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Msqrd. me for Android


Most phone users have no idea how much fun they can have with installed on Android.

After all, this is just fantastic, and not an ordinary graphics editor, which processes ready-made pictures or a semblance of a crooked mirror. Mskurd combines a simple interface with incredibly complex image processing, which ultimately gives a radical change of your own appearance in real time, that is, you can make up, for example, in chat or use msqrd masks of celebrities or politicians.


Android application , which has recently become available on this well-known platform, works according to a fairly simple principle. The user selects the main or front camera for shooting, and Msqrd online (instantly) modifies the face using a mask. Moreover, the mask "Mskurd" at the same time looks very natural, moving and perfectly adapting to the owner.

There is no need to configure anything manually, the application automatically analyzes facial features, facial expressions, and tracks the trajectory of movement.

Msqrd Features on Android


Now we need to inform about the capabilities of the program more specifically. At the moment, you can change the image in one of four ways: emotions, makeup, masks and people or animals. Since while talking about the Msqrd beta, the number of masks is limited, but the developers are likely to add new masks soon. And the final result can be easily posted as a photo or video (!) On Facebook or Instagram.

If you want to try yourself in the role of some celebrity, choose makeup for Halloween or feel like a lion, a panther, the Mskurd application will bring what you want in the best possible way. Will friends be able to find the author under the guise? The experiment has just begun.

History of Msqrd

- end of November 2015 - victory of developers in Minsk Garage 48 (more than 20 teams from many countries of the world took part);

- early December 2015 - announcement of the release of the application;

- mid-December - the application became available for download in the App Store;

- a week later, the project description appeared on the Product Hunt portal, which specializes in new startups;

- On January 8, team members announced that they passed the milestone of 100 thousand downloads;

- thanks to the "efforts" of the stars of USA show business, on January 10, the application takes the first position in the App Store of USA;

- January 15 - 500 thousand installations, in a week - 1 million;

- On February 23, the project is among the five most downloaded free applications in the US, the total number of users reaches 10 million;

- March 4, 2016 became available for download from Google Play to all Android users for free;

- March 9 Msqrd bought Facebook;

- the app was shown on Jimmy Kimmel TV show in mid-March;

How the idea came about

A kind of incentive for programmers from Masquerade Technologies was the acquisition of Looksery (a startup from Odessa worked on a real-time technology for changing faces) for $ 150 million by Snapchat.

And since the work on this technology has been going on since 2010, it became clear that its current state compares favorably with Looksery in terms of speed of work, finding a face in 3D space and recognizing points. Based on this, it was decided to accelerate development, because the Msqrd me project differed from its Looksery counterpart in its cross-platform, versatility and undemanding system resources.

How much did you buy Msqrd for

Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but this topic is one of the key ones in the media. RBC asked its experts for their opinion on this matter.

  • Partner of USA Ventures Evgeny Gordeev suggested that the amount is hardly more than $ 10 million. In his opinion, Facebook acquired not only the technology itself, but also the brand's goodwill.
  • According to Kirill Belov, partner of the Impulse VC fund, Zuckerberg's business was bought not by the user audience of the startup, but by its development team for a standard rate in such cases of about $ 2-3 million.
  • Pavel Cherkashin, who is a partner of Vestor.In, believes that the amount could have been on the order of several tens of millions of dollars.

Previously, the IT portal was interested in the expert opinion on how much Msqrd could be bought for. Survey respondents ranged from $ 10 million to $ 120 million.

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