism of the churchmen. For example, Huss was opposed to indulgence, the sale of church posts, and refused to take payment for the sacraments. He said that one cannot blindly believe the Church and that any government that treats its subjects unfairly cannot be recognized.

Jan Gus

Hus led an ascetic lifestyle, religiously followed church dogmas and preached not in abstruse Latin, but in simple Czech, thanks to which he gained great popularity among the common people in Bohemia. Hus also helped improve the literacy of the Czech people and reformed Czech spelling so that ordinary peasants could easily learn reading books.

Jan Hus had his followers, both among the people and among the churchmen, therefore, to try on the clergy, Sigismund invited Hus to the Constantine Cathedral. Unfortunately, there was no happy ending in this story, and Gus was accused of heresy and then burned at the stake. The death of the preacher caused great indignation and became the beginning of the Hussite wars, in which the united troops of the Czechs fought against the papal throne and successfully repelled 5 crusades.

The burning of Jan Gus

Kingdom Come Deliverance - Interactive Medieval History Tutorial

RPG from Warhouse Studios allows you to explore the history of Bohemia and take a personal part in historical conflict. Kingdom Come Deliverance download on Steam.

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And for those gamers who have already begun their journey through the harsh world of the Middle Ages, we have prepared a useful guide that will help in passing the game.

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