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At home among strangers. Undercover Scam Trailer

Image The role of crime genius Walter White earned Brian Cranston a Golden Globe and several Emmy awards. In the new drama “ Undercover Scam ”, the actor switched sides of the law and tried on the image of an agent who infiltrated the world of drug trafficking on duty.

In 1986, Robert Mazur realized that the government in the drug war was misguided by focusing on seizing the drugs themselves. Mazur realized that it would be more logical to follow the trail of money that could lead to crime bosses who ruled over entire empires. So Robert came up with the idea of becoming an extravagant businessman Bob Musella , who laundered untold sums for drug cartels - tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars. He promised to legally invest dirty money and worked not only with thieves and drug lords, but also with international bankers.

Mazur described his adventures in his memoirs, which were adapted by Ellen Brown Furman. The drama was directed by Brad Furman ("Lincoln for a Lawyer", "VA-Bank"), and in addition to Cranston , Diane Kruger, John Leguizamo and Amy Ryan played in the film.

Dubbed trailer

Undercover Scam has already made its US debut, but has raised only $ 12.3 million so far. True, critics nevertheless called the film Furman a rather fascinating film, the main advantage of which, of course, is the play of Brian Cranston .

Agent Mazur will start laundering money in USA cinemas on August 11 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman