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Tarzan, the Handy Corpse and the Giant: Watch This Week

Image Unlike the previous week, which did not please us very much with the assortment of new products, from June 30 the expanse for moviegoers of all tastes and ages begins. In addition, next Thursday many premieres will open in cinemas with a high rating of expectations among a wide range of viewers, but connoisseurs of good cartoons and exquisite auteur films will also have plenty to choose from.

The audience, eager for high-budget large-scale projects with abundant special effects and a touch of nostalgia, will certainly go to the picture Tarzan. Legend " . According to the plot, the main character has been living in London for a long time and, like a true gentleman, wears an elegant frock coat and cannot get enough of his beautiful wife Jane (Margot Robbie). But the spectators, hoping, among other things, to appreciate the luxurious torso of Alexander Skarsgard, should not be discouraged: the riots that have begun in the camp of a mining company in the Congo will force Tarzan to return to nature (and take off his coat). True, not only old four-legged friends are waiting for a man there, but also an almost non-cardboard villain with whom a muscular gentleman will have to measure both strength and intelligence.

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The trailer for the David Yates movie looks pretty ambitious. Let's see if the Potter director has managed to master the $ 180 million budget in such a way as to interest viewers in adventures without magic ...

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For those who don't miss a single film with Jake Gyllenhaal, the distributors have prepared an interesting dramedy "Destruction" directed by Jean-Marc Vallee. There will be everything that lovers of emotional stories about the crisis of a strong man need: the suffering and anger of the protagonist, a beautiful and clever savior, spiritual rebirth, and the like. Judging by the trailer, it will turn out to be tough and perky: compulsive actions will lead to spectacular damage to property, and the protagonist himself will not tire of uttering witty internal monologues. True, critics have already rushed to pour their fly in the ointment into our barrel of honey. Some overseas publications wrote that the film is full of cliches, the plot does not shine with believability, and only the game of Gyllenhaal saves this tape. But that's where we started.

"Big and kind giant"
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The adaptation of Roald Dahl's book The Good and Big Giant has also been awaited by many viewers, including those familiar with this easy-to-read original filled with various funny words. Moreover, the project was directed by Steven Spielberg himself - a cult director who needs no introduction. The story of how a lonely little girl Sophie got into the magical world of giants (and not all of them, I must say, turned out to be kind), most of the reviewers liked it. First of all, they appreciated the long-eared lanky protagonist, who carries some kind of gibberish, but at the same time gives the impression of a sweetest creature. But the main conclusion of all the positive reviews is this: Mr. Spielberg still knows how to shoot a spectacular family movie that can surprise and amaze movies, which cannot be found today.

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The thrash comedy The Swiss Knife Man starring Daniel Radcliffe as a gassing corpse and Paul Dano as his newfound friend, using this corpse to survive on the island, attracted the attention of moviegoers as soon as the official synopsis was released on the web. After the release of the trailer, interest in this project has grown more than ever. And now it remains to be patient just a little to see with my own eyes the"boy-who-survived"in the status of a man-who-died. He died, but not quite: now he can be used like that famous Swiss knife. This story is clearly not for everyone, but a cinephile with experience will certainly appreciate the almost Chaplin's inventiveness of the script, the extraordinary bromance and, probably, the very fact of the appearance of this kind of cinema - beyond categories and labels.

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Next, we have two wonderful cartoons: the comic-instructive "Evolution" from the studio Pathe and the touching Brazilian The Adventures of the Red Airplane . The first animation project may appeal to children and parents who like silly jokes in an amicable way. And he will also tell your child about this very evolution in a playful way and in a rather fascinating manner (although not that truthfully). Note that the cartoon is designed for children from six years old.

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But even the smallest can be brought to The Adventures of the Red Airplane . And despite the unpretentious plot and the animation that does not strike the imagination, this wonderful and incredibly kind film will easily cheer up any skeptic. According to the plot, one hyperactive boy found a dream and now puts all his strength into its embodiment. The trailer says that"this story is full of surprises", but the main surprise of "Airplane" itself is that it really takes a living. Who would have thought that a project with an age limit of 0+ could turn out to be such a pleasing sight for the eyes and soul!


Another noteworthy film for the coming week is the Swedish dramedy Uwe's Second Life . It is enough to read the synopsis to understand that this movie was created for connoisseurs of complex, deep stories about strange people who sometimes just want to get into the skull and see what is wrong with them. Uwe is an elderly grumbler, a headache for all neighbors who throw garbage in the wrong place or park their car in the wrong place. He also terribly dislikes people whose hands grow out of the wrong place. But the main character himself knows how to do everything: repair equipment, knock out the best discounts, and put in perfect order. And even a pistol and the strongest sleeping pill - everything he has is where it is needed. Perhaps these things are waiting in the wings, or maybe Uwe will get a chance for a second life, because a stray cat, terribly annoying him, he could not drive it away. At home, in Sweden, the film earned $ 1.6 million, landing in the top five most profitable films in this country.


And finally, or even for a sweet treat, an almanac titled “RomCom Shorts. Laughter for love " . Laugh for Love is eight short romantic comedies filmed in the USA, the Netherlands, Canada, France, Argentina and the UK. All of them consider the topic of love and sex from the most unexpected angles, so if there is vulgarity here, then with a twist, and laughter - exclusively from under the blanket. Ideal for the evening with the planned continuation ...

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