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TOP 70 best films about time travel according to KinoPoisk. Part 2


Continuing our promenade through the best time travel films. And if the first part of our TOP consisted of their films, most of which are well known to fans of spectacles, then unfamiliar films will prevail in this part. But this does not mean that they will be much inferior to the first in terms of level. Yes, in terms of budget - maybe. But we all know that a large budget is far from the indicator that should be taken into account when watching feature films.

After all, the main thing is to make the movie just interesting to watch. And extras and pictures in the background, as well as famous actors in the lead roles ... They are not always needed. So let's go!

36. Ghost ship (2002) CP rating 7.0

Here the time continuum is plowing by the once missing (or, to be more precise, 40 years ago) airliner. His time travel goes on an inexplicable path. It should be assumed that he, at one moment disappearing in one time, appears at another moment in a completely unexpected place and in another time. Otherwise, it simply cannot be that no one has stumbled upon such a colossus in 40 years. As well as it is not known how many souls he already managed to devour in this way, until the rescuers from this film stepped on him.

Well, even for not special connoisseurs of horror and fantasy, this film will be very interesting. Filmed in the spirit of S. King's novels, and therefore will have to be afraid in earnest.

One thing is not clear here: why are the dead gold?

37. Time loop (2012) KP rating 6.99

A somewhat idiotic plot of the film, full of absurd inconsistencies and paradoxes, meanwhile, does not detract from the interest in the masterpiece featuring the bald "Die Hard" Bruce Willis. In the film, a certain structure trades in that, with the help of a time machine, helps dark personalities get rid of unwanted people in their time.

This is done very simply. The person goes to the past, after which they deal with him there. Thus, in the present, no bones, teeth, or DNA particles remain of him. Here, as they say, there is no body - no work. But the very idea that mankind has been striving for so long to create a time machine so that, in the end, some individuals would use the highest creation of science for this purpose ... It even sounds naive. One gets the impression that the future is a complete mess. And how do people there still manage to create something in principle?

38. Final Countdown (1980) KP rating 6.92

If in the "Philadelphia Experiment" the military and scientists in order to send the whole cruiser of the Navy along with a piece of the test site to the promenade in time, used a bunch of installations generating magnetic waves, then the aircraft carrier itself was able to "jump" into a spiral time continuum.

A huge vessel, stuffed with weapons, modern military equipment, aircraft and fully manned, disappears from our time / space overnight to appear in 1941 time / space a few hours before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The crew, when it comes to what time they found themselves, there is a desire to punch the hated Japs properly and prevent an imminent catastrophe. But how will this change the world in the future? Wouldn't that only make it worse? What, I wonder, will the admiral do in such a situation?

39. Time Patrol (2013) CP rating 6.91

It's not quite a sequel to Time Patrol with Van Dam, but the meaning is the same. And people here are also not particularly afraid of paradoxes associated with changing everything and everyone due to the fact that the agents of their structure will interfere with the past. There were high hopes for the film, but the plot pumped up, and therefore it was initially doomed to a box office failure. Despite this, the brainchild of directors Michael and Peter Sprig with Ethan Hawke in the title role is worth checking out.

40. Navigator. Medieval Odyssey (1988) CP rating 6.91

Creation of Vincent Ward, director of the wonderful and Oscar-winning story "Where Dreams May Come" and screenwriter of the notorious "Alien 3". England, the dark XIV century - the age of plague and other upheavals. And only a small group of people from the Cambrian village will be able to escape the plague. How? It's very simple! You just have to listen to the adventurer Connor (not to be confused with the leader of the uprising against the machines in The Terminator), follow the instructions of the local broadcaster, the young boy Griffin (not to be confused with the invisible HG Wells) and dig a tunnel to the best places.

As it turned out, there was no need to dig a tunnel. And he brought them not only through Mother Earth - to New Zealand, but also through time, transferring them from 1348 to 1988. Such things. What can you do to protect yourself from the plague ...

41. Time Changing (2002) KP rating 6.89

A slightly differently rewritten "Time Machine" by H.G. Wells. But there is also a "prohvessor" who claims that time travel is possible, and other "prohvesters" who claim that he has completely gone crazy with his theories. This is what prompted the "prohvessor", whose ideas were brutally laughed at, to push one of the giggling "prohvessors" into the future, from the beginning of the 20th century to the beginning of the 21st century.

