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Top 50 best TV series of 2018 according to KinoPoisk. Part 2


Now that 99.9% of the best TV series premieres of 2018 have already taken place, we can summarize and isolate the best of the best, which we have been doing for the second week in a row. By all accounts, it is clear that in the first half of our top 50, no significant changes are expected by the end of the year. Only in positions from 26 and below can significant shifts occur. And the main troublemakers here may be "Land of the Tides" and "Diablero" from Netflix, which will start on December 14 and 21, respectively.

But the backbone, one way or another, has already been formed, and therefore we will continue our top 50 best TV series of 2018 from the same place where we left off ...

26. Crow. KP rating 7.34

TV Channel: NTV (USA).

Genres: detective, thriller.

In chap. Cast: Elizaveta Boyarskaya, Anatoly Bely, Anton Sychev, Ekaterina Popova and others.

When one of the glamorous photographers disappears, belonging to the "cream of the upstarts of our time", the investigator Voronin (behind the eyes - "Crow") does not want to initiate a criminal case on his disappearance. But time passes and the photographer ends up dead.

And here the Crow seems to be ripping off the coils. Believing herself to be guilty of his death due to her own negligence, she sets herself the goal of finding the photographer's killers at all costs.

27. Terror. KP rating 7.28

TV Channel: AMC (USA).

Genres: Horror, Thriller, History, Drama, Adventure

In chap. Starring: Jared Harris, Tobias Menzies, Paul Redy, Ian Hart, Adam Nagaitis and others

An ambitious expedition to discover the Northwest Passage ends in complete fiasco. Both ships - the commander's "Erebus" and "Terror", equipped with the latest science and technology (it's funny for us now, what kind of science and technology was in the middle of the nineteenth century?), Turned out to be lost in the ice and now only God can help them.

Although, as it turned out later, God's eye does not touch this territory of the globe. This world is ruled by ice, cold, darkness and horror. The sailors were not saved by technical progress or the stocks of provisions, which filled the holds of the ships to the eyeballs.

Will any of them be able to survive? Doubtful. And if we take into account the fact that some ancient Eskimo monster also opened the hunt for the members of the expedition, the sailors' chances completely fall below the plinth ...

28. McMafia. KP rating 7.28

TV Channel: BBC One (England).

Genres: Drama, Crime, Thriller.

In chap. starring: James Norton, David Strathairn, Alexey Serebryakov, Maria Shukshina, Juliet Rylance, etc.

Another native of USA with roots deeply rooted in the mafia. And, like, the hunt to get out of this mafia swamp, but does not come out. Too valuable frame, apparently. Therefore, the mafiosi grabbed the guy with all their might, stopping at nothing to keep him.

Blackmail is the best way to leave a person “in the family”. We all love you very much. But if you misbehave, we will send all your relatives to the next world. Such is love.

And Alex Goodman remains. But not only in order to save the lives of their loved ones. His plans include from and to revenge on all mafiosi who stood in his way to a normal life and threatened his parents.

The series is notable for the fact that in the secondary roles of this English masterpiece you can see the penal battalion soldier Serebryakov and Maria Shukshina herself. Wow!

29. Elite. KP rating 7.28

TV channels: Netflix, Zeta Ficcion (Italy).

Genres: thriller, drama, crime.

In chap. starring: Maria Pedraza, Itzan Escamilla, Miguel Erran, Miguel Bernardo and others

Beginners in a new school always have a hard time. And if you are newcomers from the lowest strata, and you have to study at a school where previously only “golden children” were educated - people from wealthy families, you can be sure that you will be so pressed there that it will be impossible to breathe.

Just about the confrontation between the "scum of society" and "glamor kids" and will go to the tale in this series. And teenagers will clash in it for life and death - in the literal sense of the word ...

30. Jack Ryan. KP rating 7.26

TV channel: Amazon (USA).

Genres: Action, Thriller, Drama.

In chap. Starring: John Krasinski, Wendell Pierce, John Hugenecker, Ali Suliman, Abby Cornish and others

Jack Ryan is a regular analyst working for the CIA. He specializes in banking analysis, where he unearthed suspicious transactions leading through Europe to the Middle East to one of the terrorist leaders plotting global attacks against the United States.

