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From 18 to 24 November, many extraordinary events took place in the world of electronics and technology. Not all news was covered in detail. Therefore, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the most interesting of them. First, let's talk about unique medical research that allows you to find additional resources in the treatment of people. Then we will continue our story about testing the Bloodhound LSR jet car. In the third block of data, we will talk about the efforts of Sony, which is planning new developments in the field of artificial intelligence. Finally, let's discuss the key features of 6G.

Doctors from the USA put a person into suspended animation

A medical school has been operating at the University of Maryland in the United States for a long time. Recently, a number of its specialists ventured into an interesting experiment. They put a person into a state of artificial hibernation. For this purpose, his blood was completely replaced with a physiological solution of a similar composition. The main difference between the substance used is its lower operating temperature.

It is known that the normal body temperature of a healthy person is approximately 370C. At the same time, his cells receive oxygen and everything that is needed for normal existence. If the heart stops, the oxygen supply is cut off. In this case, the brain can survive for only five minutes, after which it will be permanently damaged.


Lowering the temperature slows down the implementation of all chemical reactions in our body. It has been proven that even their complete stop is possible.

The team of the project leader, Samuel Tisherman, conducted the world's first operation in hibernation. The experiment was planned to involve at least 10 people, but how many of them were not exactly reported. Tischerman did not specify what kind of surgical intervention was performed.

He argues that this approach, in the future, will allow you to get more time during emergency operations. Prior to this, studies were conducted in mice. If they were operated on for an injury in a state of artificial suspended animation, then the specialists had three hours more to carry out the whole process than usual. After the end of the treatment, the rodents came out of hibernation without harm to their health.

Continuing towards land speed record

Earlier, our portal has already talked about the tests in the Kalahari Desert of the Bloodhound LSR jet car. First it reached a speed of 537 km / h, then 806 km / h.

The latest data suggests that testers were able to accelerate the Bloodhound LSR to 1010 km / h (628 mph).


This brought them even closer to the land speed record. They aim to accelerate the car to 1000 mph, which corresponds to 1610 km / h.

During the last races, the car was driven by pilot Andy Grinn. He holds the record for this field. Grinn explained that with the help of engines running on afterburner, he accelerated the device to 990 km / h. After that, he turned off the afterburner, and the remaining 20 km / h were gained by inertia.

In this race, data was collected on the downforce that acts on the vehicle. For this purpose, it was equipped with 192 sensors. For acceleration, a Rolls-Royce EJ200 engine was used, which is installed on the Eurofighter Typhoon fighter.

To further increase the degree of acceleration, it is planned to use a hybrid rocket power plant, manufactured by the Norwegian company Nammo.

Some readers are interested in the technical characteristics of the Bloodhound LSR. At the moment, it is known that its weight is eight tons, and its length is 13.5 meters. There is no further information available.

Recall that the existing land speed record is 1228 km / h. The testers plan to beat him soon. For this, a number of races are planned at the end of this year or early next year.

Sony's AI division established

Recently it became known that the Sony AI department is being created, which will begin development in the field of artificial intelligence. It is assumed that its development will be carried out not only in physical, but also in virtual space.


The creation of Sony AI is intended to combine all the most significant research and development with the technical capabilities of the tech giant. Special attention will be paid to the fields of visualization, robotics and entertainment. One of the company's long-term goals is to unleash human imagination and creativity through artificial intelligence.

At the initial stage, the new division will begin work on three projects. They relate to gastronomy, gaming industry, photo matrices. The technologies generated here will be designed to add value to Sony's business in these areas.

Sony AI will receive offices in Japan, USA, Europe.

Chinese experts talked about the key features of 6G

Many countries around the world are already implementing 5G technology. The Chinese have gone even further - they are conducting research on the development of sixth generation networks.


The communication standard is still far from being approved. It is assumed that its commercial use will begin after 2030. Despite this, some of the key features of 6G have already become known. One of the specialists of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology spoke about them.

The expert said that the speed in these networks will reach 1 Tbps, while the theoretically possible analogous figure in 5G corresponds to 20 Gbps.

Another 6G technology will receive a tarahertz frequency range. It is also said that it is distinguished by its reliability, good overload protection.

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Author: Jake Pinkman