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Top 20 best TV series about robots and artificial intelligence. Part 2


Today's material is a direct continuation of the first part, published last week and tells about the first ten best TV series about robots and artificial intelligence according to KinoPoisk (the rating of the pictures appears immediately after the year of release on the screens).

Today we will highlight the remaining ten franchises, and also, upon completion, we will introduce you to a few more series that were not included in our top 20 best films about robots, but are also worth watching.

And let's start from where we left off, namely, from the film ...

11. Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future (1987 - 1988) 7.67

In this interesting future, which happened in our country more than a thousand years later, it turns out that wars, here and there, flared up on our planet. Humanity constantly found something to fight about. Only they were conducted according to a completely different scheme. Only biorobots took part in the hostilities in order to reduce human casualties to a minimum. Whose army of robots won, he won the war.


And all would be fine, but only one imbitil, having connected to the recently created supercomp, capable of controlling the warriors of all the armies of the world, turned a cuckoo and, leading the world troops, led them against humanity.

The so-called Metal War ended quickly and almost completely exterminated people. Only a handful remained, including a special squad, dressed in advanced costumes, and still, but more successfully, fighting the machines and their leader - the cyborg Dredd.

Initially, the TNT channel wanted to capture both age groups at once and made the tape, as it seemed to him, so that both children and adults would like it. But as is the case with those who are chasing two birds with one stone, TNT did not succeed. Although the film was violent enough, the adults did not take it seriously. Who will take Sunday morning seriously? So the project was closed after the first season. There were rumors that 7 more episodes of the second season were filmed, but they remained unfinished, and therefore never aired.

And the director Strazhinski, taught by bitter experience, after 5 years launched his new project "Babylon-5" (1994-1998), only now aimed only at adults. The project was a success and lasted for 5 seasons. And even spin-offs with feature films were filmed.

12. Almost Human (2013-2014) 7.66

According to the creators of the series, in the not too distant future, by 2050, technology will step so far that anyone, with the help of advanced gadgets, programs and networks, will be able to commit a crime that is simply physically impossible to track. neither prevent nor disclose.

But the cunning powers of this world have found a way out. They decided that the gadgets and the network themselves should fight against gadgets and the network, that is, humanoid androids that are constantly connected to the network.

The main characters are a police officer, or rather, detective John Kennex and his partner, the android model DRN, Dorian. They must work in pairs, otherwise John will be fired. But he, like Will Smith'shero in the movie "I'm a Robot", hates androids, although he himself is forced to use an advanced robotic prosthesis, akin to the one on which the combat police robots-androids run. p>

Be that as it may, over time, although it is difficult and with a creak, but John works with his interesting partner. But the show was canceled after the first season. Primarily due to the fact that it turned out to be too expensive. And not least because the performer of the role of John Kennex, Karl Urban, familiar to us from such films as "Doom" (2005), "Judge Dredd" (2012), "Star Trek" (2009), "Star Trek: Retribution" (2013) and others broke too high prices for their participation in the project. Plus, he had an unnecessarily tight schedule, which the showrunners of the project could not adjust to.

That's how good shows end. The same fate was awarded to "Visitors" (2009-2011) 7.1, "Contrary to Gravity" (2009) 7.1, "Stargate Universe" (2009-2001) 7.9 and many more superb projects, the end of which we will never see again.

13. Miracles of Science (1994 - 1998) 7.40

No one expected such a frankly low-grade series to have such a wild success. Since 1994, as many as 5 seasons have been filmed, until, finally, interest in the project subsided completely.


The reason, of course, is the stupid plots that the scriptwriters who have written, who already frankly could not come up with anything new, began to give out. And the special effects left much to be desired. That is why the story about the artificial intelligence in female guise created by two anxious boys predictably died out.

That's right. While in parallel with the project were such monsters as "Stargate SG-1" (1997-2007), "The X-Files" (1993 - ...), "Babylon 5" (1994-1998) 8.1, Star Trek : Deep space 9 (1993 - 1999) 7.7, Star Trek: Voyager (1995 - 2001) 8.0, etc. Where can some cheap and naively frivolous project survive?

14. People (2015 - ...) 7.40

This is an American interpretation of the good-quality Swedish two-season series "Real People" (or - "Real People", who translated as he wanted). Usually we arrange all rewrites in one section, but this time the film turned out to be so far from the original in its plot that it can rather be considered a completely original project.

In the near future, humanoid robots, charging from an outlet, like ordinary gadgets, but, at the same time, differing from humans only in eye color, are increasingly pushing humanity out of production and other spheres.

Huge numbers of people who have lost their jobs gather in spontaneous rallies, in connection with which a number of laws were issued aimed at counteracting all the "side effects of total robotization."

Everything is aggravated by the fact that one "cunning professor", in order to resurrect his deceased son, made a cyborg out of him. Now he is both a living creature and a machine that needs recharging. And, to top it off, an advanced programmer who has launched a program on the web that gives an impetus to robots to become real AI, aware of themselves.

This leads to a mess, which the showrunners of the project tell us about. The series is awesome. Fans of the genre cannot miss these.

15. Hundred (2014 - ...) 7.36

Not everyone will be able to withstand watching so many episodes of anti-scientific nonsense, which, at times, is so idiotic that even a first grader would laugh. Just long flights without a spacesuit in airless space (read what we think about it here) and an aimed soft landing on the planet's surface from orbit in the casing of a space-to-earth rocket.


In the near future, survivors of a nuclear war, humanity lives on a space near-earth station. Resources are running out, and the idiotic government decides to send a hundred frostbitten teenagers to earth to experiment, and not whether they will die from radiation.