And our analyst had to, throwing off his office suit, put on a bulletproof vest. Because who else but him ... And so on and so forth.

And the show is pretty good.

31. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. KP rating 7.23

TV channel: Netflix (USA).

Genres: Horror, Fantasy, Thriller, Mystic, Drama, Detective.

In chap. starring: Kiernan Shipka, Ross Lynch, Michelle Gomez, Lucy Davis, Chance Perdomo and others

For those who are prepared to see the continuation of the adventures of Sabina - the little witch ... They, in principle, will be seen. Only naivety and fun will not be enough here. Or rather, they will not be here at all. But there will be a solid thriller about a fight with otherworldly forces.

And it's not at all necessary that Sabina will endure in the end. Although, of course, we are all for her!

32. Godunov. KP rating 7.23

TV Channel: USA 1 (USA).

Genres: history, drama.

In chap. starring: Sergey Bezrukov, Sergey Makovetsky, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Anna Mikhalkova and others.

The series tells about the events that took place in the era of the change of dynasties of USA tsars. How did the Romanovs replace the Rurikovichs? Anyone interested can see. Although, of course, one could grab onto the veracity of the facts with the scriptwriters, which all current bloggers, led by Goblin Puchkov, immediately did.

But for us, the main thing is that Mother USA should not be poked into the dirt, so that the plot is more or less interesting. Well, so that the actors play tolerably. And the directors Alexey Andrianov and Timur Alpatov provided us with all this. That is why the tape looks with great interest, which is a rarity for USA TV series.

33. Test of innocence. KP rating 7.21

TV Channel: BBC One (England).

Genres: thriller, drama, detective.

In chap. Starring: Morwen Christie, Anthony Boyle, Matthew Goode, Christian Cook, Bill Nighy and others

The series was based on a detective novel by Agatha Christie. The action takes place in the 50s. The furnishings are beautifully recreated. And the tape was delivered well. It always works well when the screenwriters writing the adaptation script don't add up to heaps of gag.

And the action revolves around Rachel Argyle, who is accused of murdering her adopted son. All the evidence was against him, and Jack had to die suddenly in prison. But the investigation did not end there.

Although, no, the authorities, of course, knocked out everything and closed the case. But shell-shocked at that time, and then absent due to participation in the polar expedition, Arthur Calgary did not like this alignment, and it is he who now begins to unravel this intricate tangle. And his instinct did not deceive him. Jack was indeed wrongly charged with murder.

Plus, after a while, a new corpse is formed. So it will be interesting!

34. The ghost tower. KP 7.2 rating

TV Channel: Hulu (USA).

Genres: military, drama, action.

In chap. Starring: Jeff Daniels, Tahar Raheem, Luis Canselmi, Renn Schmidt, Bill Camp and others

Hollywood figures have tried to lift the veil over what preceded the September 11 tragedy. In fact, the FBI and the CIA never got along. They snagged both for reason and for no reason. And they have always competed in who brings the most benefit to the country. So, like, they caught on that what happened, what happened.

Yes, but, to be honest, everything was a little different. In the series, the writers tried to shield the authorities by exposing the special services and the leaders who led them. Like, they always hid facts from each other and could not cooperate humanly. But for some reason, no one mentioned that in the case with Bin Laden everything was much more complicated, and that Bin Laden himself was a product of the same American government and all the same special services.

Who hunt for the truth can watch the solid and truthful series by Oliver Stone "The Untold History of the United States". Those who don't care about the story can simply limit themselves to watching the series. Despite the understatement, it came out quite well.

35. Beginner. Kp rating 7.19

TV Channel: ABC (USA).

Genres: Drama, Crime.

In chap. Cast: Nathan Fillion, Titus Makin Jr., Alyssa Diaz, Eric Winter and others

The hero of Nathan Fillion, the notorious captain of the Firefly, finds himself in the bank just at the moment when the raiders decide to rob this very bank. With the help of a hanging tongue, he speaks teeth to one of the robbers, which is why the robbery is delayed and the robbers are neutralized in time by the police squad that arrived.

