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MIFF-2016: a triumph of a rebellious character

Image The 38th Moscow International Film Festival has completed its work in the capital of USA.

13 films took part in the main screening competition this year. The main award of the MIFF , the " Golden George " prize, was awarded to the Iranian drama " Daughter " by the jury headed by Bulgarian Ivaylo Hristov. Director Reza Mirkarimi becomes the triumph of the Moscow Festival for the second time. In 2008, his film "As simple as anything" won the " Golden George ", and also received a special award from USA film critics.

The new film Mirkarimi tells the story of a wayward girl Setarekh who goes against the will of her authoritarian father and goes to see off her best friend, who leaves for permanent residence in Canada, instead of to join in celebrating my sister's engagement.


The Special Jury Prize this year went to the Bulgarian film " Singing Shoes " Radoslav Spasov about the composer Eduard Kazasyan , who, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, found out that his spouse, singer Lia Ivanova , was an informant for the special services.

The Silver George Award for Best Director went to Pak Grasten for her drama 37 about the brutal massacre of New Yorker Kitty Genovese. during which none of the numerous witnesses to the crime tried to stop the murderer.


Farhad Aslani ("Daughter") was recognized as the best actor, and the 13-year-old Filipina Teri Malvar ("The Veil") received the award for the best female role.

The winner of the documentary competition 38th Moscow International Film Festival was " Mrs. B. History of a woman from North Korea " made in France. Best Short Film Award went to the American-Canadian Comedy Full Selfie .


USA Sergey Soloviev , Spaniard Carlos Saura and Briton Stephen Frears received prizes for his contribution to world cinema this year. Finally, a special award “ For the conquest of the heights of acting and loyalty to the principles of the school of K.S. Stanislavsky "was presented to the People's Artist of the RSFSR Marina Neyelova .

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