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New films expected to premiere from May 23rd to June 5th


In the next two weeks, new films will be released once or twice and have missed out on, and therefore this time we decided to combine the two schedules into one, and fit the list of films coming out in late May - early June into one great stuff.

It will be divided into two parts, in the first of which we will talk about full meters, and in the second - about the series, which will be released in these two weeks.

Movie premieres from 23 to 29 May

This week, the competition for the main blockbuster will be created by 7 films, among which there will be no domestic ones at all. Our filmmakers were afraid of the Eastern Cinewilsmith's evil. And rightly so. Who wants to compete with such a blockbuster as Disney's Aladdin.

We, meanwhile, will start with him.

Aladdin (USA)

Finally, we have waited for the next masterpiece with the participation of Will Smith. But not all of his fans are happy that he, instead of taking part in projects like "I Am Legend", "Men in Black", "I Am Robot" or "Bad Boys", spent a lot of time trying to to star in a rehash of the once sensational full-length cartoon "Aladdin".

But Will himself has already made it clear that he, literally: "Doesn't want to get bogged down in sequels," and therefore decides to participate in films like Netflik's "Brightness" and Disney's "Aladdin", for which, by the way, and pay handsomely.

By the way, all the masterpiece alterations of their popular cartoons into films at the Disney studio are not going well. No, they bring a lot of money, that's all right. Only they come out somehow, albeit spectacular, but completely soulless.

Until now, the cartoons "The Jungle Book", "Beauty and the Beast", "Dumbo" and "Aladdin" are reviewed a hundred times and do not get bored. But with films based on the above-mentioned cartoons, everything is different. I looked at them once and forgot. They do not have that uncluttered soul, as in the animated films, and that's it. And therefore it does not pull at all to view them again. The same will happen with "Aladdin" and with the upcoming "Lion King".

This is all very much like an exhumation. The skeleton of the cartoon, the memory of which was carefully kept in the souls of generations, is mercilessly removed from their graves, then dressed up in beautiful clothes and made to dance again for the amusement of the audience.

But what businessmen will not do for the sake of money. And, after all, there are so many cabbage on such perversion!

Game of Thrones (USA)

Not only magazines, bloggers and other leeches are successfully making money on the success of Game of Thrones. Some, not particularly gifted with a talent for inventing something of their own, filmmakers also happily rushed into the cauldron of universal "happiness" in order to grab a piece of the pie fatter.


But Ara Paya's parody came out too grotesque. Judging by the trailer, there will be absolutely nothing to do in cinemas. And for those who want to look at the assembly of idiotic jokes, but, at the same time, really laugh, you can simply revise our Rafshan and Dzhamshut. They are definitely worth the time.

But to spend money and time on THIS ... Except, later on torrents and for free ...

Burn, burn clear (USA) IMDb: 6.80

A very interesting idea. But is it true that if Superman turned out to be an unusually super-frostbitten villain? Why should the only surviving alien with super-duper abilities necessarily be a conscientious defender of kindness and honesty?

In a catastrophe, with a 50/50 chance, a villain could survive. And then what? How can ordinary earthlings with their antediluvian technologies stop such a supervillain? No way! Someone like Superman would certainly have stopped FIG. But this seems to be necessary.

Otherwise, the picture will end with the decline of humanity. If the motto of the surviving super-scoundrel is: "I will kill everyone, I will remain alone!", Our Mother Earth cried!

Handsome, Bad, Ugly (USA) IMDb: 6.70, CP 6.83

Everything is like a big change in the movie: “You go to school, and then - bam! - second shift!" Only here, to paraphrase, one can say as follows: “You live with a man, you live, and he - bam! “It turns out to be a killer maniac!”


Yes, this is exactly what happens in a movie shot by the Netflix film studio based on real events and people. Elizabeth loves her man Teda. He is so good! Attentive, responsive, compassionate, conscientious, loving, etc.

It is unclear why the police suddenly tied him up and put him in a jail? Just think, soaked a couple of stupid women, what's wrong with that?

What nobody sees (Latvia) IMDb: 6.80

The Latvians decided to shoot a masterpiece, and in order to hit the jackpot, they played it in USA. So, in the Baltics, speaking USA is encouraged only if you want to earn money. And so - nope.


Nurse Elsa looks after the comatose patient. The unlucky scientist played out with the equipment and instead of making a breakthrough in the field of programming artificial intelligence, thundered into a long-term blackout. Oddly enough, Elsa falls in love with her "disabled" patient. Only the former boss has his own plans for her.

As well as the AI created by the comatose patient has its own plans for this patient ...

Undercover Playboy (France) IMDb: 6.70

The film has a slightly Beverly Hills Cop. Only if there Axel Fowley was just a policeman from a bad area, the local one is a private detective, and even a womanizer, in combination.


Just like there, the local hero named "City Hunter" will have to go for clues to the wealthy districts of Montreal (there it was "Beverly Hills").

