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Roland Emmerich will study quantum physics

Image This year turned out to be not very successful for Roland Emmerich - the continuation of "Independence Day", filmed by the director, was crushed by critics. And although the film earned $ 389 million at the box office, this amount is not that great by the standards of modernity, when individual blockbusters gross more than a billion dollars.

However, Emmerich continues to be interested in science fiction, and, as the portal Deadline found out, the filmmaker is in talks with Sony to lead the filming of the film based on the book Blake Crouch Dark Matter .

The name Crouch is well known to TV series fans - according to his trilogy, the channel Fox directed the show "Wayward Pines" ( Wayward Pines ). The writer sold the rights to Dark Matter to producer Matthew Tolmak back in 2014, when the book was a manuscript. The piece hit store shelves only in July this year, after which it immediately became a bestseller.

The events of the novel revolve around the physicist Jason Dessen , before whom all the paths to a brilliant scientific career were open. But an adored son appeared in the life of a scientist, and Dessen , having decided to devote himself to his family, was content with a quiet job in a small college in Chicago. Everything went according to plan, until one day Jason was thrown into a parallel world, where his quantum theories were implemented in the form of technology that allows you to move between worlds. And although Dessen is very successful here, he has no family. Despite the fact that the forces of evil are trying to leave the scientist in a parallel universe, he intends to return home ...


The plot of the book seems like a good fit for Emmerich . On the way to the big screens, the project will most likely change its name, since several films have already been released with such a title, and the Syfy channel is preparing to present the audience with the third season of the series "Dark Matter" ( Dark Matter ).

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Author: Jake Pinkman