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Films and TV series from 7 to 13 March


Well, finally! It is this week that the next long-awaited blockbuster, filmed in the Marvel universe, “Captain Marvel”, is released. Well, after it, it will be quite a bit left to wait until the release of "The Avengers: Endgame". But, some cunning providers continue to weld not only on new films. Many people do it very well on old films. But, let's be consistent and tell you about everything in order.

Foreign full meters

The list of films released on the big screens of domestic cinemas this week consists of 9 foreign and 4 USA films. Providers are well aware that adventures in the Marvel universe are not of great interest to all moviegoers. Therefore, those to whom the ordeal of Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Ant-Man, Captain Marvel and other people in idiotic costumes seem childish and naive nonsense, will also be given a choice.

There will be dramas, comedies, war films, and action films. But we will start, nevertheless, with the leader in the ratings of expectations, a feature film ...

Captain Marvel (USA)

Production company: Marvel Studios.

Genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action, Adventure.

Directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck.

In chap. starring: Brie Larson, Gemma Chan, Samuel L. Jackson, McKenna Grace, Lee Pace and others

Details of the plot of the future film are not disclosed and are carefully kept secret. One thing is known: actions will unfold at the end of the last century.

According to the comics, CIA reconnaissance pilot Carol Danvers was caught during an incident involving the alien race of the Kree. As a result of the fusion of the human and alien genome, she gained superpowers and became in the Marvel Universe, in essence, the same as "Superman" in the DC Universe.

After she was forced to stay away from her home planet for a long time, helping the Krians to confront enemies on the lines of, in fact, a war alien to her. But the time comes, and the superheroine returns to her homeland, remembering her home planet.

And just in time to save the Earth from another, falling on her, misfortune.

Vox Lux (USA) IMDb 6.4

Film Companies : Bold Films, Andrew Lauren Productions and Killer Films.< / em>

Genres: Drama, Music.

Director: Brady Corbet.

In chap. Cast: Natalie Portman, Willem Dafoe, Christopher Abbott, Jude Law and others

Who has not played Natalie Portman in her lifetime. But she happened to become a singer for the first time. This is where she opened her mouth a lot like plywood. But, as it turned out, this business is not as easy as it seems from the outside.


In the center of the plot is not so much the singing career itself, but everything that turns and sticks to the very personality of the star. Soaring to the peak of popularity almost by accident, after almost 20 years, the heroine Portman is forced to prove to everyone and everything (including herself) that her rise was not accidental, and that she really has talent.

But, as usual, gossip, scandals and other awkwardness that any star grows over time is pulling to the bottom. Will singer Celeste be able to soar above all this madness again? We learn only from the film itself.

Britt-Marie (Sweden) IMDb 4.7 was here

Film Company : SF Studios Production AB.

Genres: comedy, melodrama.

Director: Tuva Novotny.

In chap. starring: Pernilla August, Vera Vitali, Anders Mossling, Peter Aber, Malin Levanon and others.

Britt-Marie, the heroine of this melodramatic comedy, suddenly finds herself in an unfamiliar town and in unusual conditions for herself. What the hell brought her there? Let's tell.


Marie found out that her husband was cheating on her. And this is after they had been married to him for 40 years! The world collapsed before her eyes and she on her nerves decided to "make legs" from this goat wherever they looked.

Eyes, apparently, were looking in the wrong place, because she ended up in this fragile town. But, as they say, there would be a desire and craving for life, and happiness - it will always grow automatically. Although, to restrain, nevertheless, it will take a little ...

Private war (England, USA) IMDb 6.7, KP 6.2

Film Companies : Acacia Filmed Entertainment, Thunder Road Pictures and Savvy Media Holdings .

Genres: Drama, Military, Biography.

Director: Matt Heineman.

In chap. starring Rosamund Pike, Jamie Dornan, Greg Wise, Stanley Tucci, Tom Hollander and others

Who are they, these reporters, thanks to whom we can watch the news reports from the hottest spots?

Look at them carefully. These are far from good-boys and good-girls. They smoke, row, drink black. But this does not prevent them from remaining high-class professionals in their field, who will stop at nothing to sanctify and give the world another truth about a particular conflict.

Here the tale is about Syria, about how, getting involved in yet another problem, a couple of extreme reporters (Mary Colvin and Polo Conroy) are looking for ways out of this situation, being almost in the center of one of the local clashes.