And, of course, he will get these clues, unless he drowns in the local beauties ...

Poisonous Rose (USA, Italy)

The latest films with John Travolta are, frankly, disappointing. But the pictures in which Morgan Freeman is removed are always perceived with a bang. What will happen if both of them take part in one masterpiece at once?

Travolta plays in the past a football player, and now - an elderly private detective who is hired to investigate a case related to the disappearance of people. Freeman, apparently, is the customer of all these "disappearances". We will observe which side the pendulum of luck will pull in.

And if we consider that one of the disappeared is the detective's daughter who disappeared a long time ago, it becomes clear that the mad ex-footballer will go to the end in his investigation, regardless of threats and bribery.

Farm Frenzy (Norway) IMDb: 6.20

Another full-length children's cartoon in which cattle and other cattle are trying to live a human life. Cows "nest" here in big cities, and they rarely visit their relatives on the farm.


This is one such cow that will be discussed. She decided to combine a routine trip to her relatives with a pleasant one - to become the greatest culinary specialist among animals of the whole planet.

Movie premieres from May 30 to June 5

In this interval, the blockbuster "Godzilla 2" and the no less expected continuation of the once sensational cartoon "The Secret Life of Animals" will completely dominate the screens of the country. The distributors, given that "Aladdin" has not yet completely made its own noise, and here a couple of weighty blockbusters have appeared, are in no hurry to compete with the heavyweights. Therefore, this week, apart from those mentioned, only four films will be released.

Completely the same list of premieres in early June is as follows.

Godzilla II: King of the Monsters (USA)

This time not a single monster has risen from the past. There are several of them, and each with its own titanic bells and whistles. One has wings like a butterfly, the other has a couple of heads more than it should be, the third has a super-giant gas welding torch from his mouth, etc.

And people found and woke them up, ostensibly for the sake of survival. You ask: "What's the point here, actually?" And we will answer: “What, in order to shoot a film about the battles of giant monsters, you need some sense? It is already a priori meaningless. But on the other hand - super entertaining! "

Charlie (USA) said so IMDb: 5.60

This is a really real story about Charlie's Angels. Only about Charlie Manson's angels. A criminal sentenced to death for the fact that with the help of women, over whom he managed to establish a kind of hypnotic control, he did all kinds of lewdness.


And the stupid girls, apparently, thought that bribes were smooth from them? After all, you can always excuse yourself by saying that Charlie told us to do it. Who are you? Mindless pumpkins with ears?

It was this question, first of all, that interested the graduate student, who decided to visit three girls serving life sentences in prison for what they got up at the instigation of Manson.

What kind of noodles are "Charlie's super-angels" hanging on his ears? We'll find out soon.

Golden Glove (Germany) IMDb: 6.60

The action takes place in Germany, in the 70s. The downsized drunkard, Fritz, is an eternal regular at the Golden Glove. There he gets to zero.


But sometimes he has enough strength to pick up and lure into his dirty kennel another and the same dirty drunken slut. But if the drunken slut knew what Fritz turns into when she comes to her house and hides from the eyes of strangers, she would hardly want to spend an evening with him.

Even if they get her a box of schnapps!

Curiosa (France) IMDb: 6.60

Hmmm, not all dads and moms leave money to their descendants. Some, such as Maria de Heredia, inherit large paternal debts. In order to pay off these debts, Maria is forced to marry a local poet and wealthy man Henri de Rainier.


But at the same time, a notorious erotomaniac and part-time adventurer Pierre Loup dries on it. It was he who once deprived her of her virginity, showing her the way to sweet paradise.

What will come of all this? Will men tear the lady of their hearts apart?

Once upon a time in America or a purely USA fairy tale (USA)

Somewhere far away, in S. Sh. A., and, to be more lengthy, in the Most Shibko-Democratic Autonomy, democracy is flourishing. Yes, one that just wants to spread to all neighboring and not very states.

ImageAnd this time Anunakia, a small country among endless sands of the subequatorial desert, where there is much more oil than fresh water. There the stronghold of democracy perked up its flippers. But an unexpected problem was that the local monarch, on the behest of his father, decided to marry a girl from USA.

This incident triggered such a wave of unpredictable events that some of them have no time for democracy.

The Secret Life of Pets 2

It turns out that the antics, mimics and other antics of animals do not always hide exactly what we think. And our smaller brothers themselves do not always think of us as well as we think.

And the advantages of our pets are that only a person can present a person for the fact that he speaks a foreign language in his presence. Animals, however, will never blame the animals for talking out loud about their owners right and left on their beast.

Sorry, there is no translator. Otherwise our ears would twist into a tube.


That's all for now. Wait for the second part tomorrow, in which there will be a detailed story about what the TV companies have decided to replace the numerous projects that ended last week. In the meantime, all the best to you and more cool movies and TV series!

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