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It's good to be a prince

Image The news that Disney is launching a movie about Prince Charming came out two years ago. In the wake of the success of the new "Cinderella", the House of Mouse decided to tell a modern version of the story about the royal offspring, who in fairy tales will certainly rescue his beloved from trouble. Then the scriptwriter of the project was Matt Vogel ("Big Moms. A son like a father"), but now the picture has found a new author.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Stephen Chbosky will handle the new text. He also plans to head the shooting of the tape in the future. It's not the first time Chbosky has agreed to work with Disney: he previously worked on the script for Beauty and the Beast. It is not yet clear whether Chbosky will write the tale of Prince Charming from scratch, or he will make changes to Vogel's work.

The details of the project were not disclosed. We only know that Disney plans to tell the story of a popular character from a new perspective, as in the case of "Maleficent" or the upcoming "Cruella". During his existence, the handsome prince managed to save Cinderella, Snow White, the Sleeping Beauty, but this time the audience will find out how the brother of the prince, who never corresponded to the status of a royal person, treats all these feats.


In 2012, Stephen Chbosky filmed his own novel, It's Good to Be Quiet, and a few years earlier he was the creator of the series Jericho. Now the director presents his new drama "Miracle" to film fans. The film about Prince Charming will once again allow Chbosky to work with producers Todd Lieberman and David Hoberman, co-director of Beauty and the Beast.

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