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10 disgusting anime characters


Judging someone by their appearance in real life is wrong, and we won't. But in works of art or anime, often an exaggerated design is made on purpose to emphasize the fact that a character or hero is so vile in front of us. We have collected our top disgusting anime characters who are disgusting not only in appearance, but also in deeds, which emphasizes their design.

10.Howl's Moving Castle


The Witch of the Wasteland is a disgusting anime character, at least the first half of Howl's Moving Castle. This jealous sorceress, overweight from her prosperity, turned Sophie into an old grandmother. And only for the reason that she just walked with Howl, who saved her from the harassment of two military men. At the end of the film, she changes and becomes a completely different person, but before that, her entire appearance shows her rotten nature.

9. Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki / Fairy Tail


Mage of the Blue Pegasus Guild and the leader of the Three Husbands squad. With rare exceptions - Ichiya is a rare coward who always runs away, but behaves like a pretentious womanizer, which cannot but repel. Using his perfume magic, he's just ridiculous. And his thong outfit will not spare your eyes. On the one hand - well done, he lives without complexes, but as a person, I hardly want to talk about him nicely. Plus he's annoying.

8. Sasante / Utawarerumono


Sasante personifies how unjust the system of power was in its time, when it was inherited. Ever since the time of Caligula, who committed many atrocities, nothing has changed. Sasante is also a freak who inherited power. This gorged version of Baron Munchausen evokes nothing but negative feelings. When I was preparing the material, I found in one of these lists the perfect description of Sasante and his deeds: “the only useful thing he did for those who were served was dead.”

7. Mayuri Kurotsuchi / Bleach


Mayuri is one of the captains of the Gotei-13 in Soul Society, as well as a nutty scientist who is alien to such a thing as "ethics". He cruelly experiments not only on souls and people who come to him on the operating table, but also on himself. This is probably what makes him look so disgusting. Parts of his body are modified, and Mayuri implants the weapon into himself. Remembering how he pulls the braid out of his ear, I already cringe.

He also created a ward for himself, over whom he constantly mocks, citing the fact that she is useless. Mayuri himself is almost immortal and can turn into a kind of slime in order to escape and recover. Even his Bankai Zanpakut fully reflects his hideousness - a huge child's head with the body of a caterpillar, releasing a deadly poison.

6. Orochimaru / Naruto

Orochimaru and Mayuri are one field of berries, but it seems to me that Orochimaru has reached a new peak in disgusting experiments on himself. Wanting to learn the darkest jutsu, he does nasty things.


Not only did he manage to change several bodies, he also learned the technique of copying faces, which allows him to use someone else's appearance, and then, like a snake, throw it off like old scales. Overall, Orochimaru's true form is a giant snake made up of other small snakes. It looks disgusting. Orochimaru is truly one of the most disgusting anime characters.

5. Mima Fan / Perfect Blue


Now let's move to the big league. The Mima fan reflects male madness in Japan. Every guy who has ever molested women in anime is reflected in him. Realizing that Mima belongs only to him, he pursues her, and watches her every day. She takes photos, pastes them over her house, and also blogs on her behalf, based on her observations.

4. Envy / Fullmetal Alchemist

One of the most powerful and disgusting homunculi. Evnie spends most of her time in the body of a young handsome guy, but his true form is an ugly monster the size of a multi-story building, consisting of dead people who suffer and constantly ask for help.


In his behavior, he is no worse - arrogant and narcissistic, he is ready to kill everyone: from a child to the whole city, because he considers people to be rubbish. However, by nature he is an ordinary asshole, trying to hide envy behind a mask of hatred and contempt for people. If you snatch the Philosopher's Stone from Envy, it's actually a small parasite the size of a leech and a disgusting mouth.

3. Buppa / Tokyo Tribe 2


Such a moral monster as Bupp still needs to be looked for. He is simply the quintessential and collective character of all the disgusting fat, ugly men in anime. Buppa is an extremely obese and inhuman crime lord, as well as a pedophile prone to child abuse, mainly boys. Over the years, several boys have been brought to him to satisfy his sexual sadism. In one scene, a child is brought to him, then Buppa leads the boy behind the curtain and rapes him to death.

2.Blank / Bleach


And now let's move on to the monsters, because only they can be worse than people [although here you can argue]. Hollows in Bleach are dangerous demons that hunt innocent, lost souls to eat for spiritual energy. Considering their structure and masks, they are empty, simply disgusting creatures. It is even worse when the empty has intelligence. Such were often dangerous killers during their lifetime, as in the case of the Hollow, who killed Ichigo's mother. Before becoming one of the most elusive Hollows, he was a famous serial killer of women.

1.Titans / Attack on Titan


In my opinion, the most disgusting creatures in anime are the Titans. Huge monsters with a goofy grin, often with a deformed body. They were copied from drunk people in order to give that very repulsive essence, for which we do not love them. That only there is a smiling titan who killed Eren's mother. It is difficult even to calculate how many times they caused me spiritually vomiting reflexes. It makes me even sadder that [Attention, there is a spooky plot spoiler] they are all actually humans who were turned into monsters to kill other Eldians.

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