The kids are not dead, and the station sits on the ground. The landing was disastrously aching, after which the survivors are scattered around the area. Those who have crashed out of orbit collide with the locals, but at the end of the first season, a couple of idiots - secondary characters of the series, wander into the laboratory, in which one of them becomes "obsessed with artificial intelligence." You cannot say more beautiful and more precisely. And to understand the meaning of the phrase, you need to watch the series.

Artificial intelligence wanted to gain control over all people by implanting chips in them. What for? We, to be honest, did not understand. There were explanations, but they turned out to be so stupid that ...

In general, see for yourself.

16. Dark Matter / Dark Matter (2015 - 2017) 7.32

An excellent and solid series, with wonderful special effects, but not quite intelligible plot, it turned out to be very similar to Firefly (2002-2003) 8.7 with Nathan Fillion, but was closed after the third season, when the most interesting was planned. p>

Here the crew of the spaceship included an extravagant humanoid android, which was also called "Android". The names of the other members were no better. "First", "Second" and so on ... until "Sixth" (there were six of them who woke up aboard an unfamiliar spaceship with complete amnesia, plus Android).

Of all the most interesting personality was, just, Android. At least - in our opinion. But, to the greatest regret, the cool series was closed. Although for us, it would be better to cover the stupid "Killjoys" (2015 - ...) 6.7. And it will be closed in 2019. Season 5 will be his last.

17. Orville (2017 - ...) 7.20

Surely many will find it funny, but the Star Trek parody has a higher rating than the Star Trek itself. At least higher than what's on the way, that is, Star Trek: Discovery.


An excellently selected and close-knit team consisting of Captain Ed Mercer, First Mate and, in combination, his ex, Kelly Grasen, Dr. Claire Finn, Lieutenant Gordon Maloy, Lieutenant Commander Bortus Moklan, who urinates only once a year, Alara's pee Kitan, which is twenty times stronger than a human, and (reached the robot) Isaac's android from the planet Kylon.

Each of the races, including humans, has its own quirks, which are very interesting and fun to learn about and watch. Especially behind the idiotic and straightforward robot, which turned out to be an excellent parody of Data from The Next Generation.

But not everyone will like the show. In order to understand the lion's share of the jokes, you should be familiar with the original series, as well as, preferably, with subsequent ones.

And, although, you know, it will take a look.

18. Real People / Real People (1012 - 2014) 7.19

We already mentioned this Swedish series above when we talked about its North American adaptation, which is in our top 20 at 14th place. But although the Americans are even higher in the ratings, the Swedish original did not get any worse from this.


Here, the realities and problems of the world dominated by robots are highlighted in more harsh colors. Robots are there, robots are here. Wherever you stick, they are everywhere. Even in a pinball club, where people usually shoot paint balls at each other, you may be asked to fight humanoid robots, which will have blanks and you have combat ones. Very cool, isn't it?

Especially when some robots wake up their intellectual “I” and they begin to realize themselves as alive and fear death no less than ordinary people ...

19. Better than people (2018 - ...) 6.97

And again the Swedish "Real People", only this time in a domestic version. Our series, to be honest, is in no way inferior to either the Swedish or the American. At least in the first season, there was only a beginning. Therefore, it is not yet time to judge strictly.

Let's wait until the second season is released, and then we will decide which of the three is better.

By the way, our series is even more different from the original than the American one. The plot is completely unlike anything that has happened before. Here, the main acting artificial woman immediately went through the roof. By the way, it was produced in China, and the lock on the inability to harm a person was illegally removed from her brain. And almost immediately she wets one of the abnormal who wanted to "touch her here."

But, let's not get into spoilers. See for yourself.

20. Terminator: Battle for the Future (2008 - 2009) 6.92

The series was produced by Mario Cassar, and Cameron himself had a hand in the script. It is a direct sequel to the second film in the franchise, which takes place several years later.


This time, John from the future sends himself in defense of a reprogrammed model of a robot in a female guise, to which, for obvious reasons, John from the present immediately flared up with tender feelings.

The series is dynamic, there is little nonsense in it, the actors have played quite themselves nothing. It was closed due to the excessive cost and drop in views. It's a pity. It would be very interesting to see what happened next.

But for Lina Headey, that is - serial Sarah Connor, you certainly do not have to worry. She did a great job not only as the mother of John, the future leader of the resistance, but also as Queen Cersei in "Game of Thrones", on which she earned nothing. We never dreamed of such earnings.


This is where our twenty best TV series about robots, alas, ended. Anything below the rating is a stretch to watch. But, nevertheless, for whom the above is not enough, they may pay attention to the following pictures:

  • Caprica (2009 - 2010) 6.91 - Prehistory of the series "Battlestar Galactica". The show was very good. But, like everything in our life, it is not eternal. Its greedy leaders of the SyFy TV channel did not renew it even for the second season. Pests, what else to say!
  • Chronicles of the Future (2007) 6.73 . No, we are not talking about patients with chronic diseases. It's about what might happen in the future. Short novels, in the creation of which Stephen Hawking himself took part. Among the six "chronicles" there are a couple of stories about robots.
  • Artificial Intelligence (2014) 6.72 is a story about the difficult everyday life of a super agent (and in the film - a bodyguard), in whose brain a supercomputer was integrated. Now he is a real cyborg. He wants to connect to any Wi-Fi, he wants to - he downloads porn with tetrabytes without paleov.
  • Lost in Space (2018 - ...) 6.54 Filmed by Netflix based on the 1999 short film of the same name. The Robinsons family is flying into space, discovering new worlds. And it gets stuck on one of the planets, having suffered a real shipwreck. Now their lives depend on how adaptable and accommodating the super-duper alien robot they come across is.

That's all. Next week we will continue our walk on survival patterns. This time we are waiting for the first part of the list of the best films, compiled on the topic of wildlife survival. In the meantime - great mood for everyone and, as usual, more cool films and TV series!

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