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Oldboy director will create a super spy

Image In recent years, no one from the audience is surprised that more and more famous figures of big cinema are beginning to show the desire to work on television. According to The Playlist, one of the most talented contemporary South Korean directors, Park Chang-wok, is ready to try his hand at creating TV series for the first time.

The director of the iconic "Oldboy" has agreed to lead work on a six-part mini-series based on John le Carre's spy novel "The Little Drummer". The winner of two Cannes Film Festival awards will reportedly collaborate with the BBC and AMC.

The British media giant and one of the leading American cable channels already have experience in creating TV adaptations of books by the outstanding master of the detective genre. Last year, they presented viewers with a gorgeous mini-series "The Night Manager", which won two Emmy awards and three Golden Globes. The BBC and AMC are also working on a television adaptation of another famous work by John le Carre, The Spy Who Came from the Cold.


The Little Drummer Girl went on sale in 1983, and a year later it brought the author a nomination for the prestigious Edgar Allan Poe Literary Prize. Le Carre's main character is the young English theater actress Charlie, drawn into the dangerous world of international espionage.


"Little Drummer" was already the basis for the plot of the 1984 film of the same name, starring Diane Keaton as Charlie. The film by George Roy Hill was rather coolly received by critics and failed to recoup its solid $ 20 million budget. In the new version of The Little Drummer Girl, the main character of the detective story will be portrayed by 21-year-old Briton Florence Pugh, who has earned a lot of compliments for her role as Catherine in last year's film Lady Macbeth.


The miniseries' production team, led by Park Chang-wook, is expected to start filming the bestselling book early next year.

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