By the way, the film is based on the documentary article “The Private War of Mary Colvin” published in Vanity Fair in 2012.

Made in Italy (Italy) IMDb 5.9

Film companies : Fandango, Riservarossa and Zoo Aperto.

Genres: comedy, melodrama.

Director: Luciano Ligabue.

In chap. starring: Stefano Accorsi, Kasia Smutnyak, Walter Leonardi, Fausto Maria Shiarappa and others.

This is what happens to those who have been working on a pig farm forever and communicate with pigs more than people.


You live for yourself, you live, and suddenly bam - a blow to the head! Yes, it was the blow to the head that he received during the rally that awakened the hero to life, forcing him to look at things from a different angle. And what he saw, he didn't really like it. As it turned out, his wife was cheating on him with his best friend. And now he was in a terrible depression and on the verge of suicide. As, however, and his aforementioned best friend.

But if the best friend managed to commit suicide, then nothing is known about our hero Rico. Perhaps he will still be able to find in his life the incentive that will make him give up this idiotic venture ...

Shadow (China, Hong Kong) IMDb 7.1, KP 6.5

Film companies : Perfect Village Entertainment, Tencent Pictures and LeVision Pictures.< / em>

Genres: Drama, Action

Director: Zhang Yimou.

In chap. Starring: Den Chao, Sun Li, Zheng Kai, Hu Jun, Wang Qianyuan, Wang Jingchun, etc.

As is usually the case, good intentions are often the cause of the worst troubles. So in this story.

Trying to protect his little son from imminent reprisal, dad finds a double, like two drops similar to his offspring, and replaces him with them. Now his son is out of danger. And his place was taken by his double, trained in martial arts to the eyeballs.

The film slightly reminded of the cartoon about "Two from the casket, the same from the face", who did everything for Vanya. When they worked for him and did other undesirable things, he liked it. But when they also began to eat for him, then he rebelled.

How the grown-up son rebelled, whose life his double lives for while he is imprisoned in jail ...

Easy Parents (USA) IMDb 3.5

Film companies : BRON Studios, Fortitude International and Creative Wealth Media Finance.

Genre: Comedy.

Director: Fred Wolfe.

In chap. Starring: Salma Hayek, Alec Baldwin, Joe Manganiello, Bridget Moynahan and others

This film is another confirmation of the fact that alcoholics do not live only in USA.


As it turned out, excellent examples of them come across in the United States. The family couple Frank and Nancy are excellent proof of this. These two drank literally everything. And their house, and everything that was in it, and their business, in general, lowered to the bottom of the bottle all their lives. And even a friend's mansion was sent there.

The most interesting thing is that their already grown daughter, whom they safely dumped off to college before the collapse, does not even suspect about this. And drunken parents will stop at nothing to hide this terrible truth from her.

Although, it is terrible only until you pour a hundred grams of whiskey into your stomach. And then ... As the saying goes: "A drunken and knee-deep sea!"

Alien (England, USA) IMDb 8.5, CP 8.1

Film Companies : Brandywine Productions and Twentieth Century-Fox Productions.

Genres: Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller.

Director: Ridley Scott.

In chap. Starring: Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skerritt, Ian Holm, Harry Dean Stanton, John Hurt and others

We also got to the familiar old stuff. Moreover, this film is familiar to both the older generation and the youngest film lovers, who have just learned to understand what is happening on the screens or hold a gamepad fromPlaystation or Xboxin their hands, since the xenomorphs from the film have long crawled in heaps on all known and unknown game consoles.


In fact, some fans of science fiction and Ridley Scott - in particular, the picture is so overlooked that they can recite it by heart. But this did not stop the distributors from the "Inoekino" office from re-releasing the film masterpiece on the big screens in our country.

We think it would be superfluous to even publish a synopsis, everyone has known everything that happens in the film for a long time. Therefore, we ask those who wish to go to the cinemas, and others who wish - to torrent trackers, where this movie is lying around for free in any translations, any qualities and in any versions.

Royal Corgi (Belgium) IMDb 6.9

Film companies: Belga Productions and nWave Pictures.

Genres: cartoon, adventure.

Director: Ben Stassen.

We finally got to the only foreign cartoon, which a well-known office in our country called "Volga" undertook to rent.


Everyone knows that the Corgi is the truly royal dog breed. And, frankly, their life is no better than that of humans. All the same political and love intrigues, squabbles and other routine.

