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TOP 10 Cool Games of 2019 You May Not Know About


The past year has been full of good games from well-known developers who have been earning a reputation in gaming circles for decades. But besides them there are other developers, they are unknown to anyone, they do not have tens of millions of dollars in advertising budget and often do not even have a publisher. But there are burning eyes and a huge amount of enthusiasm to create memorable games that can be a real boon for the spoiled gamer. We dedicate this top 10 games of 2019 to just such projects that you might not know about, but after playing them you will hardly be disappointed.

10. Islanders

Play: PC

Learning Zen is not an easy task. Of course, you can always spend decades meditating and living for several years with Buddhist monks at the foot of the Himalayas, but there is also a much easier way - to play Islanders. Intricate and extremely minimalist both in picture and in content, the game lulls with a leisurely soundtrack and allows you to enjoy your own thoughts to your heart's content, without overloading your brain with too complex gameplay.

TOP 10 Cool Games of 2019 You Might Not know

Still, it is in the gameplay that the main advantage of the Islanders game lies. It can be best described as a primitive version of a city-building simulator, where points are given for the correct location of buildings on the island (for example, Farms should be set up near mills, and jewelry stores near gold mines). All ingenious is simple. Another reason to play Islanders is the price around 200 rubles and extremely positive reviews on Steam.

Download Islanders

9. Eastshade

Play: PC, PS4, Xbox One

If even after the Islanders you will not be able to comprehend Zen, then there remains Eastshade, which was created in order to contemplate the surroundings and catch the beauty of the moment. However, what else can you expect from a game in which we try on the role of an artist who decided to capture the surrounding picturesque landscapes in memory of the deceased mother.

TOP 10 Cool Games of 2019 You Might Not know

Eastshade is a kind and amazing fairy tale that will introduce you to a dozen funny creatures inhabiting the island, tell a few tragic and hilarious stories, not forgetting to feed your sense of beauty with the surrounding spaces. At the same time, you should not think that Eastshade is a typical "walking simulator", but rather a quest where you have to deal with the requests of the islanders, get components for an artistic craft, join a guild and literally look for inspiration to write new masterpieces.

Download Eastshade

8. Void Bastards

Play: PC, PS4, Xbox One

The developers of the Void Bastards game are hard to blame for the lack of imagination. An absurd plot and the presence of a specific black humor are available, a memorable picture stylized as comics of the mid-20th century is also not forgotten, and all this is within the framework of a unique gameplay. Jonathan Cheyne, head of game development and one of the co-founders of the legendary Irrational Games, made sure every session in Void Bastards was unique by introducing roguelike elements into the familiar shooter mechanics.

TOP 10 Cool Games of 2019 You Might Not know

Each mission is somewhat of a puzzle. Before starting the mission, it is recommended to study the ship's map in order to work out the most optimal route, taking into account the availability of vital resources (food, air and fuel), items for crafting, special zones, such as checkpoints with guards and the location of opponents. It is due to the unusual concept that we bring Void Bastards to the top 10 cool games, but we note that at this stage, the game clearly does not hurt a little more content.

Download Void Bastards

7. What the golf?

Play: PC

Golf from the outside can seem like a measured, even boring sport. Apparently, the developers of What the golf? are of the same opinion, using the famous sport as a playground for all their crazy ideas, which are in the last place associated with golf.

TOP 10 Cool Games of 2019 You Might Not know

Calculate the trajectory of the blow in minutes to roll the ball to the hole? We beg you, in What the golf? tasks are much more exotic. How about running the ball over a row of players, or what about a sticky ball that clings to the ceiling? And if this is not surprising, then the level where instead of the ball you have to roll a dead horse to the hole will clearly sow in you a grain of doubt about the adequacy of the developers. And that's great, download What the golf? already stands for the sake of surprise with each of the levels, posing a unique challenge, spiced with absurd humor.

Download What the golf?

6. Remnant: From the Ashes

Play: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Remnant: From the Ashes is a rare game in our top that is not indie and yet has not received proper attention from the gaming community. We believe this is an unfair omission, as the creation of the Gunfire Games studio stands out against the background of competitors as the first real Dark Souls with guns.

