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Casting: McLain - elves, Emmanuel - down the aisle

Image The list of participants in the Christmas comedy Nicole about the adventures of Santa Claus's daughter has been expanded by American actress and writer Shirley McLain. She will play the Christmas elf Polly, who has been raising the main character all her life.

McLain is best known for her role in the comedy drama "The Language of Tenderness", based on the novel of the same name by Larry McMurtry, and in the melodrama "Apartment," which received ten nominations and five awards from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts.

Bill Hader and Billy Eikner recently joined the cast, with Susan Todd co-producing. Filming is set to begin this fall, and the film will be released in the United States on November 8, 2019.


Colleen Schiffley has decided to turn to the immortal Shakespearean story in his new film Die in a Gunfight *, with help from the star of the Hunger Games Josh Hutcherson and Kaya Scodelario from The Maze Runner. The pair will play the unfortunate lovers from Romeo and Juliet, whose feelings for each other flare up against the background of long-standing family feuds. Gabriel Ferrari and Andrew Barrer, who wrote the script for the Ant-Man and the Wasp sequel, promise a real heat in Die in a Gunfight with corporate espionage and drama.


Comedy fans may be attracted by the news of Ron Livingston and Natalie Emmanuel, who will play Holly Slept Over, produced by LD Entertainment. The film will be the debut of screenwriter Josh Friedlander. Josh Lawson and Brittney Lower will also take part in the shooting. The plot will be based on the relationship of two newlyweds, whose life will change when an old acquaintance from college decides to stay with a couple in love on the weekend.

Filming is scheduled to begin in mid-autumn.

* - preliminary translation.

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