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Top 20 best TV series about teenagers according to KinoPoisk


Today we will talk about the best TV series about young people of all times and peoples. These may be long, there may be short franchises, but in them the main characters will necessarily be children or adolescents. The picture can be fantastic, it can be a drama, or it can even be a thriller or horror movie. It could be a love series for teenagers, or it could be a teenage series for adults.

Yes, and this happens, judging by the age rating of the same "Waste" or "Shameless". But this does not make them "not about teenagers" series, nor does it make them uninteresting for the same teenagers. In the age of the Internet, age restrictions are no longer a barrier to be reckoned with. And it's not at all difficult to find everything you need on the vast expanses of the web. And when you find it, you can spot it right there, while no one sees.

Our top was typeset based on the rating of viewers' preferences, that is, the votes that people gave for this or that youth series about teenagers on KinoPoisk. It includes only TV shows with a rating of at least 7.5, and therefore any of the films presented in our list will be of interest to any viewer of any age category.

Well, let's start getting acquainted with our selection, friends!

1. The Big Bang Theory (2007 -...) 8.58

This brainchild of the CBS (USA) channel is one of the longest running TV series, which has been running for the 13th season and will not end in any way. It began at the time when all the learned fraternity in the person of Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Rajesh graduated from their universities as an external student. After 11 seasons, they all turned into adult uncles, almost all of them got wives (one even managed to fly into space), but in their hearts, they remained nerdy teenagers in appearance, which is a pleasure to watch.

New episodes are waiting for us constantly with frightening regularity, and therefore we will rejoice and watch, dear sirs!

2. Shameless (2011 -...) KP 8.57

The showtime series (USA) features not only teenagers, but mostly they. Before our eyes, they grow up to a married age, since the franchise has been going on for 7 seasons and is not going to stop.

The series is full of black humor and, if I may say so, cuts the truth in the eye. While the daddy of the family is thumping unrestrainedly, and the mummy, in general, somewhere with someone we will not say that a large family is raised by the elder sister of the whole family. Where is it to her personal life, when she is always eaten up by work and raising a family? And the teenagers in the family are not simple. And each with its own jumps and quirks. Well, with her own problems, which, again, the older sister will have to sort out.

Attention! The series is replete with erotic scenes. People smoke and drink a lot in it. Therefore, we kindly ask you to remove your children from our blue screens!

3. Stranger Things (2016 -...) 8.47

The first season of the American horror series "Stranger Things", released by Netflix, produced a bomb-like effect and was comparable in popularity only to the X-Files when only season 1 of the world-famous adventures of Molder and Scully began to appear on the screens.

There is no time for school problems. The mother, who was perfectly played by the well-known Winona Ryder, has her son disappearing. Overnight, he simply disappeared, and his young detectives friends suspect that he somehow ended up in a parallel world. Well, if so, then he urgently needs to be saved. Just as they are not looking for an entrance to the other side, they cannot find it. Only when the sheriff is involved in the case, everything has moved a little from the dead center ...

The plot looks a little naive, but it was filmed, believe me, everything is very adult. You can't pull our blue screens by the ears! New episodes of the next season 3 can be seen in 2019. In the meantime, you can watch the old ones with pleasure.

4. Teenagers from Degrassi Street (1987-1991) 8.36

When the former kids, and now adolescents, who took part in the longest-running season of all times and peoples, "Children from Degrassi Street", were offered to star in a second similar project - a continuation of the previous one, they all agreed as one. As a result, we have a wonderful 4-year sequel, consisting of as many as 5 full seasons.

Whoever is interested in learning about what awaits them in the college of grown boys and girls, what life will be there, what problems they will have to face living in a hostel, we invite everyone to watch. Yes, then there was no Internet, there were no smartphones. But believe me, people were and always will be the same. Therefore, their problems will always be similar. And to know about the problems ahead of you means to be ready for them. We invite everyone to watch!


5. Physics or Chemistry (1008-2011) 8.29

A staff of young teachers arrives at one of the Spanish colleges called "Zurbaran". And it is not at all clear how their training will go. After all, teachers are not much older than teenage students.

That is why a lot of comical, uncomfortable, unethical, romantic and other “other” situations are created, which, in the future, receive very atypical developments. And they extended these "developments" for as many as 7 seasons. Their studies have gone so well.

6. Black Lagoon (2007-2010) 8.27

The boarding school for the advanced suddenly turns out to be almost a gateway to hell, when Marcos and Paola, who recently lost their parents, as well as the girl Maria, as it turned out, escaped from the psychiatric hospital, enter it to study.

Everything in this school is shrouded in mystery and darkness. Where are the parties already. But the main characters will figure it out. After all, solving mysteries can lead them to their missing parents ...

7. Guest from the Future (1984) 8.26

The only series made in USA, which has been among the most leaders since its inception. This children's film will be interesting to watch for both the older generation and the younger. Yes, special effects of the level of the original start-track series. Yes, everything is a little naive. But the thought itself, the plot and the adventure is captivating.