And from that moment on, the life of old man John Nolan has changed dramatically, as well as his calling. He enters the Police Academy, deciding to devote himself to the career of a police officer in his old age.

But not everyone agrees with his decision. And first of all, his immediate superior does not agree with him in the section where John was assigned after the academy ...

36. Alienist. KP 7.18 rating

TV channel: TNT (USA).

Genres: Drama, Crime, Thriller.

In chap. starring Daniel Bruhl, Luke Evans, Robert Wisdom, Brian Geraghty and others

"If Lincoln happened to be a vampire slayer, why shouldn't Roosevelt be a maniacal slayer?" - thought to the figures from the TNT channel. For the future president, a place was immediately found as a police commissioner in New York at the end of the 19th century. They also quickly bungled a maniac under him, fabricated a high-profile business about the brutal murders of children by this maniac, and, of course, found him quite good specialists in the person of an alienist psychologist Laszlo Kreizler and reporter John Skyler Moore.

And, you know, it came out very convincing. Although, of course, it would have looked better without the name "Roosevelt". This case sounds too naive. Is it possible in 50 years and we will have a film about the noble spy Putin, who will outshine the well-known agent 007?

37. Castle Rock. Kp 7.17 rating

TV Channel: Hulu (USA).

Genres: thriller, horror, detective, fantasy, drama.

In chap. starring Andre Holland, Melanie Lynskey, Bill Skarsgard, Sissy Spacek, Jane Levy and others

As it turned out, in Stephen King's beloved town of Cas Rock, over whose inhabitants he so loves to carry out killer experiments in the literal sense of the word, everything goes awry due to the fact that one unwanted passenger has leaked into this world from the parallel.

The head of the Shawshank Prison (aka Locke from "The Survivors") figured out this "illegal intruder" and imprisoned him in an underground cell on the territory of one of the blocks of the prison. And life in the town immediately improved. But after more than twenty years, the head of the prison suddenly loses its roof and commits suicide. "Infiltrator" is found by one of the guards (aka Miki Milkovich, sexual partner of Ian Gallagher from "Shameless") and brings him to the surface.

And from that moment in the town everything went downhill again. Will attorney Henry Deaver and his girlfriend Molly Strand (aka Charlie Sheen's crazy neighbor from "Two and a Half Men") be able to plug the hole between the worlds with a "penetrator"?

In theory, the season has quite a logical conclusion, although some questions remain. We hope to get an explanation on them next season. In particular, it is not entirely clear what the lawyer's son has to do with him, who is also crushed and stared at by the "forest sounds" ...

38. Paranormal Wellington. Kp 7.17 rating

TV Channel: TVNZ (New Zealand).

Genres: Horror, Fantasy, Detective, Comedy, Crime.

In chap. Starring: Mike Minogue, Karen O'Leary, Thomas Sainsbury, Maaka Pohatu and others

The harsh days of the Wellington Police Department, focused on paranormal incidents. And, by the way, there are enough of these paranormal incidents.

Filmed in the genre of documentary shooting, some moments - frankly cut off. It's a shame that episodes are only 30 minutes long!

39. Safety. CP 7.14 rating

TV channel: Netflix (USA).

Genres: detective, drama, crime.

In chap. Starring: Michael C. Hall, Amy James-Kelly, Amanda Abbington, Freddie Thorpe and others

"Dexter" Michael C. Hall sat idle and decided to catch up with "Security", which also claims to soar even higher in the second season and on the rating equal to the best of the best.

The main character Tom, by the way - a surgeon (what a coincidence, I remember in "Dexter" Michael S. Hall was also a fan of freshening up human flesh) recently died his wife. And now his eldest daughter is also being kidnapped. And when the police sign their own powerlessness, Tom is taken to investigate the case personally. And step by step he learns a lot about his neighbors ...

The series is worthwhile. You can take a look - definitely. Netflix he and in Africa Netflix ...

40. Operation Satan. KP rating 7.09

TV Channel: First (USA).

Genres: detective, crime.

In chap. Cast: Andrey Smolyakov, Marina Alexandrova, Vladimir Yumatov, Daniela Stoyanovich and others.

