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Twilight. Saga. Revival

Image The vampire saga " Twilight " has always received a lot of criticism, but this did not prevent it from occupying its niche in modern pop culture and earning more than $ 3.3 billion at the worldwide box office. Stephenie Meyer's book series bid farewell to viewers in 2012, and since then, Lionsgate has been trying unsuccessfully to create an equally financially successful franchise for young people. The new flagship of the Hollywood studio could be the Divergent film series, but its third part could not recoup the costs of its creation. It became known this summer that the final chapter of the dystopia will have to seek refuge on TV.

If Lionsgate bosses want to improve their financial well-being, then it seems quite logical for them to try to revive " Twilight ", which currently occupy the 14th line in the list of highest grossing film series in history. Previously, studio executives were reluctant to comment on rumors of a possible continuation of the saga, but now in an interview with Screen Daily , Lionsgate Patrick Waxberger excludes the new appearance of the heroes of the books Mayer on the big screen.

This is not to say that the return of“ Twilight ”is a fait accompli, - noted Waxberger , -but such a possibility is definitely exist. Much will depend on the desire of Stephenie Meyer . If she wants to tell another story about these characters, we will be ready to give the film the green light. ”


A couple of years ago, there were rumors that the popular movie series could get a spin-off, the main characters of which will be the werewolf Jacob and the daughter of Edward and Bella . However, in the end, this information was never confirmed. It is possible that Lionsgate may attempt to reboot the franchise, based on last year's novel Mayer Life and Death . The book is a reimagined version of the original " Twilight ", in which the writer decided to change the gender of the key characters in the saga.

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Author: Jake Pinkman