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Jim Carrey and Toy Story

Image Jim Carrey decided to replenish his impressive filmography with a tape about the life of the inventor of toys Marvin Glass. As reported by The Tracking Board , the acclaimed comedian has signed on for the lead role in the biopic Mr. Toy * ( Mr. Toy ).

Glass left his name in history as the founder of Marvin Glass and Associates ( MGA ), which sold the rights to its inventions to many major American toy manufacturers ... Marvin was not only a successful businessman, but also famous for his ability to inspire subordinates to new ideas.

The company was founded in 1941, but it had to wait almost two decades for the first really big hit. The toy Mister Machine helped to achieve the long-awaited success of MGA in 1960. According to one of the versions, the idea of its creation came to Marvin after his wife said that he works like a robot. The watchmaker Leo Kripak was involved in the work on the toy, with the help of which Glass managed to create a demountable figure of a mechanical man.


Ideal Toys Corporation hastened to acquire the rights to the designer. Soon, Mister Machine became one of its best-selling toys, and Glass finally managed to establish cooperation with a number of other companies. Over the years, MGA brought the world " Operation ", " Mousetrap " and many other popular children's games.


The biopic script was written by Chai Hecht. The author's track record so far includes only short films, but a couple of years ago he already attracted the attention of critics when his text " In real time " was included in the prestigious Blacklist the best unrealized ideas of Hollywood. The film about the life of Glass is expected to be a mixture of Steve Jobs, Mind Games and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


The project will be produced by Adam Kolbrenner (Captives).

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