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Colony's creator caught up with Logan

Image The long-awaited remake of the 1976 film of the same name, Logan's Flight , is one step closer to the movie screens. According to the portal Deadline , the film studio Warner Bros. has found a screenwriter who will detail the script written by Simon Kinberg. This specialist is Ryan Kondal , one of the creators of Colony . Kinberg himself will continue to work on the project and together with Joel Silver will produce the production.

The remake, unlike the original, promises to be a work close to the original - a 1967 science fiction novel by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson.Due to the acute shortage of resources in the world of the future, people are killed on the day of the 21st anniversary. Every citizen who has reached this age must voluntarily come to the station for euthanasia, after which rebirth will follow. Those who decide to save their lives and go in search of Sanctuary are hunted by agents of a unit called " Sandmen ". A policeman named Logan-5 , on the eve of his last birthday, decides to leave with honors - to find the Sanctuary that is objectionable to the administration and destroy it. However, along the way, Logan has a completely new goal ...<

Interestingly, Joel Silver has been pushing Warner Bros. to remake the film for almost 20 years. For two decades, the project has managed to pass through a dozen writers, directors and actors. At the same time, the next change of steering wheels was often followed by a fundamental change in the concept of the future tape. So, for a long time Ryan Gosling was listed as the leading actor, and in the spring of last year the portal The Tracking Board announced that Logan could be played by a woman.


As for the newly-minted screenwriter of the tape, Ryan , in addition to working on " Colony ", wrote the text of the peplum "Hercules", and is now busy finalizing the plot of the action movie "Fury", the main role in which performed by Dwayne Johnson.

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Author: Jake Pinkman