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The second largest cinema chain postponed opening


Regal Cinemas, North America's second largest movie theater chain, has postponed its reopening indefinitely. This is evidenced by the changes that have occurred on the company's official website. Initially, the opening date was listed there - July 10, 2020. Then, when it was announced the postponement of the release of the fantastic thriller "Argument", which was planned to resume distribution, - July 31st. Now the page does not contain any date, but only an announcement about the future opening.

Thus, the question of the restoration of the American movie market remains open. Note that earlier the United States Cinema Owners Association announced that. disappointed with Warner Bros. abandon the traditional distribution of the movie "Argument". According to the management of the organization, it makes no sense to wait for a general recovery of the rental, since the schedules will be different in different countries, and it is impossible to count on the previously effective rent for making a profit.

The only large-budget release in August at the time of publication of this article was still a Walt Disney movie "Mulan", which was to be released worldwide on the 20th. Most likely, its release date will also change.

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Author: Jake Pinkman