It was then that the giggling "prohvessor" enjoyed how far science has gone in our time and how low our society has degraded morally ...

42. Out of 13 to 30 (2004) KP rating 6.87

Here in time a kind of somersault was made by the inner "I" of a 13-year-old girl, who suddenly found herself in the body of a 30-year-old. Making a wish and falling asleep in the evening in the body of a 13-year-old, Jenny woke up in the body of a 30-year-old. Hmmm. It is very strange to feel yourself in your body that has aged 17 years, especially when time has passed as it should be for everyone around.

In light of this, all peers behave as they should. Jenny alone acts like a dumbass. And why? Because although she looks like she's 30, she's still 13 in her brains. Everyone is funny, everyone laughs. It's funny for Jenny herself. And do not give a damn that her fate, at the behest of a pike, licked 17 of the most interesting years of her life during the night ... But since the scriptwriters found it funny and not at all depressing, let's see what they did.

43. Slaughterhouse Five (1972) CP rating 6.85

Here time travel is made by alien minds observing the life of one of the human individuals. With the ability to rewind the continuum to the intervals it needs, they enjoy watching how Billy Pilgrim was born, lived, fought, loved and died.

It turns out how interesting it is to survey human life on rewind, throwing out the routine from it and leaving only the most interesting moments! Whoever doesn’t believe it, they can see the picture together with aliens and see for themselves! And do not stop at just one plain old trailer. To understand what we are talking about here, you need to watch the entire movie.

44. Time error (2014) rating KP 6.85

It is muddled in time and completely paradoxical. Young people live in one of the motel houses without even thinking that a car capable of taking pictures is constantly aimed at their windows ... The future is a day ahead! Moreover, every morning she takes another picture of their window in the living room automatically!

Young people immediately figure out how to take advantage of this business. Every evening they hang out on the window a list of what may be useful to them: the results of winnings in the lottery or at the races, etc. And then they run and look at what is shown there in the next picture to find out what will happen tomorrow. That is, today they live according to what was written from yesterday, while hanging out a piece of paper for the future to their counterparts.

If they knew what it would lead to in the end, they would hardly start getting involved with this hellish photo machine!

45. Door (2009) KP rating 6.78

While David, the hero of Mudds Mikkelsen, known to the general public for the TV series "Hanibal" and the role of the antagonist in the movie "Casino Royale", is playing tricks and somersaults with the neighbor opposite, his daughter, left alone, falls into the pool and, clinging to the lace on some piece of iron from below, sinks.

Only an idiot owner can keep such a pool in his house with such dangerous pieces of iron at the bottom.

But that's not the point. The main thing is that David, who has found his dead daughter, in the next five-year plan, drinks himself to the end and sinks to the very bottom. What happened to his daughter fundamentally undermined his relationship with his wife and relatives. It even came to the point of unsuccessful suicide. But one fine moment he discovers a door, and behind it a mysterious passage into the past, just at the moment when he copulates with a neighbor. Having penetrated there, at the last moment, he saves his daughter. But what can you do? After all, now there are two David in this world, and the second is about to come from his mistress? It's time, perhaps, to take up the piercing-cutting ...

46. Biggles: Adventures in Time (1985) CP rating 6.78

A somewhat naive story about how, at times, it is not easy to be someone's temporary twin. After all, this will force you every time at the most inopportune moments to jump in time to this very twin.

A similar attack fell on the shoulders of Jim, who was always moved in 1917, and Biggles, who now and then finds himself in 1985. But the brothers unfortunately found how to use the situation, turning their "travels" for the good and Jim from the present, who there were great difficulties with the police, and Biggles from the past, who had great difficulties with the secret weapon of the Germans during the First World War.

And do not care that by changing the past, you can distort the future and even make it so that you yourself will not be born. Well, right. Into the furnace all this learned heresy! We are watching a fragment.

47. Corporation "Immortality" (1992) rating KP 6.74

This is the case when Rolling Stones fans can see their idol Mick Jagger starring in a feature film. And although his role is not the most important, it is quite impressive.

And the meaning of the film is that in the future people have learned to do a personality transplant from body to body. But who would want to become a donor in this case? After all, the donor's mind is subject to erasure during this procedure. The corporation has solved this problem. So that no one suspects anything, they steal the bodies of people from the past a moment before they die in a catastrophe, so as not to violate the same notorious space-time continuum.

