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Mobile Diablo, genitals in SCUM, one of the best Fortnite records - CADELTA gaming news digest


Today our in-game news will tell the most delicious information from Blizzcon 2018, the next bugs in Fallout 76, and the story of the villain from RDR 2

Blizzard Announced Diablo Immortal

Although Blizzard recently made it clear to players that they were not announcing Diablo 4 this year, fans' expectations for at least some interesting products in this series were very high. But alas, they were disappointed with the arrival of Diablo Immortal.

The game is an exclusive for mobile platforms, reminiscent in its structure of an MMO, where the player has to explore dungeons, look for artifacts and destroy enemies. The world is filled with dynamic events, and Westmarch is full of merchants and characters to interact with.

The world itself will be introduced during its heyday before being defiled by Moltael, as the game roughly unfolds between Lord of Distraction and Diablo 3. The Stone of Creation is broken into pieces, and Diablo's minions hope to use their power to summon their lord. From the classes, we were introduced to the barbarian, sorcerer, crusader, necromancer and demon hunter.

The game will be distributed free of charge, and its release is scheduled for the near future.

The fans didn't like the news at all and a lot of hate poured out on the studio, so they dropped the game news that they were going to launch all their major games on mobile platforms soon.

WoW Specifics

At the same close they told the details about WoW. The classic version should launch next summer. Access to it will be included in the current subscription for WoW and will not have to pay extra for it. WoW Classic Beta is available on until November 8 for Blizzcon 2018 Virtual Ticket holders.

Also coming to Battle for Azeroth is the Tides of Vengeance story patch, where the Alliance strikes back at the Horde. It will stand out as the first unique versions of the raid, both for the Alliance and the Horde.

New expansion for Hearthstone

The Rastakhan's Rumble DLC will tell us about the trolls fighting in the arena. New is a card with an over-damage ability, which is activated if its damage exceeds the target's health. Also in the expansion will be the ancient gods of Loa, leading one of the teams of gladiators.

Regarding the plot, it is about a young gladiator who wants to join one of the 9 classes in the arena and fight. DLC is sold in two versions: 50 sets of cards and King Rastakhan - 2799 rubles. and 17 sets without Rastakhan –1099 rubles.

That concludes the Blizzcon gaming news, and moves on to anything good fun. Sale

CDPR decided to arrange a sale of games of their compatriots. Here is a list of those game hits that we can buy at a discount in Gogh: Frostpunk, This War of Mine, Call of Juarez, Observer, Dying Light and The Witcher. All of these and other smaller games are available for purchase now.

The creators of SCUM added penile length adjustment to the game

The developers became famous for their really "important" innovations in the game, and borrowing the best from colleagues. Now in the game, you can customize the length of the penis when creating your character, sacrificing other less important characteristics. Most importantly, when you purchase the Supporter pack, you can get an extra two inches for free ... Keep it up Devolver Digital!

Fortnite Event Drew Record Gamers

For the last month, a large purple cube named Kevin could be found throughout the map in the game. He flew over parts of it and created zones with low gravity below him. As it turned out, it was the Helown event. On All Saints' Day, the cube spun at full power and exploded, dragging all nearby players into another dimension. They were then returned to the battle map.

This action was watched by about a million people on Twitch and about two million on youtube. This gave the event the status of one of the most significant in the history of the entire industry, overtaking many esports tournaments in terms of the number of viewers.

PUBG coming to PS4

Several craftsmen have found information in the database of the Korean rating commission that this battle royale will be released on PS4. Some insiders have confirmed this and even named the release date - this December.

Also, skins of Joker and Harley Quinn from "Suicide Squad" will appear in the game soon. Why and what does this mean? Unknown.

The bugs in Fallout 76 are much worse than they thought

Further in the news digest exciting information. One of the fans of the game rummaged in the client files and realized that the game's network code was in a deplorable state. According to him, all player data is not checked in real time, which is why it will be possible to create not only mods in the game, but also cheat. By replacing some files in your game folder, you can make yourself invulnerable.

This can be fixed only by rewriting the code from scratch, assures the discoverer. Bethesda, in turn, has already made a statement that the guy is wrong and everything is not as easy as he thinks.

Colm O'Drieskall in real life

This is the name of the main antagonist in RDR 2, and as it turned out, there is a person in the world with exactly the same first and last name. Upon learning of this, many players began to write him angry messages about how bad he behaves in the game, and some even threatened him. For the first 100 messages, Colm, who had not played RDR 2, did not understand the humor and even got scared. However, then I googled and realized that people were just joking and even posted this story on Twitter.


This was all the gaming news for today if you haven't heard about the details of Just Couse 4 and the new game from Toby Fox, our last digest is waiting for you.

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