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Chinese Startup Announces $ 17 Coin-Sized Mini PCs


Chinese startup VoCore presented its development of the VoCore2 minicomputer. The device, which does not exceed the size of a 5-ruble coin, works on the basis of a 4-core processor, is equipped with ports for video, USB, Ethernet, as well as support for Wi-Fi technology. Development in the minimum configuration without additional accessories is estimated at $ 17.

Developers position the computer as an affordable open source Linux system. With its help, those who wish can conduct experiments with their own software developments, controllers and gadgets. Also, Doom runs on a minicomputer if you additionally purchase a small format display.

VoCore2 functionality is diverse. The device acts as a platform for creating a VPN gateway for a virtual network, a tool for playing music files of the standard MP3 format, and can be used as a storage for files, images, videos, and code. Small format and minimal energy consumption allow the minicomputer to be placed on the wall to cover as much space as possible with a wireless signal.

The computer is a single-board system based on the MT7628AN series chipset supporting an operating frequency of 580 MHz. The board is equipped with an embedded 128MB DDR2 memory. The main feature of the VoCore2 platform, which distinguishes it from minicomputers of this kind, is the wider use of additional tools and a greater number of ready-made software solutions to increase the functionality of the device.

If desired, you can purchase special gadgets of the same miniature size for your computer: a Full-HD mini-camcorder (2x2x2.5 cm) with a 180 ° view, a four-inch LCD display (9x6 cm in size), etc. VoCore2 is also compatible with gaming the GameBoy.

The new minicomputer is available as a base build starting at $ 17 and with various hardware add-ons. So, the price of a device with USB and MicroSD starts at $ 24. The most complete set costs around $ 45. A dedicated mini PC camera is priced around $ 40, and a 4-inch LCD screen is around $ 33.

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Author: Jake Pinkman