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Batman is in no hurry to rush into battle

Image The past year gave us a new performer as Bruce Wayne . Although the blockbuster Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice faced a barrage of criticism, even the most ardent opponents of the DC MCU were forced to admit that, in the person of Ben Affleck , the studio Warner Bros. got a great Batman . Not surprisingly, the Hollywood major has rushed to use the Oscar-winner in the work on the solo album The Dark Knight .

The ending of 2016 was extremely unfortunate for Affleck . His crime drama "Law of the Night" has not yet been released widely, and has already received a lot of devastating reviews in the press. It seems that Ben 's first serious blunder in directorial career runs the risk of affecting the fate of the new film about the protector of Gotham.

A couple of months ago, rumors appeared on the Web that the solo album's script contains many flaws. In mid-December, DC MCU fans were able to breathe a sigh of relief when Affleck announced that he was completely satisfied with the progress of the text. However, the fans' happiness was short-lived: in a new interview with the British edition of The Guardian Ben unexpectedly assessed the prospects of " Batman " much more pessimistic.


The original idea was that I would take the helm of the new Dark Knight movie, Affleck said. -However, nothing has been finalized yet. We don't even have a movie script. If I am not sure that I have really strong material on my hands, I will not undertake this project. ”

It is possible that after a series of negative reviews of " Law of the Night ", Affleck decided to rewrite the script of the superhero blockbuster once again. As of now, Batman has no official premiere date, but insiders speculate that WB bosses would like to release it in summer 2018.

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Author: Jake Pinkman