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Man defeated a car in a legal dispute


For the first time in the world, a professional dispute between man and machine took place in the northern capital. The discussion was held on a legal topic on the registration of real estate transactions on the leased site.

As a result of the confrontation between the robotic lawyer and the "real" lawyer, a man won. A robot called LegalApe 2.8 was developed by Megafon Corporation.

Science Monkey

The legal dispute, which took place at the VIII International Legal Forum in St. Petersburg, was marked by the victory of "Homo sapiens". The robot from Megafon is a pilot project of the corporation's legal chatbot. The main task of LegalApe 2.8 is advice on legal topics. If you literally translate its name, it sounds like "legal monkey".

Robot lawyer is designed on the basis of artificial neural networks. In addition, a special algorithm developed by MegaFon's legal experts was used during its creation. To train the neural network, large information blocks were taken on legal research, expert opinions of lawyers, and the history of judicial practice. The bot generates its answers, comments and consultations based on scientific sources and legal documents.

Competition of new times

The legal battle took place during the testing of LegalApe 2.8. The dispute between a man and a machine took place over the registration of the rights of real estate located on the territory of the leased land plot. The discussion was held in the mode of exchange of professional opinions. Information appeared on the pages of the St. Petersburg Forum website that the chatbot makes good use of the knowledge of the Civil Code, and is also capable of conducting a dialogue with an opponent. According to eyewitnesses, the robot continued to learn during the argument and at the end commented on its loss with obscene expressions.

The legal confrontation lasted about 1.5 hours, people were the judges. In their opinion, the "human" lawyer had a better understanding of the case in question, while the bot's responses were more formal. Also LegalApe 2.8 made factual inaccuracies and remarks, for which he received several warnings. As a result, according to the number of points scored, the person won.

Other helpers

LegalApe 2.8 is not alone among legal robots. So, on the online platform, there is a legal bot that advises on thousands of issues for free. It is based on a deep neural network (DNN) that has been trained in practice using hundreds of thousands of real calls. A robot consultant provides consultations on behalf of Fyodor Neyronov from St. Petersburg.

At the same time, the robot is configured to understand a simple language, so the question can be asked in a conversational style. Even in the presence of grammatical inaccuracies, the bot can understand the essence, and, if necessary, ask clarifying questions. While it can be found on the above portal, but it is planned to create versions for iOS and Android. The robot specializes in the most pressing and most frequently encountered topic among the mass of appeals - the protection of violated consumer rights.

Later, it is planned to add other branches of law to its functionality: labor, family, mortgage and maternity capital issues. During the first month of active work, the legal assistant answered almost 2000 questions. About 90% of the answers were professionally correct.

The Topic of Article: Man defeated a car in a legal dispute.
Author: Jake Pinkman