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Perfect Weapon

Image In recent years, filmmakers have increasingly taken an interest in stories of super soldiers. The bosses of the Chinese studio Fundamental Films were no exception, who managed to outstrip their American competitors in the fight for the rights to the script of John McClane Hummingbird "( Hummingbird ). This is reported by The Tracking Board .

McClane's script has already earned comparisons to Luc Besson's sci-fi action movie Lucy. The main character of " Hummingbird " will be a hired assassin who, during the next mission, will have to find out that she is a completely new example of an ideal weapon.

Sources close to the management of the Shanghai film company claim that Shailene Woodley ("Divergent") is taking an active interest in the lead role in the film.


The action movie will be staged by the Swedes Markus Kriller and Fredrik Ockerstrom , who first came to the attention of moviegoers thanks to the work on the short film Reset. Shortly thereafter, they were invited to direct the video game Battlefield 1. The shooter did not go on sale until last week, but has already earned high marks from leading gaming publications.


Fundamental Films will be supported by Broken Road Productions from Hollywood and will be produced by Todd Garner (XXX).

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