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Healbe GoBe2 - an innovative bracelet from USA


Some modern inventions are being crowdfunded. This is a modernized name for sponsorship, when investments from everyone are attracted to implement a particular development. For example, the USA creators of the Healbe GoBe fitness bracelet raised more than one million US dollars, although initially the amount was much lower.

This was all done at the Algorithm Center for Innovative and Technological Consulting back in 2012. Not so long ago, Healbe GoBe2 was introduced, a more advanced version of the device. It allows you to read calories and control the user's water balance.

Initially, the idea was to create a non-invasive glucometer. When creating the device, we went even further. Healbe GoBe2 includes a galvanic skin response sensor, a heart rate sensor, as well as a gyroscope, magnetometer and accelerometer.

How it works

The bioimpedance sensor measures the volume of fluid absorbed and released when the glucose concentration increases or decreases. A special innovative bracelet complex provides information to the owner.


It indicates the content of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and other indicators of the body. After processing the data, the device determines what needs to be done - increase or decrease the calorie content of food to maintain energy balance.

The important thing is that there is no need to record all the data on the calorie content of consumed foods. After all, the bracelet records everything by itself and transfers this data through a special application in the App Store or Google Play.

In addition to the above, the smart device allows you to calculate your stress level. This is especially true for people employed in the field with increased psycho-emotional stress.

He also recommends a time for effective rest, sets sleep phases, wakes up when necessary, and controls the pulse. Equally important is the presence of a step counter, the accuracy of which is better than that of competitors.

How the device differs from the Healbe GoBe


There are several differences and they are quite significant. First of all, plastic was used as a material for manufacturing. Therefore, Healbe GoBe2 has become twice as lighter than its “big brother”. Also, its indicators have improved, which are responsible for the quality of the connection via the Bluetooth protocol. Its version is now 4.0.

A galvanic skin response sensor has also been added. Healbe GoBe had a three-axis accelerometer, now they install a nine-axis analogue, they did not do without a gyroscope and a magnetometer.

The second version of the device received a more powerful STLED524 processor with an increased volume of built-in memory.

The geometric dimensions of the new items remained the same as in the previous version, but the battery life has increased. For almost one hour. Now it is nearly fifty hours. Recharging is carried out using a magnetic dock equipped with an LED indicator.

Description of Healbe GoBe2

The product has two parts. The first consists of a removable plastic case with electronic filling. The second part is represented by a strap based on synthetic material.

All materials from which Healbe GoBe2 is made are pleasant to the touch. The device itself has a universal look. It can be worn with either a tracksuit or a business suit.

There is no display here, if we mean the product that we regularly see. There is a screen on which all information for the user is transmitted through LEDs. They are small, but this does not interfere with quite accurately recognizing the time, the state of charge of the battery, the distance traveled with the number of steps, information about the calories that have been consumed or received.

Various reminders are also displayed on the screen. There is a vibration motor for better clarity.

The bracelet has one button located on the side of the case. It helps manage power and display information.

It is gratifying that Healbe GoBe2 is not afraid of water. It will be an excellent helper for everyone who looks after their health.

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