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Spider-Man looks forward to meeting the Hulk

Image The spectacular Spider-Man: Homecoming movie comic not only helped to successfully reboot the Peter Parker franchise, but also gave viewers a new meeting with Tony Stark ... As it became known last month, the appearance of the stars of the Marvel universe in the solo albums of Spiderman may well become a good tradition.

Audiences immediately began to wonder which of the popular characters in the superhero franchise will replace Iron Man as the New York schoolboy's partner in the sequel "Homecoming " In an interview with the MTV channel, the performer of the role of Peter Parker and admitted that he already has his own favorite.

I'd like to see a meeting between Spidey and Hulk , said Tom Holland. -I saw a wonderful comic book picture of Spiderman sitting on a lamp post looking at the Hulk . In my opinion, there are many jokes associated with the big green guy. The on-screen meeting of these characters will surely please the audience. ”


I think they could even have a kind of friendly duel, added Tom . -It would be interesting to see the Hulk trying to slap Spider-Man like an annoying fly. ”

On the pages of comics, Spiderman and Hulk managed to be both allies and rivals, but in the MCU Marvel their paths have not yet crossed. The chances of Bruce Banner being the new mentor of the young superhero are pretty high. Due to insurmountable differences between the studios Marvel and Universal , the green monster has not yet been able to get its own solo album. In order not to limit the participation of the Hulk in the MCU to only films about the Avengers team, the leadership of Marvel decided to use him in the plot of their November blockbuster "Thor: Ragnarok" ... It is possible that, following the Asgardian Thunderer, Bruce Banner's partner will be able to visit Peter Parker

The as-yet untitled sequel, Homecoming , is slated to premiere on July 5, 2019 .

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