But one of the Queen's favorites decides to leave this "abode of intrigue" in order to escape from these very intrigues, and more than swallow life "at liberty". Strange as it may seem, Belgian filmmakers will tell the tale of how hard these throats of freedom were for him (especially the very first ones).

It is not said who gave the right to shoot cartoons to the Belgians about the court life of Great Britain. Although, it's filmed about the dogs. Besides, it’s not as interesting as we would like it to be. Therefore, let the kids have fun. Let's not scold them for that, will we?

Domestic film premieres

Domestic filmmakers continue to stuff us with not spectacular, but soulful films. Despite the fact that it takes a hundred times less money to shoot them, tickets for them are sold for the same prices. Why risk it then? And there is less trouble. Well, let's hope that at least the only horror movie "Guests", coming out this week, was a success for them. Let's start with it.


Production company: Enjoy Movies.

Genres: thriller, horror, melodrama.

Director: Evgeny Abyzov.

In chap. Cast: Yuri Chursin, Angelina Strechina, Anastasia Ukolova, Mikhail Meshcheryakov and others.

If someone expects something new from this horror movie, he is unlikely to receive it. The topic here is sucked into holes - a mansion in which something otherworldly is happening, or which has absorbed something otherworldly.

The culmination of this creation is Stephen King'sThe Shining, where the Torrance family was forced to survive the winter at the Overlook Hotel, which was possessed by some terrible demon.

Katya and her friends immediately decided to have fun in an abandoned dacha, with which everything is also not so clean. What can happen to the punks who have gathered to spend their time in someone else's, and even cursed, private territory, and the tale will go in this movie masterpiece.

In general, the basis is the same. Hopefully at least the insides will be placed at slightly different angles.

Seize the moment

Film companies: RVV film, New TV channels.

Genre: Comedy.

Director: Antonina Rouge.

In chap. Cast: Yulia Topolnitskaya, Alexey Kortnev, Yuri Bykov, Yulia Sules, Valeria Fedorovich and others.

Another cheap comedy, the heroes of which will try very hard to smile at the audience at least once.


But, judging by the synopsis attached to the film, there will be nothing to smile at. Or, to be more precise, everything is over the same, since the story is so beaten up that it is already driving teeth.

The next main character - Rita, who has come in large numbers to the capital from the provinces, will have to conquer our glorious city of Moscow with all her strength, skills and means. In this field, the girl will constantly find herself in all sorts of comical situations and in general it will be very funny and cool to watch all this.

This, as you know, according to the words and statements of the creators themselves. And therefore, to go or not to go to the cinema for this masterpiece - who knows. Another USA roulette.

Van Gogh

Film Companies : Leopolis and Forma Pro Films.

Genre: Drama.

Director: Sergey Livnev.

In chap. starring: Alexey Serebryakov, Daniel Olbrykhsky, Polina Agureeva, Elena Koreneva and others.

Here is the next quite cheap project for you, which promises to be, meanwhile, quite worthwhile for itself, although the presence of a malfunctioning "penal battalion" Serebryakov does not initially cause a storm of applause.


The drama is about the father-son relationship of the creative arts. Dad is a conductor, son is an artist. Therefore, it is already clear that their relationship will be especially sublime-creative-idiotic.

And, as usual, they will be able to find a common language among themselves only when a roasted cock bites their ass. Since there are few artists among us, and even fewer conductors, it is better not to go to the cinema, since it cannot teach us anything. All of us, basically, are hard workers and hard workers and the way of life, as, in principle, relationships in families develop in a completely different way.

And therefore, is it worth spending time looking at how relationships are built in the families of a full-fledged creative underdog?

Hurvinek. Magic game (USA, Czech Republic, Belgium) IMDb 6.0

Film Companies : Grid Animation, Rolling Pictures and KinoAtis.

Genres: Cartoon, Fantasy, Family, Comedy, Adventure

Directors: Martin Kotik, Inna Evlannikova and Jesper Muller.

Voice acting: Alexander Trachevsky, Mikhail Efremov, Konstantin Raikin, Yuri Stoyanov, Alexey Kolgan, etc.

Despite the fact that the world premiere of this cartoon took place back in 2017, it is shown for the first time in our country.


