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Nokia 9 PureView Features, 8.1 Advantages


Nokia is gradually emerging from the crisis and gaining momentum. The company's specialists and engineers are actively researching in various areas related to the development of new technologies for the production of mobile devices.

Not so long ago two interesting smartphones were announced: Nokia 9 PureView and Nokia 8.1. We will highlight the technical data of the first device and the advantages of the second model.

Flagship with five cameras

HMD Global has announced the start of pre-orders in USA for the flagship Nokia 9 PureView model. This unit has five cameras. This is its main difference from competitors. They all form a ring on the back of the device. Any image captured by him is the result of the coordinated work of five lenses, the total resolution of which is 60 megapixels.


Two sensors are responsible for color frames, there are three more monochrome ones. Each module produces a resolution of 12 megapixels and f / 1.8. The manufacturer claims the synchronous operation of all sensors, which, as a result, leads to the fact that their light-capturing ability increases 10 times. Therefore, the resulting images are saturated with all visible shades of light and shadow.

In addition to advanced optics, there are several functions with which the texture and details of an object are accurately conveyed. Moreover, their quality does not depend on shooting conditions; images shot in the shade or in the sun are usually good. It is possible to change the focus points on an already finished photo. All of them are saved in RAW / DNG formats, then you can edit them using various functionality.


The basis of the hardware filling of the smartphone is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. Together with it, 6 GB of LPPDDR4X RAM and 128 GB of internal memory work. The capabilities of the latter can actually be expanded up to 512 GB using microSD cards.

For security, there is a fingerprint scanner and a function for recognizing the user's face. With a 3320 mAh battery, Nokia 9 PureView can be used for 28 hours in active mode. Fast and wireless charging available.

The device has an aluminum frame, its panels are made of tempered glass Corning Gorilla Glass 5, there is IP67 water protection.

What Nokia 8.1 will like

This smartphone has received an advanced processor, camera optics "from Zeiss" and a number of other interesting functions.


Let's look at its advantages in order.

1. Nokia 8.1 has cameras with Zeiss optics.

The main camera has a dual module with a resolution of 12 and 13 megapixels. There is an optical stabilization system OIS, which is more efficient than digital. It makes the image clearer at any time of the day, even at night.

Thanks to the presence of artificial intelligence, cool shots are obtained - a specific scenario is automatically recognized, the best parameters are set. Those who know a lot about shooting will love the RAW function, manual adjustments and forced HDR.


The presence of the bokeh effect and neural network algorithms solves the problem of separating complex images from the background.

2. Using HDR10 technology.

This functionality is available only in some expensive TV models and elite smartphones. Despite this, Nokia engineers provided them with this device. If you carefully examine the videos on it, you will notice that there is a deeper and richer reflection of various details. This becomes possible due to the fast processing of the AI video stream, which adjusts many parameters almost instantly.


3. AptX HD codec.

This program allows you to transmit sound wirelessly. Its quality remains unchanged. All this will be in demand among those who listen to music using Bluetooth headsets or ordinary headphones.


4. "Pure" Android 9.

This operating system used in the smartphone has nothing superfluous. There is complete minimalism. The result is an aesthetically pleasing interface that is not cluttered with unnecessary shortcuts and applications. Performance is only getting better due to this fact.


5. Metal frame.

Another advantage of the gadget is the presence of a metal frame that secures the glass panels of the device. This helps to increase its service life and improve aesthetic perception.


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