They stole the nasty one a second before his death and Alex (Emilio Estevez), the speed racing champion. Only the brave racer did not accept the fact that his mind would be erased, and some old fart would be moved into his body. And he ran away. Will the thug Vasendek (Mick Jagger) be able to find and capture him? It's worth a look.

48. Thieves of the Past (1999) rating 6.70

It turns out that not everyone can be a "catastrophe". For some, it's a breathtaking ride. But who are these mysterious "some"? As it turned out, these are none other than travelers from the future, eager to experience extreme emotions from being on the same, say, sinking Titanic.

One of these "extremals from the future" and managed to track down reporter Tom Merrick. And at the same time, and get a complete plan for visiting disasters. And at the same time, and learn that in one of the disasters his son will have to die. And at the same time, of course, try to change the future. Only will it succeed?

49. Way back (2011) KP rating 6.70

Despite the fact that the plot of the film is rather banal, this is one of those cases when the film is desirable for viewing due to the fact that in the line of similar ones it is one of the best in terms of acting, minor improvements to the idea, and filmed excellent.

And the tale is as follows. The basketball player is injured, after which his life is flushed down the toilet. And now he, like in that "Door", has a chance to return to the past in order to fix everything. Only this time without any dark doubles ...

50. Alien from the Future (2002) KP 6.70

All the stunts and staging of fights seem to be licked off from the "Matrix". But, meanwhile, they look very nice. Not like a cheap parody. That is why the film is worth watching it to the end and find out whether the earthlings, who once again sent the agent into the past, will be able to prevent the global end of the world in the future.

The film once again teaches that the alien is the alien - strife, and with them you should always behave deliberately and carefully. So that you don't have to send the poor girls back in time in the hope that they will fix the situation.

51. The Philadelphia Experiment (1984) KP rating 6.69

Michael Pare did not want to go to the future, but had to. And having gone into the past, at the same time almost went along the way to the psychiatric hospital. And all because during the experiment on the anti-radar camouflage of the ship, something went wrong, and two crew members with a piece of the test site were literally pulled out of the present time. Now, to return, you have to run well ...

For its time, the film was undoubtedly a masterpiece. Now he no longer looks with such interest. Is that only because of the scale to which the experiment led and because of the very idea of hanging a piece of land between two times. Although everything could be furnished abruptly. Probably, the "money" was not enough ...

52. We can only cry (1984) KP rating 6.64

The comedy can be called "The Adventures of Italians in the Past." Two Italian idiots somehow find themselves abandoned from our time in the days of Leonardo da Vinci, where they mow in full, with might and main trying to break the established timeline. And they are especially trying to prevent Columbus from opening the American continent.

It is not entirely clear why this was done. After all, whatever one may say, sooner or later it would still be open, and the Indians would be infringed in their rights. Meaning? He, apparently, is swimming somewhere in the brain drain of the Italian idiots.

Those who are interested in films in the style of "Yankees from Connecticut at the Court of King Arthur" - welcome to watch. The rest - read the TOP films further. And you don't have to watch the trailer, because nothing is clear anyway.

53. Extract (2012) rating KP 6.62

The dude discovered in himself the ability to return to the past. No, not live, but through penetration into the memories of other people. It sounds crazy, and it takes a long time to explain. We are watching a trailer that will clarify everything a little.

But one day he was asked to enter the mind of the narcos, and then he falls into a hopeless trap. It's a pity he discovered it too late. And having found it, it is desperately looking for loopholes and ways to get out of this vicious circle. Will it only work?

54. Time Patrol (1994) CP 6.58

The film was shot at a time when Van Dam was still at the peak of its popularity, worked under the patronage of well-known companies and with good directors. Therefore, the film as a whole is not bad.

As time travel methods became known to many "money-filled" corporations, paradoxes and time shifts became more frequent, as a result of which a police department was created to prevent penetration into the past in order to change the future.

Van Dam, aka Max Walker, lost his wife in the past. And it is in this year and at this time that he will have to return in order to catch a corrupt senator rushing to the presidency in temporary machinations. Will he be able to resist the temptation and not call home to try to prevent the death of his wife along the way?

Probably not ...

55. Time Trap (2017) KP 6.56 rating

Perhaps the most interesting film about the muddied up over time from the last. In this film, those who accidentally entered the border of a temporary break travel in time. Beyond this border, time does not stop, it just goes so slower that from the outside it seems that people and all the events there froze in place.

