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Now Alice is in Yandex browser


Voice assistant from Yandex Alice has received a big update. The Android app now boasts browser functionality. Now you can solve your problems with Alice without opening Chrome.

"In general, using the Internet in the application has become so convenient that it can replace the browser - so we added the ability to make it the main browser on the device," the developers described the update.

Alice in the Browser

In addition to browser functions, Alice now shows Zen cards, traffic jams and discounts nearby. The developers are serious about building a cohesive ecosystem around a single application. And give us the opportunity to solve all our problems with the help of Alice.

That's just - this is a very non-trivial task, since she never received access to the basic capabilities of a smartphone, such as making calls, sending SMS and making entries in the calendar. And without this, in terms of functionality, it still loses to Google assistant and the same Siri.

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Author: Jake Pinkman