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TOP 10 Best Microsoft Games


Microsoft has lost its leadership in the gaming market with the Xbox One console. After its release in 2013, the Redmond giant seemed to have forgotten that the Xbox is primarily a game console. Mediocre sales of the console made Microsoft think again, and they, starting with the recently released Sea Of Thieves, are going to unleash an avalanche of top-notch exclusives on gamers.

Well, I really want to believe it. But all this will come later, and today we invite you to remember the best Microsoft games, which, despite their age, are still played fresh and deserve high marks.

Saints Row (2006)

We begin our top 10 best games with one of the best GTA clones. Saints row was a bit of a messy and clumsy game back in its year of release. But despite this annoying fact, Saints Raw gives a huge amount of fun during the passage.

Of course, the level of madness for which the following parts of the series are famous is not in the original Saints Raw, but this is a plus. The balance between absurdity and seriousness of the script is perfectly struck here.

Dead Rising (2006)

The Japanese from the Capcom studio with the support of Microsoft in the last decade have released one of the best action games on the theme of the undead even before the zombie mainstream began. In the game, gamers have access to a whole city for exploration, which is filled to overflowing with dead people of varying degrees of freshness. You can deal with the wickedness using any available means, here the player is free to show his imagination.

In general, nothing new by modern standards, but there is one feature of Dead Rising that sets it apart from the crowd of imitators - the wildest hardcore.

Quantum Break (2016)

The next position in the top 10 Microsoft games is the fantastic action game from Remedy, famous for the original series of noir action games Max Pane. In Quantum Break, the developers have implemented a bold experiment - they combined the game with the series. Each game chapter ends with a short episode of the series with Hollywood actors, the scenario of which depends on the player's decisions.

Not everything in this venture went well, but the shootouts, where time management chips are actively involved, were done flawlessly. It is also worth noting smart opponents, which will make the players nervous even on low difficulty.

Alan Wake (2010)

Another game from the Finns from Remedy that we simply could not ignore. Since its first screenings in 2006, Alan Wake has fascinated with revolutionary graphics, the atmosphere of a mystical thriller in the spirit of the best works of Stephen King and a completely open city for exploration.

Unfortunately, not all the developers' promises have reached release. But what the game definitely did not disappoint was its unusual and philosophical plot.

Sunset Overdrive (2014)

Insomniac Games' whirlwind action game was the first truly high-quality exclusive on Xbox One. The game has a truly thermonuclear dynamics, it is mortally dangerous to stand in one place, the enemies will immediately tear the hero to pieces, so you will have to rush like a tornado through the city. It's basically like Quick 3 without multiplayer.

And, of course, humor, there are just thousands of jokes. It feels like the developers had fun creating the game, and that spirit is conveyed to the gamer as soon as he turns on Sunset Overdrive.

Lost Odyssey (2008)

In the last decade, the JRPG genre was extremely popular, so Microsoft wanted to be on trend too. They asked the creator of Final Fantasy to develop the game of their dreams exclusively for XBOX 360, giving the eminent developer an almost unlimited budget. Lost Odyssey is the fruit of their collaboration.

The game offered a fantastic setting, an interesting plot with beautiful cutscenes and a turn-based combat system. The only drawback of the game is unforgivably long downloads and other minor technical roughnesses.

Fable 2 (2008)

Fable 2 by Peter Molyneux is another big plus for Microsoft and a big disappointment for PC gamers. After all, the original Fable was released on computers and the players fell in love with the unusual setting and gameplay, which can be called medieval The Sims. Fable 2 has even more gaming opportunities: you can even start a family, raise a son, build a house - just like in life!

Add to this an interesting plot, memorable characters and a world that is constantly changing from the player's actions, and you will hardly refuse the opportunity to download Fable 2.

Gears of War 2 (2008)

Gears Of War 2 is entertainment for real men. Get animals and pregnant women away from screens! Here, testosterone-pumped soldiers do not disdain to walk inside the womb of huge alien creatures, cut off the limbs of enemies under a savory crunch of bones and arrange duels on chainsaws - what the doctor ordered after a hard day.

Also, do not forget about multiplayer and cooperative mode. Gears of War 2 rightfully took a few Game of the Year wins in 2008 and plays great even after 10 years.

Forza Horizon 3 (2016)

Today, when arcade racing is going through a crisis and even the latest releases in the Need For Speed series make you want to quickly remove this misunderstanding from your hard drive, Forza Horizon 3 is a real gift for fans of the genre. The game boasts scenic Australian landscapes, hundreds of meticulously detailed cars, and an engaging story mode where you must become a finalist in a racing festival.

There is a new challenge hiding almost every turn in the game, the developers just masterfully maintain interest in the game for hundreds of hours.

Halo Reach (2010)

The Halo series is no less important for the first-person shooter genre than the Half-Life dilogy with episodes, may the PC boyars forgive me. If Half-Life revolutionized corridor action games, Halo decided to abandon the cramped framework and offered gamers an analogue of a sandbox, where the player could freely move around open spaces. Halo Reach became the apotheosis of the series.

In this game, the developers perfectly combined spectacular missions like Call Of Duty with variable gameplay, where every skirmish with a horde of smart opponents turns into a real puzzle.

As you can see, Microsoft is able to develop really interesting projects that will give light to the best games from SONY. I would like to believe that in the coming years the Redmond giant will shoot several game hits at once, regain the trust of gamers and will be able to fight on equal terms with exclusives on PS4.

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