Kojima Production will shoot movies, Nvidia won't pull RDR2 to ultra in 4K - this week's gaming news digest from Cadelta. Part one (Topic)

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Kojima Production will shoot movies, Nvidia won't pull RDR2 to ultra in 4K - this week's gaming news digest from Cadelta. Part one


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Kojima Production will be making films

The BBC recently filmed a short documentary about the creation of Death Stranding. The film crew went to Japan, to the office of Kojima Production, where they saw the editing of the last trailer. They also spoke with Hideo Kojima, who talked about the studio's future plans, including the fact that she is going to go into cinema. But first things first.

First of all, the journalists talked to the game designer about the game's premise. As we wrote earlier in the translation of Kojima's interview with Game Informer, in the game he tries to convey a sense of detachment and loneliness. Hideo says that he is a rather lonely person who often spends time alone with himself. However, the thought that there are many people in the world who have the same feelings inspires him. In the game, he tries to convey just that. For the same reason, Death Stranding talks about the importance of connections, without any negativity, and the asymmetric gameplay allows you to put only likes and help each other.

If we talk about the latest trailer, then according to the developer, usually studios order outsourcing and pay 200 million to make a beautiful trailer rather an embellishment]. Kojima Production has a completely different approach and the studio is always engaged in such things as PR, trailers, control of merchandise, so that they have a high quality. Hideo is also confident that he is one of the few developers who independently mount trailers.

In the future, the game designer says, games, movies and shows are likely to merge into one big stream for broadcast, and they will have to compete with each other. For this reason, the studio will focus on films in the future.

The documentary ends with the idea that the entire studio revolves around one person. It is difficult to disagree with this. Hideo is literally involved in every aspect of the game, from the script to the music in the trailer.

Nvidia: "None of our graphics cards can run RDR 2 at ultra 4K"

Funny and sad news at the same time, if you are the owner of the top-end hardware, you still cannot get the most out of the RDR 2 PC. quality with 60fps. Also, the game will not have ray tracing.

Still, it's worth saying that the requirements for the PC version of the game are quite human, and it will still look better than on consoles. Nvidia reminds that RDR2 has a very flexible graphics settings system that includes 40 parameters. The company also released a special driver to make the game look as smooth as possible.


On our own, we add that you shouldn't be upset, because the title already looks gorgeous. Complaining about this is like sitting down at a table full of cool delicacies and complaining that they are not sprinkled with gold shavings.

What is revealed from the Diablo 4 demo

While we don't even have a Diablo IV release date yet, Blizzcon 2019 gave journalists a chance to try out a demo of the game. One of the lucky ones is Game Informer.

According to them, the demo had several main quests, several dungeons, the so-called periodic event and the world boss [a particularly strong enemy]. It was the battle with the latter that the journalist remembered most of all. He fought a creature named Ashava, who could kill with one blow. Naturally, defeating this will bring a lot of loot, including legendary items.


Nothing new awaits us in the dungeon gameplay. We will kill monsters, mini-bosses, and also look for quest items. Destroying enemies is a lot of fun and the game does a great job with its main element. The journalist tested the game for three classes: barbarian, sorceress and druid. The druid was the one that felt the best.

Seven seasons of The Witcher are planned to be filmed

In the digest, we usually write about games, not TV shows, but here is a case when two spheres intertwined. According to showrunner Lauren Hisschire, even though the first season has not yet been released, they are already planning six more from the top.

She said that they are thinking about how to create stories that would be remembered by the audience for centuries. It would be foolish to direct all their forces only for the first season, so they look into the distance and want to split the plot into just 7 seasons.

The first season has already been filmed and will be shown on TV on December 20 this year. The continuation of the series, although it has not yet been announced, is rumored to also begin production in December, and their screening is scheduled for 2020-2021. You can also watch the latest trailer for the series.

A woman becomes the first Hearthstone champion

It happened at the Blizzcon 2019 arena. There Chinese woman Xiaomen Li won the 2019 Hearthstone Grandmasters tournament. She became the first champion in the history of this tournament. Men won the second and third places, but they are not all from Korea, whose athletes have held the leadership for a long time.

Lee made an appeal to all girls dreaming of getting into e-sports: "If you really strive for this, then don't stop believing, forget about your gender and go ahead!".


New Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers Details

The Persona series has a distinctive feature. After the release of the numbered part, the creators release extended versions of the game, where we can rethink the plot and characters. During a recent Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Striker stream, Altus revealed a few details about the project. Here are some facts:

  • Game development is 90% complete. This will be the canonical continuation of the series, with an emphasis on story rather than action.
  • During the battle, we will be able to use environmental objects such as lanterns or traffic lights, as well as firearms.
  • There will be five cities in the game, as well as other locations.
  • During the fight, we can easily switch to other characters, each with their own style and special weapons.

The game will be released in Japan on February 20, 2020 on PS4 and Switch. The release date in the whole world, according to the classics, is unknown.

This was all the important news from the beginning of the week, stay tuned.

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