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LG Announces Two Low-Cost LG G7 Smartphones


IFA kicks off in Berlin this week. LG has decided not to wait and is showing in advance what visitors to its pavilions will see. LG unveiled two phones: LG G7 One and G7 Fit.

They share the same chassis and 6.1-inch Quad HD + display. Batteries 3000 mAh, as in the LG G7 itself. However, there are many internal differences that separate these three models. Of the two announced smartphones, the most interesting is the LG G7 One. This is the first LG device in the Android One program.

This means that it runs on a pure Android version without additional software. These versions of the device receive Android updates earlier than others and longer.

LG G7 One

LG G7 One runs on Snapdragon 835, memory 4/32 GB, you can put a microSD card. Although this is a previous generation processor, its performance capabilities are more than sufficient. Judging by the images, this smartphone has a dual camera on the back. Other specifications are not yet known.

LG G7 Fit

Oddly enough, the LG G7 Fit is powered by an even older Snapdragon 821 processor. This is Qualcomm's flagship chip in the second half of 2016. Perhaps this unit will be sold in limited quantities in Asian countries. There are versions with 32GB and 64GB storage. Another difference from the LG G7 One is the older Bluetooth 4.2 communication standard instead of 5.0. Both have a USB-C port, NFC communication standard and Quick Charge 3.0.

It seems that the LG G7 One will be the more expensive of the two smartphones and more in demand. It is not yet known what price category LG refers to these devices. Surely the cost and timing of the start of sales will be announced at the exhibition in Berlin. It opens on August 31st.

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Author: Jake Pinkman