The idea is very non-standard. And if you consider that people from different times have gathered in this anomaly, and people from the Stone Age - including, it will be very interesting. And the denouement will bring a significant surprise. When it seems that everything is heading towards a naive resolution, suddenly at first it turns out that there is no turning back, and then at all - that there is a way out, only completely unpredictable.

56. Black Knight (2001) CP rating 6.54

An ordinary employee of an amusement museum (or something similar) in the person of Martin Lawrence ("Bad Boys 1, 2", "Diamond Policeman") sees some mysterious chain in a puddle, reaches after it, falls into this puddle, and when he emerges, he discovers that he found himself in the Middle Ages, at the time of the knights.

Will the black Jamal manage not to get on the block and return home? In fact, he will be able to do even more. But about this - in the film. Not a bad comedy. Well worth the time.

57. Knight of Camelot (1998) CP rating 6.54

The same as in the previous case, only here a black lady gets into the past, namely - Whoopi Goldberg, familiar to us from the role of a witch in the film "Ghost". The film was shot for TV, and therefore you will not find a trailer. But believe me, here are all the same "Yankees at the court of King Arthur", only in a slightly different interpretation. There is where and what to laugh at.

58. Timeless. Ruby Room (2013) KP 6.5 rating

Upon reaching the age of 16, a girl named Gwendoline suddenly realizes that she has the gift of moving in time. At first, these movements occur spontaneously, but later she meets people like her. Some especially kind and in love with her even explain that she belongs to a cohort of especially advanced, for whom jumping in time is in the blood.

And everything would be fine, only someone is hunting time travelers. And to survive Gwendolyn will have to try very hard. You can watch the trilogy right away, since the last third film has already been released on screens in 2016. All of them are worthy of attention and represent a kind of a single whole.

59. Continuum (2014) KP rating 6.43

High hopes were pinned on the film, but, for some reason, the audience did not really go. Although with a meager budget of 12 million dollars, collecting twice as much was also a victory.

Several guys find blueprints for a mysterious device that turns out to be a time machine. Having collected it, they acquire the ability to return to the past in order to correct the mistakes they once committed. Everything would be fine, but only playing with time is a bad idea, which they will have to make sure of on their own skin.

60. Trapped in Time (2003) KP 6.29

The action takes place in the near future. Several ambitious scientists are attempting to travel back in time to rescue a group that went there earlier. And although they dress in the outfits of the Middle Ages, they get there in the midst of hostilities, where everyone is considered suspicious. Therefore, soon half of them are captured, and the return marker is lost.

Now, in order to return, our heroic scientists, led by Paul Walker himself, will have to win a real battle. How will this affect the future?

61. New Adventures of the Yankees at the Court of King Arthur (1988) CP 6.28

USA adaptation of the immortal work of Mark Twain, filmed at the Dovzhenko studio during the Soviet Union, but also deserves attention.

Although ... While Mark Twain was creating his story in a humorous spirit, ours, for some unknown reason, found and roused the dramatic component in it. Therefore, there is no need to expect much comic relief in the film. But you can look once. At least for comparison with a huge number of foreign analogues.

62. Jacuzzi Time Machine (2010) KP 6.26

The jacuzzi is already a wonderful thing, and when it's also a time machine, it's super! And when four young people realize what treasure they possess, they all immediately agree that they have a lot in the past that needs to be urgently corrected. And realizing this, they start, as they say, in all seriousness. But as the laws of the genre teach, such things do not pass without consequences. And it remains only to pray that these consequences will be reversible. Filmed in the spirit of a comedy and will laugh with something.

63. Millennium (1989) CP 6.15

Who would have thought that in the future there will be such kind people who, at the risk of this same future, will rescue the crews and passengers of the planes who are about to crash. Under the guise of flight personnel, specialists from the future are transported by means of a time machine to the past minutes before the disaster, and, having installed their "travel bells and whistles" on board, they transfer the plane in due time. When all the people from the plane are taken out and replaced by the "left" corpses, the plane is returned back, and it falls to the ground already completely empty.

It would be strange if these changes sooner or later did not catch the eye of the special services investigating the crash of the liners. And when a mysterious "contraption" from the future falls into the hands of Chris Christopherson's hero, in this very future it becomes definitely clear that they have finally finished badly, and soon all of them will face a global and unconditional kirdyk. It's time to get away. And where to? We are watching a movie.

