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Rennie Harlin Tells a Chinese Legend

Image The massive success of the blockbuster "Warcraft" in China once again proved that the Asian film market is growing at the fastest pace. If in the United States the adaptation of the famous video game started only from the second place in the box office, then in the Middle Kingdom it earned $ 156 million in just five days. Not surprisingly, many famous filmmakers are ready to trade Hollywood for China.

According to The Hollywood Reporter , director Rennie Harlin has accepted the invitation to lead the film adaptation of the popular Asian computer game " The Legend of the Ancient Sword ", in the plot which has many references to Chinese mythology. The role-playing video game has already become the basis of the plot of the television series, and the idea of transferring its characters to the big screen originated within the walls of the largest film studio in the Celestial Empire - Alibaba Pictures .

The main character of the game was Baili Tusu , who, at the age of 8, was the only survivor of the bandits' attack on his native village. The main plot unfolds nine years later, when the young man became a skilled warrior and decided to go in search of ingredients to create an elixir that could resurrect his mother ...


Harlin began his career in Finland and moved to Hollywood after the success of Born American in the United States. The director's track record includes films such as A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Sleep Lord, Die Hard 2, Rock Climber, and Mind Hunters. At the same time, the Chinese producers decided to turn a blind eye to the fact that Rennie was nominated six times for the " Golden Raspberry ", ruined the studio Carolco with his "Island of Thugs" and his latest film, Hercules: The Beginning of a Legend, was crushed by critics and failed to recoup its production costs.


Alibaba Pictures management hopes the upcoming blockbuster will help them launch a new adventure franchise. The production team, led by Harlin , expects to begin work this October.

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Author: Jake Pinkman