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Films and TV shows from 11 to 17 April


The biggest movie event this week will undoubtedly be the premiere of the highly anticipated eighth and final season of Game of Thrones. But there will be something to go to the cinema this week. Here you will find thrillers, science fiction, and comedies, a little bit of everything. Let's take a closer look at the mid-April poster.

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Only Neil Marshall's Hellboy will turn out to be a purely Hollywood film this week. The rest of the novelties will be masterpieces from the French, Canadians and Norwegians. A couple of domestic films were also included in the schedule, but, nevertheless, we will start our short review with the long-awaited blockbuster ...

Hellboy (USA )

Film Companies : Nu Boyana FX, Dark Horse Entertainment and Campbell Grobman Films .

Genres: Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystic, Action, Adventure

Director: Neil Marshall.

In chap. starring: David Harbor, Ian McShane, Daniel Dae Kim, Milla Jovovich and others

This time, under Hellboy's make-up, David Harbor, whom we know from his role as sheriff in Stranger Things, will be hiding. His main target this time will be the Bloody Queen Nimue, who was called the Lady of the Lake during the time of King Arthur. Strange as it may seem, the performer of mostly positive roles, Milla Jovovich, will be hiding under her mask.

In times past, Merlin successfully kept this universal witch from rash acts. But as soon as he disappeared, Nimue began, as they say, "sniffing cocaine and shooting with anything," that is, practicing magic, which is not only forbidden in its essence, but in itself can turn its user into a puppet. p>

From this all, Nimue's cuckoo finally moved. She began to do such lewdness that the witches were forced, having gathered for their extraordinary sabbath, to work out a plan to destroy the crazy Blood Queen. They destroyed the sorceress, tearing her body into small pieces that were scattered all over the planet.

But after centuries, Nimue still found a way to recover and is now ready to take revenge on the human race for all her suffering. And what about when Merlin is gone, there are just one or two witches left, and there are even fewer witches capable of resisting the art of magic Nimue.

This is where Hellboy, the best agent of the secret Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense, a child of darkness, summoned into our world by the ambitious mystical experiment of Grigory Rasputin in 1944, enters the scene. Let's see how he manages to hack to death with Nimue. We feel that it won't be easy to get rid of Milla Jovovich's heroine.

High society (UK, France, USA, etc.) IMDb 6.7, KP 6.8

Film Companies : Alcatraz Films, ALP, Arte France Cinema.

Genres: sci-fi, thriller.

Director: Claire Denis.

In chap. starring: Robert Pattinson, Juliette Binoche, Mia Goth, Andre Benjamin and others

Somewhere far, far, in the depths of the galaxy, there is a laboratory studying the possibilities of extracting electricity from a black hole. The station, in fact, revolves around the black hole itself. And in addition to senior staff, criminals sentenced to life imprisonment work for it.

Dr.Dibs is in charge of the project at the station, who in parallel conducts other scientific research and research. One of the most ambitious, as well, is considered to be the receipt of a viable human embryo, conceived under conditions of strong cosmic radiation.

For this, sperm and eggs are constantly collected from men and women. And then one day, oddly enough, successful fertilization took place, and one of the children turns out to be still viable.

The unsuspecting Monte (Pattinson's hero) became a happy father, and his life after that took on some meaning. Only how long will it last, given that the station is gradually getting closer and closer to the event horizon of the black hole.

Mia and the White Lion (France, Germany, South Africa) IMDb 6.6

Film Companies : Galatee Films, Film Afrika Worldwide and Outside Films.< / em>

Genres: Drama, Adventure, Family.

Director: Gilles de Maitre.

In chap. Starring: Dania De Villiers, Langley Kirkwood, Melanie Laurent, Ryan McLennan and others


Imagine that you are a ten year old child. You live yourself, having joined (like other normal children around), to all the delights of today's civilization. And one fine day your parents suddenly - Bam! - the idea is to throw all these blessings of civilization and dump them to South Africa for the sake of breeding some lions.