TOP 10 Cool Games of 2019 You Might Not know

But the plentiful arsenal of gunshots and furious complexity aren't the only reasons to play Remnant: From the Ashes. Therefore, we will offer a few more reasons - tons of loot, procedurally generated levels that manage to look decent, and not like a heap of the same type of blocks, memorable bosses, the presence of an adequate plot, co-op, and all this is framed by an excellent picture in a post-apocalyptic setting.

Download Remnant: From the Ashes

5. Manifold garden

Play: PC

The Manifold garden puzzle is a real ode to the impossible. Game designer William Cheer almost single-handedly worked on the game for 7 years and when he could not believe in the release, he unexpectedly released Manifold garden, made in the bizarre style of Maurits Escher's "impossible geometry" and working according to nonexistent laws of physics.

TOP 10 Cool Games of 2019 You Might Not know

Manifold garden surprises with dizzying levels that, like an intricate symmetrical pattern, stretch into infinity and immediately knock the table down. Under these conditions, you can move along any planes with one task - to bring the block to the segment with the desired color, but as expected, this is an almost impossible task. However, only at first glance.

Download Manifold garden

4. Mordhau

Play: PC

If you're still romanticizing medieval mass carnage, then Mordhau is the perfect match for debunking myths. From the very first minutes, the game makes you feel like a worthless insect in a crowd of angry and clumsy fighters, practicing fencing to the clang of iron, heart-rending screams of pain and the sounds of severed limbs.

TOP 10 Cool Games of 2019 You Might Not know

Mordhau is an extremely demanding game for beginners, which requires learning parrying skills, calculating moments for a strike and choosing the correct trajectory for a strike, if you want to inflict a critical strike on the enemy. In many ways, the battles in Mordhau are similar to Kingdom Come Deliverance, only much faster, bloody and large-scale.

Download Mordhau

3. Baba is You

Play: PC, Nintendo Switch

Opening our top 10 games in 2019, Baba is You, unexpectedly one of the most original releases of recent years. Do not be fooled by the primitive picture, in reality Baba is You is a complex project that can be called an interactive analogue of programming.

TOP 10 Cool Games of 2019 You Might Not know

The goal is simple - to touch the cherished goal to move to the next level, but each time Baba is You offers to solve the task according to a new rule. And even more, the game offers the gamer to independently program the conditions at the level by rearranging the words in the initial task, rewriting the characteristics of objects. Unusual game mechanics are perhaps the main thing for which we love indie games and Baba is You can fully satisfy your hunger for original gameplay.

Download Baba is You

2. Outer Wilds

Play: PC, PS4, Xbox One

While Chris Roberts is raising hundreds of millions of dollars in an attempt to create a blockbuster about space exploration Star Citizen, unknown developers from Mobius Digital are releasing their take on the features of space expeditions. The galaxy in Outer Wilds is tiny: only 5 planets and several moons, which can be easily walked around in a dozen minutes. We haven't seen such modest games about space exploration for a long time, but Outer Wilds more than compensates for the size of the game universe with a unique approach to the study of each planet.

TOP 10 Cool Games in 2019 You Couldn't Have know

A planet that is falling apart with every minute of time or two cosmic bodies that simulate a giant hourglass change under the influence of gravity, which opens up new land areas. Outer Wilds tirelessly surprises and awakens an inner child in the gamer who rejoices in every little thing he finds along the way.

Download Outer Wilds

1. Disco Elysium

Play: PC

After the triumphant victory of the indie game Disco Elysium in four nominations at The Game Awards at once, it is difficult to imagine that a person who is well acquainted with the gaming industry has not heard of an unusual RPG from the ZA / UM studio. But given the importance of the game for modern gaming, we simply could not pass by an unusual project without recalling once again about Disco Elysium in our top games.

TOP 10 Cool Games of 2019 You Might Not know

The value of Disco Elysium is in its intellectual richness and a complete departure from the established role-playing canons. Exactly the same game as Planescape: Torment was. Talking about a variety of topics, among which there is transhumanism, existentialism, self-flagellation and communism, Disco Elysium does not try to engage in moralizing and is full of sarcastic self-irony. The creation of ZA / UM is a real collection of unusual game situations and even more outlandish ways to get out of them. A game that is unlikely to leave you indifferent, but provided that you do not mind half-hour dialogues and rather difficult English.

Download Disco Elysium

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