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Seth Rogen found his superhero

Image Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg already have experience in the adaptation of comics - their attempt to transfer to the small screens of "The Shepherd" was crowned with success, and now the series of the channel AMC is being prepared for the release of the second season. As fans of graphic novels, Rogen and Goldberg are not going to stop there. According to the portal The Hollywood Reporter , this time their choice fell on the comic strip "Invincible" , which the duo will turn into a full-length film for the studio Universal .

The original was written by Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead and The Outcast. In the center of events "Invincible" is an ordinary high school student Mark Grayson , differing from his peers only in that his father is the coolest superhero on earth. Mark also has superpowers, but the guy has yet to understand what it means to protect the whole planet.

Invincible is a long-lived comic that has been in print for 14 years, but Kirkman plans to end the story of Mark Grayson later this year .


For nearly a decade, I have been constantly asked how things are with Invincible , because comic book fans see what multimedia franchise The Walking Dead has become over the years,- Kirkman admitted. -I always replied that we were waiting for a suitable team, and now it was found! Dear Sir Rogen and Goldberg have proven themselves to be top-notch directors who know a lot about creating stunning visuals. A shocking and bold story full of blood and violence has fallen into good hands. I am sure that with such a team, my comics will make a superhero film, proving that this promising genre will lure viewers to cinemas for a long time to come. ”.


Judging by the amount of blood spilled on the pages of Invincible , Universal will release a movie comic strip with a rating of R . Rogen and Goldberg will direct, write and produce the film adaptation, while the duo are busy working on the comedy series "Man from the Future" for the service Hulu .

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