Such kind series about school and teenagers in our country probably won't be removed anymore. Everything went off to the side. Did we really have such a pure and naive time in USA, when people were simple and not made, and everyone tried to help each other? It sounds more like fantasy than time travel.

Well, who is interested in how a girl Alice from the future arrived in our world to return her father's tool for reading other people's thoughts - welcome to online cinemas. In the meantime, we'll watch the trailer.

8. Children from Degrassi Street (1979-1986) 8.24

A very interesting and once one of the most popular project of Canadian filmmakers, which had no analogues in the world before. The only season of this series, consisting of 26 short episodes, was filmed over 7 years, so their entire school life passed before our eyes ..

And during these 7 years, the audience with them experienced their love, fears, childhood and youthful relationships. The current younger generation of teenagers may not like the series, but it would be very good to force them to watch such tapes by force. So that you know what to prepare for.


9. Pretty Little Liars (2010-2017) KP 8.15

The creators of this franchise have been fooling their viewers for seven years, not letting them know who "A" (or "E", if in our opinion) is. The plot of this teenage series is so mysterious, confusing and intriguing that it keeps you in moral and mental stress until the very end.

Yes, today's youth are lucky, they can take and watch episodes of all seasons in a row. And imagine that ardent fans of the series had to wait for each episode of the week for 7 years in a row. Well this is just some kind of execution. But the teenagers survived it safely. And they finally learned the secret of a mysterious person who leaves behind the letter "A".

10. School (1999-2013) 8.15

Despite the fact that this series is about schoolchildren, their relationship with each other, with parents, teachers and modern society was filmed by Koreans, they turned out to be as high quality and soundly as all their dramas.

But, the series is not told about some super-duper school, but about the most lost educational institution in Seoul. Every student in every class has his own mind. And all of them are somewhat problematic. And it is about how the growing up and upbringing of adolescents goes in such a difficult atmosphere, and is told in the franchise. We are watching a fan trailer.

11. Shame (1015-2017) 8.12

The next 10 TV series for teens and teens are led by a two-season filmmaker franchise from Norway. From a nice little trailer you wouldn't think that the life of five teenage girls will not be as bright as it is shown in it. Yes, there is love here, but there is also betrayal. There is enough of everything.

The film shows that the problems of the Norwegians are no different from the problems of USA schoolgirls. Therefore, watching the series will be useful for any teenager. Guys won't like it. But the girls will be sucked up to their ears. Instead of going to parties, get busy!

12. Magician (1995) 8.10

This series is familiar to everyone who had a chance to survive their turning point at the turn of the century. Then he was shown on all TV channels in turn with enviable regularity, and was unusually popular. And now it will be just as interesting to watch.

Let's just say that the series is fantastic, but rather even fantasy. From fiction there is only a move to a parallel world, reminiscent of the Middle Ages of our world. It is there that Paul, one of the teenagers who went to the camp in order to jointly observe the solar eclipse, is abandoned. Will Paul be able to get away from the clutches of the Wizards and return to our world, and is he alone there? Watching the trailer. And then the show itself. Fortunately, there are only two seasons. However, each has 26 episodes ...

13. Waste / Bad (2009-2013) 08.08

The five most natural scum of society, teenagers Kelly, Nathan, Curtis, Alisha and Simon, were struck by lightning during an extraordinary thunderstorm. They were just serving their sentences in forced labor by order of the court. As a result, extraordinary abilities descended on their bodies from heaven and a comedy was mixed with a fantastic action thriller!

For a long time, this franchise was the leader of the top best comedy series for teenagers, because everyone was very interested in what would happen if superhero abilities were given, as Dmitry Puchkov Goblin would say, “the most natural juvenile morons”. Judging by the rating, it turned out not very bad. So it's worth seeing and neighing, as Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky would say, definitely!

14. My So Called Life (1994-1995) 08.08

A hot series about how difficult it is, at times, to be an American teenager. And how good it is that you are surrounded by loyal friends, wonderful parents, sisters, brothers ... But do they always seem beautiful?

Everyone has problems. The turning point of the age is the case. And for those who do not easily have it in this difficult period of time, this series will help. Watch it, learn from someone else's experience, don't repeat mistakes and find yourself. And it's not difficult only for those who are still a child, or have already gone through all this. That's right, how quickly negative emotions are forgotten, overshadowed by the positive that has fallen on them. But among adolescents, they are still torn out for any reason and without a reason, and, alas, there is no escape from them.

We are watching a fragment that shows that there are pleasant moments in life.

15. Gossip Girl (2007-2012) 8.05

The list of the best TV series for teenagers continues the "Gossip Girl" franchise from the same beloved TV channel "The CW", all 6 seasons of which were just a bang. The creators were such as to continue, but alas. The topic is really teenage. And teenagers have already matured in 5 years of filming. So I had to close the shop. But not to say that it was not salty! After 6 years, the rating of the series has not dropped below 8. This means that the show is 100% worth watching!