64. Frontier (2017) KP rating 6.11

Fresh brainchild of our filmmakers, and Dmitry Tyurin - in particular. The hero of Pavel Priluchny is experiencing unexpected "adventures" in the form of visual penetrations into the past. And when he takes a step forward, he gets there completely. And when he gets there, he simply does not know how to behave. And now, through these gaps into the past, a certain formation of his inner self passes. And how will it end up?

Watching a movie. It is similar to "We are from the future", but there is also enough new in it. Although, in general, as can be seen from the rating, he loses slightly to his “older brother”.

65. Man of the Future (2011) rating KP 6.06

The attempt of the Brazilians to launch their Brazilian "time traveler" into the past was also, in general, crowned with success, although it is unlikely to rise above 6 on CP. In fact, this is the same corroded interpretation of "I'll come back and fix everything." The tale is about a nerd-loser, who, while still studying, overnight managed to ruin his future career and screw up a girl. Will it be possible, having returned to the past, to correct everything in the right direction? In some ways, yes. And in some ways ... We are watching a movie.

66. Assassin's Creed (2016) CP rating 5.77

In this film, a return to the past is carried out by immersing the "traveler" himself into the abyss of ancestral memory. And, plunging into it, the hero of Michael Fassbender discovered that he belongs to a certain cohort of a secret society of assassins.

It turns out that having a little rushed through the past of their ancestors, you can quickly become skilled in martial arts, and in many other things, that is, in the shortest possible time become a real super-avenger killer. Well, when I became one, why not punish the bad guys properly?

Here's what is interesting. And if, say, a person has only sewer cleaners in his family, will he become the head of a management company overnight and what can he learn from his ancestors in principle? ..

Well, okay. Let's rejoice for the hero Fassbender, who is more fortunate with his ancestors, and watch the movie.

67. Underworld Games (2012) KP 5.62

This time, the entrance at a different time is through an abandoned mine. And in the role of travelers through a kind of time channels, a group of young guys and girls, who, rummaging through the aforementioned abandoned mine, suddenly stumble upon their own corpses.

What does this mean? Only one thing - they see the future, that is, what will happen to them after a while. Well, now you have to strain yourself and try to prevent this dumb future. But how to do this when some of your friends step on the heels, whose corpse was not found among the rest. Or maybe it's not him, but someone else, who is better not to see at all? ..

68. And thunder struck (2004) CP rating 5.58

As soon as people invent a time machine, they, for some reason, must, at all costs, launch tourists into the past. And these tourists, as usual, are always mumbling in this past. This time it's the same. Some idiot crushed a butterfly in the Jurassic period, which is why the whole subsequent evolution turned out completely wrong. Changes on the space-time continuum roll in waves, and after the next such war, you no longer know what to expect. But the fact that nothing good is unambiguous.

We'll have to go back in time and give the hapless tourist a pinkar so that he doesn't stomp on insects. But that's bad luck, waves of changes have already changed the world so much that the equipment is unlikely to work. And if it does work, where is the guarantee that you will be able to get there at the right time?

69. Out of Time (2014) KP rating 5.04

Some, it turns out, in order to penetrate into the past need very little - fall into a coma. And here you are, overnight, a British officer in colonized India, living in 1778. And it doesn't matter that you fell into a coma trying to save your beloved from death. Here you have another beloved, for which you are burning with no less passion

But someday you still have to decide which of your friends is more important to you. And having chosen - either wake up from a coma, or ... Die!

70. Time Runner (1993) KP rating 4.48

We decided to include this film in the rating only because the main role in it was played by none other than the famous Luke Skywalker of all times and peoples - Mark Hamill. We promised that there would only be films about time travel with a rating above 5, but we could not resist. I really wanted to show Hamill in a different role.

And having shown - to note that the actor from him is useless. And the film itself is quite trivial. But you can laugh. It turns out that in 2022 (within a few years) we will face a global nuclear catastrophe, but people will already invent a time machine with which it will be possible to return to the past and prevent this catastrophe. How convenient, isn't it? Well, Hemill's hero does just that. And he does it so ineptly that you should definitely see!

Let's be glad at least for the leader of the domestic automotive industry.


This concludes our promenade along the time spirals. And to whom it is not enough - sorry. We tried as best we could, but nothing more worthwhile on this topic was found. There were, of course, options mixed with parallel worlds, with space, or serials. But we'll talk about all this diversity another time.

In the meantime, all the best to you, and more cool films for you!

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