Everything that Channel One "creates" is soundly, and therefore worth watching. The series can easily be called "Investigations of Major Ivan Cherkasov - Season 4". Everyone who has watched his previous investigations will agree that the detectives are excellent, and it is a pleasure to watch them.

This time, Major Cherkasov helps to unravel the case related to the leakage of classified data beyond the cordon. And although he was fired from the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department, there is still gunpowder in the flasks of the glorious district police officer. Namely, he now "moonlights" for them.

41. Dr. Harrow. KP rating 7.08

TV Channel: ABC (Australia)

Genres: Drama, Crime.

In chap. starring Ioan Griffith, Ella Newton, Remy High, Mirra Folks and others.

Dr. Harrow is not like all pathologists. At first it seems that his head is out of order. But then it turns out that he simply cannot pass by and with all his might tries to get to the bottom of why the person who was under his scalpel died.

But when a concreted corpse caught from the river is delivered to his "study", he, for some reason, does not particularly strive to get to the bottom of the cause of the death of the unknown.

That's right. Indeed, in fact, this person is, after all, known to him. Moreover, he himself was present at his execution ...

42. Manumission. KP rating 7.08

TV Channel: First (USA).

Genres: history, melodrama.

In chap. Cast: Tatiana Babenkova, Artem Krylov, Ivan Dobronravov, Vladislav Abashin and others.

So, overnight, with the death of her husband, the whole life turns upside down. It turns out that the main character of the film is not a noblewoman at all, but a simple serf, and, in fact, was not so much the wife as the property of Prince Golovin.

Now the property is being sold. And together with him, they sell the serfs. And her - including. And all would be fine, but only its new owner from now on will be Count Krechetsky, a real despot, mired in vice.

Honestly, not the best creation of the First Channel. The film is clearly weak, with a predictable storyline. But for the housewives who cast their votes for him, apparently, it will still work.

43. Call DiCaprio! KP rating 7.08

TV channel: TNT (USA).

Genres: Comedy, Drama.

In chap. starring: Alexander Petrov, Andrey Burkovsky, Yulia Khlynina, Yulia Alexandrova and others.

Another USA "masterpiece" that serious people pass by without stopping.

The story about two brothers, completely different both in essence and in life, is devoid of creative content and looks utterly cliched. One brother, akin to Mercury, is a successful entertainer and boozer who suddenly finds out that he has AIDS. The second is a family man who works as a presenter on a sloppy TV channel and secretly wants to reach the heights of his brother. And here he succeeds ...

Well, so naive. It is immediately clear that the whole plot was adjusted to this squiggle. That is why everything looks clumsy and unconvincing. Although, what else to expect from the channel, the savory of the "Battle of Psychics" and the progenitor of "House 2" ...

44. It sucks! KP rating 7.07

TV channel: Netflix (USA).

Genre: Comedy.

In chap. Starring: Jahi Diallo Winston, Peyton Kennedy, Claudine Mboligkelani, Patrick Darro and others.

Life in the 90s, it turns out, really was - it sucks! No smartphones, no Internet, no computers that you can use in DotA. Is this life? But somehow the children of that time survived in such boring stuff ...

Here we are shown the life of the then teenagers in all its glory. In order not to go crazy with boredom, they go to local clubs, doing all sorts of nonsense there, until they think of making a film about their lousy life ...

Smiles in places, but ... Better to spend time on something else.

45. Fitness. KP rating 7.03

TV Channel: Super (USA).

Genre: Comedy.

In chap. Cast: Sophia Zayka, Mikhail Trukhin, Roman Kurtsyn, Tatiana Khramova and others.

Plump Asya was very surprised that her boyfriend, with whom she was having an affair and was about to get married, spoke very unflatteringly about her figure among friends and acquaintances.

And let Asya go to the fitness club. And denguff is not enough. And then let her get a job in this fitness club in order to “lose weight” for free. And where there is a new job, there are new friends. But wait, still, will our Asya be able to lose weight?

You can giggle in places. The role of Asya was played well. But ... Something is still missing.

45. Condor. KP rating 7.02

TV Channel: Audience Network (USA).