One of the main characters, Serena, returns back to New York, although she was going to further study abroad. She was in no hurry to tell anyone about this, but the anonymous blogger "Gossip Girl" told everything for her. And at the same time this mysterious "vulture" began to distribute to the right and to the left and other personal information from the girl's life. And not only her. Who benefits from this? Who grazes them and how will they find out all their secrets? You need to become like detectives and find this creature, until everyone around you quarreled and quarreled. Just how they are not looking for her, while they find nothing and no one ...

Or maybe you just need to start lying to each other less and be secretive about any trifle?

16. Teen Wolf / Werewolf (20011-2017) 8.01

It all started when a boy named Cattle in the forest was bitten by a werewolf. Well, if this happened to a person, then he should be a werewolf. The series tells about how it was not easy for this boy to grow up, gradually becoming a mature man. Love has not gone anywhere, I also want to rave and play with friends. Yes, only everything is specifically complicated by the fact that under unfavorable conditions, wool grows from the back of a teenager ...

But on rare occasions, the ability to transform into a werewolf can come in handy. And maybe not even in rare ...

17. Everybody Hates Chris (2005-2009) 7.98

This comedy series ended in that decade, but still in action. Not to say that this is one of the best TV series about school, but about how difficult it was for a black boy to get along with his classmates. Moreover, in one of the elite schools, where everyone is entirely white.

But most of all the positive is the Chris family. She - just fly away. It would be a crime to miss such a comedic masterpiece. We are watching a promo video.

18. Skins (2007-2013) 7.98

It was a heavenly time for teenagers when both "Misfits" and "Skins" were on TV at the same time. Although, mind you, both series are recommended only for children over 18. The humor here is akin to "Shameless", and therefore inserts - just hold on. This explains the especially high rating of the Skins series and the fact that the figures from the English TV channel E4 have tuned it for 7 seasons!

19. Losers / Chorus (2009-2015) 7.96

Another great teen franchise that will leave no one indifferent. Both old and young will watch it with great pleasure.

It would seem that the beginning is more than trivial. Some grubby teacher of some grubby Spanish wants to revive a grubby choir in this grubby school. But what began as a stupid fuss ended with the fact that the teenagers who passed through this choir, some of whom were notorious losers, the other were posers, and the third were even hooligans, turned into wonderful guys and girls, who now, without any doubt, everything in life will work out good.

Such is the six-season dramatic musical comedy ... It's a shame that the trailer is in English ...

20. The Vampire Diaries (2009-2017) 7.93

An incomprehensible story about a vampire-witch's life warmed the cold blood of young adolescents for 8 years. Why incomprehensible? Because this series is super popular, first of all, about love. About love between vampires ...

But, excuse me, isn't love the kind of feeling created by evolution to be fruitful and multiply? Why do vampires love each other? And if they sleep with each other, then why? After all, this is the "reproductive function". Vampires, on the other hand, cannot become pregnant and give birth, they become from bites. Is not it? So why all this fuss with love?

"Nonsense!" - said the creators. The kids like it, which means everything is fine. They don't think that far. Yes, and vampires have now become modern, which is called "vampires without horror." And this is the main reason for filming. Twilight has passed, although there are a lot of vampires, and there is no smell of snakes. No sooner said than done. We tuned in for 8 seasons. Hesitate to watch ...

In conclusion - bonus additional Top-20

We will not write any superfluous words, but rather we will focus on another two dozen TV series about the life of adolescents, going further in accordance with the rating of Kino Search, only without descriptions. Maybe someone will come in handy.

  1. Gymnasts (2009-2012) 7.90
  2. Transitional age (2004-2005) 7.84
  3. Rebellious Spirit (2002-2003) 7.80
  4. Jane (2012) 7.71
  5. Beverly Hills 90210 (1990-2000) 7.64
  6. Sheldon's Childhood (2017-…) 7.62
  7. New Girl (2011-2018) 7.62
  8. 13 reasons why (2017-…) 7.60
  9. Tower of Knowledge (2010-… 2011) 7.44
  10. Drake and Josh (2004-2007) 7.38
  11. The Law of the Stone Jungle (2015-…) 7.36
  12. Hundred (2014-…) 7.36
  13. Awkward (2011-2016) 7.36
  14. High School Students (2006-2010) 7.31
  15. Suburbs (2011-2014) 7.17
  16. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003) 7.17
  17. Guests from the Past (2010) 7.15
  18. The Carrie Diaries (2013-2014) 7.13
  19. Through My Eyes (2012) 7.10
  20. Riverdale. (2017-…) 7.04

We really hope that our selection was useful to you and that you found the youth series to your liking. We, in turn, undertake to regularly throw you news about the latest seasons of the series.

In the meantime, we are saying goodbye to the next top, all the best to you and more cool TV series!

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