Obviously, you would have resisted this. And they would be one hundred percent dissatisfied with the decision of their ancestors. Our main character Mia behaved in the same predictable manner. But this continued only until the white lion cub Charlie entered her life. From that moment on, Mia had the only true friend in this idiotic "farm paradise".

Mia is growing, along with her beloved Charlie. And three years later, he grows into an adult, from which, according to the parents, nothing good can be expected. Someday the beast will show its bestial essence and then - expect trouble.

Further, everything is clear. The parents decide to get rid of the beast by selling it to the first buyer they come across. But Mia categorically disagrees with this and decides on an adventure - secretly take Charlie out and escort him to the nearest nature reserve.

But the "closest" is only in words. In fact, the path to it is not close, and the girl will have a hard time on the hike, especially considering that her pursuers are constantly on her heels.

Supernatural (Canada) IMDb 5.5, KP 5.2

Film Companies : Movie Trailer House and Oddfellows Entertainment.

Genres: sci-fi, thriller, drama.

Director: Jason Stone.

In chap. Starring: Stephanie Scott, Theodore Pelleren, Percy Hines White, Sayid Tagmawi and others


Young people love to hang out away from adults. And so, during one of these parties, the girl Alex, who decided to swim with a friend, mysteriously disappears. Unfortunately for her (or luckily, it is not yet clear), UFOs appear over the reservoir, which became the reason for her disappearance. It is not clear what they did with her, but somehow they influenced the girl's latent abilities, as a result of which she acquired the ability for telekinesis and other "devilish" tricks.

Of course, the special services want to get a girl for themselves, as they say - “for experiments”. Will a guy and a boy from school who is crazy about a UFO be able to help her come to her senses, not go crazy with her newfound abilities and escape from the ubiquitous pursuers?

White Swan (Norway) IMDb 6.3

Production company: Maipo Film.

Genre: Drama.

Director: Anne Sevitski.

In chap. Starring: Ine Marie Wilman, Valin Kane, Anders Mordal, Eldar Skar and others


This is a story about an ambitious figure skater, master and trendsetter of figure skating, who, having made a career in sports, decided to come to Hollywood and become an actress. And she does it very well. The whole world fell at her feet. She is successful, her life is a continuous paradise tale. Parties, receptions, general adoration, how can you not like that.

And now the actress forgets that not everything in this world is eternal. She also forgets about caution, automatically thinking that she is impeccable not only in body, soul and talent, but also simply physically incapable of making mistakes. And now, slipping on the ice in Rio de Janeiro, she finally understands how fragile the house of cards she has built for a successful career is.

Yes, everything and everyone in this life will have to disentangle. And it’s even very good when you have some kind of rescue plan or hidden abilities that can keep you afloat behind your soul. And if they are not there?

We look at what happens in such cases and learn from other people's mistakes.

Gentle Hand of the Law (France) IMDb 6.7

Film Companies : Les Films Pelleas, MK2 Productions and France 2 Cinema.

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Crime.

Director: Pierre Salvadori.

In chap. Cast: Adele Enel, Pio Marmay, Vincent Elbaz, Audrey Tautou, Damien Bonnard and others.


Yvonne lived excellently with her husband, the police chief of the town of Santi, and did not know grief. Until one fine moment her husband took, and did not die. It was only after his death that she began to find out that her hubby was not at all the good cop she seemed to her all her life.

In particular, she learns that, through his fault, one young man named Antoine was forced to serve an 8-year sentence literally for nothing, just so her hubby could cover his ass.

It is not clear why, the wife takes on the hardships of the rehabilitation of the guy offended by her husband. Altruism, of course, is not forbidden, but in this embodiment it seems too pretentious, and the main character herself, by the way, is a police inspector, Yvonne is a full-fledged fool. Although, love immediately pecks. Where to go ...

Once again, you are convinced that the French are ready to make candies from everything, even from such cow cakes as this idiotic plot. And, as practice shows, they do not always get sweets. At least, having learned what they are from, not everyone is burning with a persistent desire to eat them.

We will not do this either, even though the IMDb rating is favorable for this. After all, the fact that the film is already a year old, and the pirates still have not translated it into USA, as nothing better says about its stupidity, idiotism and uninteresting.

