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The Long Road to Freedom

Image The young American film company The Exchange intends to tell the audience about the adventures of a panda named Su Ling , who managed to become the first representative of the bamboo bear species to travel from China to the United States. As reported by Variety , the Hollywood studio has begun work on the biopic " Lady and Panda ".

In early 1936, New York socialite Ruth Harkness learned that her husband Bill had died in Shanghai while trying to track down the giant panda. The woman firmly decided that she would bring her husband's mission to the end. In November of the same year, during her expedition, Ruth found a baby panda in the mountains of China. Su Ling was flown to America, where he gained immense popularity.

After some time, Ruth found another panda in the Celestial Empire, nicknamed Mei-Mei . Harkness Travel has helped raise awareness of the decline in the bamboo bear population. This year the International Union for Conservation of Nature finally announced that the giant panda is no longer endangered. Moreover, the Chinese authorities have even begun to look for a way to return a number of zoo-raised cubs to their natural habitat.


The biopic was written by Laura Bickford (Beasts of Root), Holly Gent Palmo (Me and Orson Welles) and Justin Chadwick (The Long Road to Freedom). The latter will also be entrusted with the director's chair for the adventure film.

The Exchange will be supported by the Europe China Picture Group , which will give Chadwick access to beautiful natural locations in the mountain system Himalayas.

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