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Ridley Scott Will Destroy America

Image Online service Netflix began creating its own series only four years ago, but has already become the largest producer of television content in the United States. Now the management of the streaming giant intends to conquer the world of big cinema and seriously compete with the leading Hollywood studios.

According to Deadline , Netflix is preparing a wonderful gift for science fiction fans. The online service management team will join forces with Ridley Scott Scott Free to work on the film adaptation of the novel by English writer James Ballard Hello America".

The 1981 book takes place several decades after a severe environmental crisis began in North America. When the entire continent was unsuitable for life, its inhabitants had to urgently move to other countries. In 2114, the European authorities decided to send a scientific expedition to the United States to find out the true causes of the ecological disaster. The crew members of the Apollo spacecraft did not yet suspect that they would meet with the participants of the previous research mission on the ruins of civilization ...


The works of Ballard have already been transferred to film and television screens more than once. The most famous film adaptations of the Englishman's books are Steven Spielberg's war drama "Empire of the Sun", David Cronenberg's psychological thriller "Car Crash" and Ben Wheatley's dystopia "High-rise".

Based on Hello America , the film will be produced by Kevin J. Walsh (Manchester by the Sea), Michael A. Pruss (Equals) and Sir Ridley Scott . The adaptation of Ballard will be the second collaboration between Netflix and the four-time Oscar nominee. Two months ago, we reported that the management of the online service decided to support the new production project of Scott - the war drama War Party, in which Tom Hardy intends to play the main role.


In recent years, Ridley has begun to actively collaborate with the world's leading streaming companies. The eminent Briton is currently producing the science fiction series The Man in the High Castle, one of the main hits of the online service Amazon .

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