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Harley Quinn will collect the Gotham Sirens

Image Margot Robbie and her Harley Quinn became the centerpiece of Suicide Squad, and even before the movie was released, rumors began to circulate in the press that the famous supervillain might have her own spin-off ... Later, journalists learned that Christina Hodson was writing a script for a film about Birds of Prey , in which Harley would be the antagonist, but, as it turned out, the studio Warner Bros. b>there are very different plans.

According to The Hollywood Reporter , the Hollywood major has decided to launch a project called Gotham City Sirens ( Gotham City Sirens *), and the speech in It will focus on the most popular villains in the DC comics. The director of Suicide Squad David Eyre and Margot Robbie herself have already been involved in the work on the tape. In addition to Harley Quinn , Poison Ivy and Catwoman are likely to be involved in the filming.

It is not yet clear whether the film will be a stand-alone project, or whether the WB management will decide to collide Gotham Sirens and Birds of Prey in one film. Journalists are inclined towards the first option, since Geneva Robertson has been chosen as the scriptwriter of the new film Ayr . Gotham Sirens will be an adaptation of the series of graphic novels of the same name, which was published in 2009.


Eyre will take over the functions of not only the director, but also the producer of the blockbuster, in which he will be assisted by Jeff Jones and John Berg. As you can see, the WB management has not lost confidence in Eyru , despite the fact that a lot of criticism fell on the director's head after the release of Suicide Squad .

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