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Hollywood Will Modernize Iconic Western

Image Last summer, the Hollywood studio Relativity was forced to file for bankruptcy. Over the past year, the company changed its leadership and found new sources of funding, thanks to which it hopes to return to the world of big cinema. Last month, Relativity finally decided to get off the ground with a new adaptation of the comic "The Raven", and now the publication The Hollywood Reporter has learned that the studio bosses have acquired the rights to a remake of the famous Western " Exactly at noon ".

Fred Zinnemann's picture was released in 1952, and 37 years later, the Library of Congress in the United States entered it into the National Film Register as a cinematic masterpiece of special cultural and historical significance. The main character of the story is the sheriff Will Kane played by Gary Cooper, who had to stand alone to defend the city when he learned that a train with dangerous criminals would arrive at the local railway station at noon.

The creation of the western cost $ 750 thousand , and its worldwide box office was about $ 18 million . At its 25th Oscar awards, the film won four statuettes for Best Actor, Best Editing, Best Music and Best Song.


The remake will take place today on the section of the US-Mexican border, which is under the control of one of the drug cartels. Dan Brunetti ("The Social Network") and Ryan Kavanagh ("Train to Yuma") will be producing.

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Author: Jake Pinkman