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Inside # 12.04: Apple patent; Microsoft TWS headphones; smart watch Aidig S; Meizu smartphones


This week's first insider issue will be devoted to some interesting data. First, let's talk about a new patent from the American company Apple. It can help solve the basic problem of foldable screens. Then we'll find out when Microsoft's wireless headphones will start selling. This is the first experience of the company in this class of devices. The product was presented last year, but the start of its sales was delayed. After that, we will discuss the market prospects for several more gadgets: smart watches from Aidig S and the Meizu 17 line of smartphones.

Apple engineers figured out how to solve the main problem of bendable smartphones

During this year, several manufacturers have brought to the market devices equipped with flexible screens. During operation, their main drawback was established: the displays of these devices have increased fragility at the bend point. After a certain number of folds, they begin to deform. As a result, microcracks may even appear.

Recently it became known that Apple experts have proposed their solution to the problem of bendable displays, as evidenced by a data leak from a new patent of the company.

The main point is to use protective layers. The company's engineers have developed several options, one of which involves applying a hard coating to a transparent substrate to form a protective layer structure.

They argue that this approach will allow the cover and screen to survive a large number of bends, withstanding prolonged loads. Its efficiency will be higher than the existing analogues.

Experts of the American manufacturer believe that the main reason for the appearance of display defects is the appearance of microcracks. Therefore, they have envisaged an option in which the place of their formation is filled with a special hard protective layer. It helps prevent new chips and blemishes from forming.

The description also says that this technology can be applied not only to smartphones. It can be really used in the production of smart watches, TVs, tablets, laptops, all-in-ones.

This is not the first Apple patent related to bendable devices. This trend suggests that an American company will soon develop and present its similar product.

The first Microsoft wireless headphones will start selling in early May

In early October 2019, Microsoft announced its first fully wireless TWS Surface Earbuds. Their distinctive feature was the presence of a large base - "washer". It is needed to provide control of the device.

At the end of each earphone there is a touch panel through which this process is carried out. Interestingly, the accessory is equipped with an active noise canceling system and a bi-directional microphone.

The gadget is equipped with a charging case, in which it is convenient not only to store headphones, but also to easily replenish lost energy reserves.


Surface Earbuds were supposed to go on sale back in 2019, but that didn't happen. Then the company announced that the device will be available at retail this spring.

Recently, insiders reported that Microsoft's product will start selling on May 6. In the US it will cost $ 249, and in Europe it will be € 199.

Wavefun Unveils New Smart Watch Soon

Chinese electronics manufacturer Wavefun is known for its functional and affordable smartwatches.

A few days ago, network informers announced good news for fans of the Wavefun brand: a new model of Aidig S smart watches will be presented soon.


The gadget will be equipped with a 1.28-inch display with a resolution of 240x240 pixels, as well as a 460 mAh battery. Also, the source of information claims that the device will be supplemented with protection against dust and moisture of the IP68 standard.

Prior to this, a number of teasers were published on the network, highlighting the capabilities of the accessory. It stated that the product would be able to track the physical activity of users. It will also be adapted to seven sports scenarios.

When the smartwatch will go on sale has not yet been announced. Nothing is known about pricing or specifications either.

New images of yet unannounced Meizu smartphones have appeared on the web

Chinese manufacturer Meizu is actively preparing the audience for the release of its new product: the Meizu 17 and 17 Pro line of smartphones.


It is already known for sure that the device will be equipped with the flagship Snapdragon 865 processor. But this is not the only feature of the novelty: Meizu 17 will receive the latest UFS 3.1 flash memory standard.

In addition to the base model, photos of Meizu 17 Pro were posted on the Internet. The appearance of the device is characterized by the presence of fillets on the side edges, a front camera embedded in the display and a fingerprint scanner. It is located at the bottom of the device.

In line with current trends, the device received thin bezels, which increased the usable screen area.

The Meizu 17 is expected to start at $ 564. The announcement of the novelty is scheduled for May 8.

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