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Winamp returns - popular player is expected to revive in 2019


The well-known music app is about to be reborn. The updated Winamp player is planned to be launched by the Belgian company Radionomy Group, which currently owns the rights to the platform.

The advanced media player, which has not received updates since 2013, will also appear on the mobile version and will combine local audio files, cloud platforms and podcasts.

Radionomy Group reports that the company is working to recreate the new winamp to function effectively on all existing mobile audio services. Also among the priorities, the head of the company calls the development of a system for a more advanced search for media files.

A month ago, due to a data leak on the Internet, an updated version of the player appeared. Build 5.8 finally resolved the issue of compatibility with the operating system Windows 10. In addition, winamp for windows pleased users with another innovation - all the player's functionality became completely free, although earlier it was only available to owners of the commercial version of the player. Already not so exclusive, but still the official release of Winamp version 5.8 will not radically differ from the "leaked" build, but the developers promised to work on some of its bugs and bring the compatibility mechanism to perfection.

From Winamp History

Nullsof first presented the Winamp player in 1997 in a free format. The original version 0.20a was a simple window with a menu bar with no GUI, but the program was equipped with a drag & drop and supported MP3 format. The next build of the same year (0.92) received its own proprietary Winamp Classic interface, with which the overwhelming majority associate the player.

As a result of subsequent upgrades, the Winamp player received a number of new tools: support for many formats, connection of various plugins, the possibility of a large selection of new skins to update the program's appearance. During the first two years, the application was installed by about 15 million users. In 2009, the fifth version of the player received a number of paid features, and the total number of users increased to 70 million.

In 1999 Nullsoft became part of another company - AOL, which by 2013 decided to stop supporting the project. Radionomy Group became the owner of the rights to Winamp in 2014, but even before the deal was made, rumors had long been circulating in the profile environment about the revival of the application by a new acquirer. It is known that in addition to the current owner of the player, Microsoft was also interested in the opportunity to acquire the rights to the project.

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