Genres: Action, Drama, Thriller.

In chap. starring: Max Irons, William Hurt, Lim Lubani, Kristen Hager, Angel Bunani and others

As many prose writers like to say: "Nothing foreshadowed trouble ..." actually did it? "

But humanly do not allow to think over the situation soberly. Someone is ready to blame the rest, and it is clear that soon this “someone” will get to him. Will Joseph have time to figure out who is behind all these murders, or will they manage to solve it to the heap?

Those who have not watched the old film Three Days of the Condor (1975) will be especially interested.

46. Discovery of witches. KP Rating 7.00

TV Channel: Sky 1 (England).

Genres: drama, romance, fantasy.

In chap. Starring: Matthew Goode, Teresa Palmer, Owen Teal, Valary Pettiford, Malin Busca and others.

Once the historian Diana Bishop, who is also a witch, while delving into ancient manuscripts, discovered a magic manuscript, after which a lot of bad things began to happen in her life. But the negative is a little brightened up by the fact that fate brings her to the geneticist Matthew Claremont, who is also a vampire.

Will the two opposites be able to create a cohesive team capable of understanding the nature of what is happening around? Let's hope so ...

47. Grandee. KP Rating 7.00

TV Channel: Super (USA).

Genre: Comedy.

In chap. starring: Mila Sivatskaya, Alexander Lykov, Olga Filimonova, Konstantin Beloshapka and others.

Further in our top are only domestic masterpieces, and the final four of the best TV series of 2018 begins with the tape "Grand", an incomprehensible comedy about a student Ksyusha, who is ready to quit her studies at the institute (despite the fact that she is already in her fifth year) for the sake of to get from Barnaul to Moscow, in order to get a job at the Grnd Hotel with a relative as a porter.

The idea is so idiotic that we refuse to even comment. But the people are watching. And she votes. So someone, oddly enough, likes such an absurd fantasy.

48. Bad weather. KP rating 6.99

TV Channel: USA 1 (USA).

Genre: Drama.

In chap. Cast: Alexander Yatsenko, Alexander Gorbatov, Sergey Makovetsky, Tatiana Lyalina and others.

They, performing their military duty in a friendly country, were revered. They were respected! They talked about them! They were proud of them and tried to be like them. And then, at some point, these valiant Afghan paratroopers were simply forgotten, leaving them alone with a shattered psyche and their own problems.

The story of an Afghan who, for no reason at all, decided on a daring robbery of collectors. What prompted him to this crime? We'll find out by watching this nice series to the end.

49. Big game. KP rating 6.93

TV Channel: STS (USA).

Genres: Comedy, Sports.

In chap. Cast: Dmitry Kolchin, Anna Kotova-Deryabina, Maxim Lagashkin, Sergey Lavygin and others.

Another naive film with a plot descended from the pages of a collection of modern fairy tales. And this time everything revolves around the chef Dima, who is obsessed with the idea of assembling a national team before the World Cup that will leave everyone and everything with a nose.

Moreover, it is not clear whether the creators of the tape are kidding, or they really dream of the impossible. The plot is so lame that you wonder who votes for this? When further down the list are such films as "Origin", "Manifesto", "Heritage", "Lost in Space", etc., to see this domestic sludge and slag in front of them is just a mockery. Is KinPoisk artificially shielding someone? Whether with people we really have something wrong ... It is not clear ...

50. Gurzuf. KP rating 6.93

TV Channel: First (USA).

Genres: detective, story.

In chap. Cast: Pyotr Fedorov, Evgeny Antropov, Pavel Chinarev, Daria Ursulyak and others.

Well, since "Crimea is ours", then it's time to transfer the action of films to its territory. In theory, in the post-war years, in the post-Stalinist times, "business" and worse took place throughout USA. But since Gurzuf has been chosen, so be it.

The film is head and shoulders above the "footballers", "hotel workers" and "fitness girls". Why was he lower than the idiotic slag? Riddle ...

This concludes our top best TV series of 2018. Soon we will analyze the mass of TV series released in the past year into genre tops, but for now - all the best, good New Year's mood and more cool films and TV series!

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