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From love to hate

Image Film company Radar Pictures will tell viewers about one of the most infamous pages in US history. Variety reports that the Hollywood studio has acquired the rights to film the novel by Allison Pataky " The Traitor's Wife " about the life of Peggy Shippen , who played an important role in the fate of the War for independence.

Peggy was born in 1760 into a well-known wealthy Philadelphia family that shared the views of the loyalists. When the city came under the control of the Continental Army, Benedict Arnold was appointed its military commander. The renowned major general of the colonists' army met Peggy in the summer of 1778, and the following spring they were married.

Arnold was considered a loyal supporter of George Washington until it became known in 1780 that he was secretly collaborating with the British. After the truth surfaced, Benedict went from being a hero to an enemy of the nation. Many historians agree that it was Shippen who once introduced her husband to British Major John Andre , who offered the general a substantial reward for surrendering Fort West Point.


Mike Weber ("Riddick") and Ted Field ("The Last Samurai") are involved in producing the historical drama.

This is not the first time the world of film and television has shown an active interest in the history of the transition of the famous Major General of the Continental Army to the side of the British: Arnold and his beloved play an important role in the plot of the popular spy series "Turn" ( TURN ).

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