What is the reason? To be honest, we didn’t understand. Probably, someone from the Czechs or Belgians, acting as a sponsor, set such a condition. But, one way or another, the premiere will take place, but with an IMDb 6.0 rating it will not fly high.

The tale will be about a ten-year-old boy named Gurvinek, who really wants to go through a very difficult computer game to the very end. This is what, he believes, will make him in the eyes of his peers - friends and girlfriends - the coolest person in the village.

But the passed game will not be the end for him, but a kind of start of an even more exciting and full of unexpected turns of the adventure, which he will have to overcome with the help of his faithful dog and new friends.

TV series premieres

If we talk about full-length films, of course, first of all, fans of comics and science fiction were waiting for the release of "Captain Marvel". But if we talk about TV shows, then the first in the rating of expectations, without any doubt, was the continuation of "American Gods". The first season of the ambitious Starz franchise drew record crowds two years ago. Therefore, the continuation was bound to happen anyway.

But almost 2 years have passed, and people are almost desperate to see him. The project involves a huge number of expensive actors, whose schedule simply physically did not allow shooting the picture in a short time. But, one way or another, the showrunners of the project succeeded with grief in half, and now we have the opportunity to check out what happened next to the American gods?

But we will start, nevertheless, in order, as new seasons of the series are released.

For people (USA) IMDb 7.1, KP 6.7

Season 2 premiere on March 7.

TV Channel: ABC.

Genre: Drama.

In chap. starring Britt Robertson, Jasmine Savoy Brown, Ben Rappaport, Hope Davis, Anna Deaver Smith and others.

The next season of the project "For People", which started last year, promises to be no less hot than the previous one.


Anyone who loves to watch the trials, as well as the fights between lawyers, each of whom is excellent at not only defending the truth, but also lying, will be interested in this series.

Investigations are carried out against the background of ordinary life of ordinary people who become lawyers only in the courtroom. In life, they are ordinary people with simple everyday problems that, as usual, also need to be solved. All in all, a decent looking show.

Course of Biology (USA) IMDb 6.9, KP 6.5

Season 2 premiere on March 7.

TV Channel: NBC.

Genre: Comedy.

In chap. starring Aparna Brielle, Jacob Houston, Glenn Howerton, Ellisin Ashley Arm and others

The film could be called "The Adventures of a Harvard Philosophy Teacher in the Outback".


Due to circumstances, a professor who quit a prestigious educational institution gets a job as a high school biology teacher in a small Californian town, after which teaching in his lessons becomes very, very entertaining.

And the life of the former professor himself becomes extremely rich in interesting details, which will be discussed in this youth series.

American gods (USA) IMDb 8.0, KP 7.4

Season 2 premiere on March 10.

TV Channel: Starz.

Genres: Fantasy, Drama, Mystic, Detective.

In chap. starring Ricky Whittle, Emily Browning, Bruce Langley, Pablo Schreiber, Crispin Glover and others

The tale of a man named "Shadow" who became a bargaining chip in the war between the old and new American gods continues.

While Wednesday is playing its game, on the other hand, the intensity also flares up with renewed vigor, and it is not known which side, in fact, "Shadow" will take, although it is already clear that the outcome will depend on his decisions and actions escalated confrontation.

The name "American Gods" itself brings a smile to the face of a person who is well versed in the subject. What kind of gods can America have? Unless only pagan, those who were worshiped, in fact, the Indian tribes who originally lived on this continent.

For this same film, a whole set of idiotic new gods was invented, which could not exist before. But, despite all the insanity and comicity of the situation, the series looks with interest. After all, it is very curious what other nonsense the filmmakers of the Starz TV channel will come up with this time.

It's funny how the "great American people" are trying to blow their "great history" out of the void. They even invented their own gods. But we all know that the history of the "great American people" is built on the bones of ancient Indian tribes, and originates only from the time Columbus discovered the new world, that is, from theXV century. Therefore, all "American gods" can only be "European or African gods", since 95% of today's Americans are the direct descendants of their old worlds, or slaves brought to America from the African continent. Such a squiggle!


We started with fantasy and ended with fantasy. This rarely happens. But - aptly. This week has been a fruitful one, so moviegoers who are racking their brains over what to watch from the movies or which series to choose will certainly be satisfied with this list. There is a bit of everything here.

We will discuss what foreign and domestic distributors and providers will offer us next week on coming Monday. In the meantime, dear film and TV viewers, all the best to you and more cool films and TV series!

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