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Drone drones begin commercial delivery of goods in Australia


A service has been launched in Australia, where a flying drone has become an independent delivery of products and goods to customer addresses. Wing, which launched a commercial drone delivery service, is owned by Google's Alphabet Holding. The delivery service for essential goods and medicines will cover several cities.

Alphabet Corporation has for several years led a project to create unmanned aerial vehicles for the delivery of goods. Later, a separate company Wing grew out of the project. With six propellers located on each side of the H-frame, the Wing drone can take off, hover, and land in an upright position. Two more pulling propellers increase the vehicle's speed during level flight.

In its work, the drone drone demonstrates a certain independence. After receiving the order, he takes off without cargo, flies to the place where you need to pick up the parcel, and then lowers the cable with the fastener down to the ground. After that, an employee of a pharmacy, store or catering point secures the cargo, the drone pulls it in with a winch and starts to the destination. In the same way, he drops the parcel at the client's address and flies back to the base.


Before the start of the service, the flying drone underwent a series of tests in the Australian capital district. Since the end of 2017, the vehicles have made more than 3,000 flights. After that, the Australian Civil Aviation Authority, considering such activities safe for other flying vehicles and residents themselves, issued a permit to organize the service on a commercial basis.

At the same time, drone delivery must follow a specific schedule. Departures should be made only during the daytime on weekdays, and on weekends - only after 8 am. Also, the drone route is forbidden to lay over the main road areas of the city and over places of large crowds.


In the first phase of operation, the delivery service will cover several specific addresses in small Australian cities. Later, the coverage area is planned to be supplemented with neighboring settlements. Drones will begin delivering parcels of goods and food from several cafes and sports stores.

Australia is not the only mainland where Project Wing is going to deploy its drones. The company plans to expand the territory of distribution of the service, which is planned to start from Finland. On the territory of the country, the service will initially begin to operate in a test version, making free flights. After testing the technology, the service will start working on a commercial basis.

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Author: Jake Pinkman