SuperSon (France) IMDb 4.5

Film Companies : Pathe, Nac Films and Liaison Films.

Genre: Comedy.

Director: Francois Desagnat.

In chap. starring: Cad Merad, Pauline Etienne, Francois Deblock, Julie Gaillier and others.


Again the French, and again the plot - you can't imagine dumber. The main character supposedly has only women everywhere. At work - women. At home, women. And he is already waiting - he can't wait for his daughter to have a boyfriend, that is, in fact, when he will have his own son-in-law.

And now, it seems, it has thawed on the horizon. My daughter finds herself a great guy - an athlete, in whom our main character does not like. For the time being. Until the newly discovered circumstances, coupled with the further development of events, does not turn the pecking heavenly future into nothing.

If you decide to go to a French comedy, choose the previous one. This one sucks even more.

Businessmen (Kazakhstan) IMDb 8.6

Film companies: Astana Film Fund and Sataifilm.

Genres: Drama, Crime.

Director: Akan Sataev.

In chap. Cast: Askar Ilyasov, Aisulu Azimbaeva, Rasim Zhubaev, Sharip Serik and others.

Here is a movie that everyone will definitely enjoy. Here the formation of the capitalist system in the country after the collapse of the USSR is shown without any embellishment. And don't look that the film was made by Kazakhs Everything that is shown in it is equally suitable for our country at that time.

The film came out just great. Everything is filmed truthfully and excellently. It is better not to miss such pictures. Especially the young generation, who were lucky not to fall under the hard millstones of the dashing 90s. For some reason, it seems to them that everything was just excellent then. Do what you want and live - I don’t want to. But it's not that simple. Then everything was run by criminal gangs, and the money was borrowed for "commerce" at such interest and squeezed out so categorically and methodically that my mother did not cry.

In general, it will be interesting to see for everyone. For the elderly, middle-aged and young. o

Brownie (USA)

Film companies: Trio Film, Media Trust.

Genres: Comedy, Family, Fantasy.

Director: Evgeny Bedarev.

In chap. Cast: Ekaterina Guseva, Sergey Chirkov, Yulia Sules, Pavel Derevyanko and others.


Finally, we got to domestic films. Ours have put on a couple of low-budget masterpieces this week, of which the comedy "Brownie" seems to be the most attractive.

The abandoned apartment was empty for a long time, and the brownie who lived in it went completely wild. Accustomed to loneliness, he with might and main opposed the move to the dwelling of a mother and daughter, and with might and main arranges for them to get away with it in order to survive them as soon as possible.

But a specially invited evil witch unexpectedly intervenes in the affairs of the brownie. And now he is on the verge of flying out of the apartment. How will it end? And will the master's talking cat help somehow? Let's see - we'll see.

Short waves (USA)

Film companies: Dovzhenko, Vega film, etc.

Genres: Drama, Comedy.

Director: Mikhail Dovzhenko.

In chap. Cast: Alex Dubas, Evgeny Grishkovets, Yakov Dovzhenko, Igor Yasulovich and others.


This is not a full-fledged feature film, but again a collection of short films, united by one single common theme - the theme of the radio broadcast. In particular, the collection includes the following tapes:

  • Schroeder , where the fate of a masterpiece of contemporary art is decided by direct voting.
  • Translator , in which two young people manage to save their love with the help of the same radio broadcast.
  • A card game , which comically discusses the place of women in the modern world.
  • Radio Room , another comedy, this time about one of the towns where everyone is trying to communicate via live radio due to the internet disconnection.
  • Not yet , about the impossibility of happy love in some situations.

Who is interested in watching not one, but 5 movies at once, however, only 15 minutes each, welcome. If not, maybe it's better to shake things off and see the next picture?

Apocalypse Now (USA) IMDb 8.5, KP 8.1

Production company: Zoetrope Studios.

Genres: Drama, Military.

Director: Francis Ford Coppola.

