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Mel Gibson: Real Superheroes Don't Wear Leotards

Image In recent years, more and more eminent film makers have criticized the modern film industry. In an interview with Deadline , Oscar-winning Mel Gibson shared his views on the benefits or harms of high-priced blockbusters.

At the 73rd Venice Film Festival Gibson , which is taking place these days, he presented his new directorial project - "For reasons of conscience", which was awarded a ten-minute standing ovation. According to Mel , he managed to shoot a war drama in Australia for just $ 40 million , which is far below the budgets of many Hollywood films.

"I don't think modern blockbusters should be that expensive," said Gibson . -I'm confused by tapes with hundreds of millions of dollars in price tags. In my opinion, their creation usually turns out to be a waste of money. Perhaps, if I myself shot some film against the background of a green screen, I would begin to assess the situation somehow differently. But at the moment I think that such blockbusters could be shot much cheaper. I have no idea how you can recoup the cost of making a $ 200 million movie after taxes and deductions to distributors. Take at least the tape "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice". The studio says it spent $ 250 million just shooting it, but it ended up with a completely low-quality product. ”


I have not the slightest interest in the superhero genre, added Mel . -Do you know what the difference is between real and comic superheroes? Real superheroes don't wear leotards. I don’t know why studios are spending so much money on movie comics. Spandex suits must be expensive these days. "

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Author: Jake Pinkman