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Diablo IV in Development and Year Results from Valve - This week's game news digest from CADELTA. Part two


Also in gaming news, you will find out how Blizzard continues to fall in the eyes of fans and why Cyberpunk 2077 is next year's RDR2.

Valve sums up the year

In the incentive, the traditional autumn sale has begun, during which also traditionally Valv begins to collect user votes to sum up the year. This time the wording is clearer, and the categories are slightly smaller. Among the nominations are:

  • Game of the Year
  • VR Game of the Year
  • Beloved child
  • Best Developer
  • Better environment
  • A friend is known in the game
  • Best Alternative History
  • Treasure of machine fun

You can vote absolutely for any game that is only in Steam and for any developer. We will see the results in February at the winter sale.


Kotaku's new Diablo IV investigation

Let's move on to some serious gaming news. Jason Schreer, known for his Roxatre crunch investigation, has released a new investigation. This time, Blizzard came under his sight. We will write more about it next week, and now we will select the most important thing for you.

Schreer spoke to dozens of former and current studio staff, who, in return for anonymity, told him everything about Diablo IV, which is of course in development. Initially, the project was created under the codename "Heights". The developer planned to get rid of isometric gameplay, taking a step towards Dark Souls. After two years of development, the project was curtailed and a new one called "Fenris" was started, which is being developed now and is the fourth part. Everything is better here, and Diablo 2 acts as a reference point for developers.


The game will get rid of the cartoonishness of the third part and go to dark roots. At the past Blizkon, even its separate stand was planned, but alas. Development is very slow. The models are now isometric in nature, but the studio is still considering switching to a third person view.

Also plans to add MMO notes to the game, and of course "everyone's favorite" microtransactions.

Total War: Arena made life long

The online project promoted by Wargaming is closed. The strategy will cease to exist on February 22 next year. The reason is the financial failure of the project. Registration and purchases of something in the play store are already blocked.

Total War Arena

The publisher and developer will thank the players. From the original creator, they can receive either a large addon to one of the latest Total War or a full-fledged old Total War Medieval 2. Wargaming will also allow converting in-game currency into gold for their projects.

Player blocked on Twitter due to Hitman 2

Next, our gaming news will tell a funny story from the Internet. The user, preparing for the first "Elusive Target" event in Hitman 2, wrote that he is ready to kill Sean Bean, who presented his appearance to Mark Fab, who is the first elusive target.

Hitman 2

The administration of Twitter, apparently unfamiliar with game trends and memes about the fact that the actor's characters always die - regarded this as a threat and blocked the user. He sent an explanatory letter to the administration, but there is no response yet.

God of War 2 may come out sooner

The fact that it is in development is not a secret, however, there are facts that the second part may come out faster than we thought. There were rumors that the game will be exclusive to the PS5, but this was denied by one of the former developers, in his resume, who found information that the project is being created for the fourth curling iron. This means only one thing - the game can be expected next year, since the next generation consoles will be released only in 2020.

GOW 2018

Blizzard makes Warcraft for mobile like Pokemon GO

In the same Kotaku investigation, there is information that the studio is keen on bringing the idea of Pokemon GO to the Warcraft universe. It has already been offered to the top management and has been approved. Well, the Blizzards continue to bend their line trying to recruit a new audience by hammering on the old one.

Warcraft art

Cyberpunk 2077 is the next RDR2

One of the Polish brokerage companies has published a financial report, which includes game analytics. It states that CDPR has a very bright future and that their Cyberpunk 2077 project could significantly increase the price of their shares.


This is due to the fact that the game is similar to RDR2, which significantly influenced the market and increased the value of Rockstar shares. In addition, the report states that the game will be just as polished, but it will not be a console exclusive, but will be released immediately on PC, which will significantly add to the studio's profits.

Donate in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 appeared

Already according to the proven scheme, Activision decided to unexpectedly introduce microtransactions after the release of the game, so that on the stratum it would not lower its score. Donat is absolutely arrogant. You have to not only buy a certain skin, but also unlock it for money, which caused the ire of gamers. This happened with the autumn weapon skin packs. For example, I bought myself a skin, but to wear it, you have to get to a certain level. Do not want? So this, for some money, you can unlock early ...

Black Ops 4

Microsoft wants to buy the Hitman series

Everywhere the raking hand of Bill Gates' company has encroached on the bald spot of the famous killer, whose developers have freed themselves from the past publisher. This was announced by an analyst who predicted Microsoft's purchase of Obsidian Studios. Perhaps he will be right, because now Microsoft's strategy is to buy companies that make projects equally popular on both consoles and PCs.


These were all the hottest and latest gaming news this week. If you haven't heard about the DMC series and that Sony will miss EZ, we suggest reading the latest digest.

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