In chap. starring: Marlon Brando, Martin Sheen, Frederick Forrest, Robert Duvall and others


Recently, it has become fashionable to restore the once sensational blockbusters and launch them, as they say, in the second "round". And, as the experience with the "Titanic", "Terminator 2" and the same recent "Alien" has shown, the game is still worth the candle. And so, following James Cameron and Ridley Scott, Francis Ford Coppola took over the restoration of his masterpieces.

And the first on his list for restoration was a very resonant and once very sensational "Apocalypse Now" about the war in Vietnam and the horrors that some of the American units were doing in this country.

Who has not yet checked out this masterpiece, consider that you have committed a crime. These films cannot be missed!

TV Shows

A very interesting situation has developed with serials this week. From sequels this week, only the 8th season of "Game of Thrones" will be released. The rest of the new items are full-fledged premieres of the series. And we'll start with another creation from the Netflix video streaming service ...

Black Summer (USA, Canada)

The series premieres on Thursday April 11th

TV Channel: Netflix.

Genres: Horror, Action, Thriller, Drama.

In chap. Starring: Sal Velez Jr., Aidan Fink, Cash Hill, Mapicle Aucoin, etc.

Yes, there was a time whenThe Walking Deadwas the undisputed leader of the zombie movie list. But after it became clear that in this degree the flesh of rotten walking "lives" longer than the flesh of ordinary healthy people, and the franchise itself began to resemble Santa Barbara more and more in its plot content, the question arose, is it not time to throw off "Tsar mountains ".

It is very possible that a future project from the studio Netflix will be able to do this. Although, recently, passing masterpieces have begun to appear among the channel's projects. Let's hope this isn't one of them.

Game of Thrones (England) IMDb 9.5, CP 9.0

Season 8 premiere Sunday April 14

TV Channel: HBO.

Genres: fantasy, action, drama, adventure, romance.

In chap. starring Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke, Keith Harington, Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams and others.

Finally, the franchise of all times and peoples is nearing completion. Surely the walkers will be defeated in the end. After all, as the well-known Freddy sang: "The show must go on." It is unclear whether they will be driven back behind the newly erected wall, killed physically or with the help of some kind of witchcraft, whether divine forces will intervene in the confrontation between light and darkness - is still unknown.

We will see all this very soon. In just a month and a half, the last and most expensive chapter of Game of Thrones will appear before our eyes, which, of course, none of us will miss.

By views, the record will be broken without any. Well, how important, well, we'll find out soon.

Bless this mess (USA)

The series premiered on Tuesday April 16

TV Channel: ABC.

Genre: Comedy.

In chap. starring: Madison Curry, Lake Bell, Pam Grier, Dax Shepard, Ed Begley Jr. etc.

The plot is not the first freshness, but also not as overwritten as it seems. The young family decides to move to Nebraska to live a romantic life as a farmer. But, since this is a comedy, it is already clear in advance that the family will have big problems with this.

While city dwellers assimilate into village life, a lot of time will pass, and there will be countless hilarious moments. At least we hope so.

We'll be there tomorrow (Australia)

The series premiered on Tuesday April 16

TV Channel: Syfy.

Genres: Fantasy, Drama.

In chap. starring Madeleine Kennedy, Chai Romruen, Alicia Banit, Beau Brady and others.


The next project from the Syfy TV channel promises to be very interesting. At least the plot is very extravagant. Of course, time travel again, but - what and for what purpose?

In the near future, a huge meteorite will ram the moon, which will lead to the fact that from now on on Earth there will always be day and summer on one side, and on the other - darkness and winter. Humanity tried to revive on the Earth of a parallel world, but the descendants of the settlers were mired in internecine squabbles.

In order to prevent the initial catastrophe and the mess that reigned after it, now in the past, a new squad of daredevils is sent.


That's all for today. Next week, the main heavyweight among the new films will be the domestic comedy thriller with Vladimir Mashkov "Billion". From the series, the start of the 5th season of the crime drama series "Bosch" will look significant. But there will be dark horses among the new products, which some are waiting with great impatience.

We'll talk more about next week's movie premieres next Monday. In the meantime, as always, we wish you all the best and more awesome movies and TV shows!

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