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Charlie Chaplin will be a cartoon character

Image FilmNation Entertainment was founded by veteran Hollywood veteran Glen Basner in 2008. Two years later, the New York studio first loudly announced itself, taking part in the creation of the Oscaron biographical drama The King's Speech. As Variety reports, FilmNation has now decided to try their hand at making cartoons.

The new project of the American film company promises to be an excellent gift for all fans of the great Charlie Chaplin . FilmNation intends to join forces with French studio Superprod , Luxembourgish Bidibul Productions and American Big Beach Films to work on the as-yet-unnamed cartoon based on the famous silent film " Kid ". The details of the project are kept in the strictest confidence. It is only known that the creators of the animated film want to bring elements of science fiction into history.

Back in 1921, " Kid " became the full-length directorial debut of Chaplin . Charlie also played the role of the kindhearted Tramp in the film, who took on an abandoned child. 90 years later, one of the greatest films of the silent film era has been listed on the National Register of Cultural and Historical Films of the United States.


The Kid will be co-led by Christian Wolkmann (Renaissance) and Rupert Wyatt (Rise of the Planet of the Apes). British journalist and writer Boris Starling will assist the directors in the script for the cartoon.

The modern reinterpretation of the legendary silent film will be the second joint project of the companies Superprod , Bidibul and Big Beach . These studios are currently working on an animated film based on Jack London's adventure novel White Fang .

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