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Nyuhl pocketed the USAn box office

Image The triumphant of this week, as in most cases, was predictable. Well, the prequel and at the same time the spin-off of the Harry Potter franchise, dearly beloved in USA and around the world, could not be content with second place. Easily seizing the lead at the box office, this wizarding veteran David Yates also broke several records. For the overall standings, it is important that the top twenty films of the week earned 946 million rubles . Everything goes to the fact that this November will be the highest grossing in the history of cinema, and the role of " Fantastic Beasts " in this achievement is undoubtedly great.

As for the personal test, the charming pets of the magozoologist Newt Scamander performed by the soulful Eddie Redmayne liked the USA audience so much that they provided the bestiary with the third start among all releases of the year. " Creatures " with 664 million rubles . lost only to "Deadpool" ( 964 million rubles. ) and "Suicide Squad" ( 762 million rubles. ). It is also curious that the result of the previous most successful picture of the Potter - the second part of Deathly Hallows ( 433 million rubles ) - was surpassed by 50%. Of course, inflation and changes in the dollar exchange rate should be taken into account, but the triumph of a new fairy tale from one of the best modern fantasy writers, J.K. Rowling, undeniable. Yes, and nostalgia, as a powerful engine of public demand, did its job - in our country alone, 2.17 million people watched the spin-off against 1.83 million viewers, who in 2011 came to say goodbye to the Boy Who Lived .

ImageIn general, with such a charming creature as a thief Scent, as one of the main characters it would be foolish to give up the palm to some other film. However, distributors believe that the amazing creatures in the Scamander wonder suitcase could have done better. They expected that a return to the world of magic would turn into at least 700 million rubles. over the weekend. But, perhaps, the construction of the plot around a completely new character, as well as not the most skillful promotional materials, were to blame. And yet distributors confidently declare that by the end of this week the collection of " Fantastic Beasts " will reach the milestone of one billion rubles.

However, to paraphrase the statement of one well-known athlete, distributors' expectations are their problems. The ordinary public hoped to get a ticket to the familiar exciting and outlandish world of magic, and did not remain disappointed. Although it's even more than a month before New Years, Yeats and Rowling have made the best gift for potter lovers. The film came out original and at the same time organically built into the universe of Harry Potter , and its characters conquered even the most inveterate skeptics. Read more in our upcoming review.

The box office has proven that the quality of the tape is not always directly proportional to its financial fees. For example, the lavishly praised science fiction film Arrival is content with little. It turned out that not everyone is able to appreciate the smart sci-fi that asks topical questions about the world order and human nature. Taught by such examples of the genre as "Independence Day", audiences are accustomed to expecting from the stories of alien invasion inevitable battles with massive damage on both sides. Therefore, the unhurried, meditative and focusing attention on completely different aspects of the film started from the second line, and in a week lost 58% of its box office.


At the same time, the project Denis Villeneuve , which is gradually occupying its own niche in Hollywood, having settled comfortably between the art house and the mainstream, was able to stay in second place. The weekend brought to the tape asset 54 million rubles. , and according to the results of 11 days, it turned out to be 225 million rubles. Of course, the film adaptation of Ted Chan's intricate and exciting story could earn even more especially considering that its creators literally accomplished a feat by adapting the originally non-cinematographic text. But distributors in the advertising campaign deliberately shifted the emphasis from the philosophical background of the plot to the few action games that are present in this story. Unsurprisingly, the loud voices of admiring reviewers were drowned out by word of mouth, and as a result, audience interest in “ Arrival
However, the presence of real magic in the box office hit the blockbuster " Doctor Strange ", in which magic is conditioned by the system of Buddhist practices. In the third week, the movie comic of Scott Derrickson received only 48 million rubles. , and the annoyance of the producers about this can be understood: usually such high-budget projects cut coupons at the box office for a long time.

ImageStill, one cannot say that the picture with Benedict Cumberbatch in the title role fell into a losing streak. According to its current indicators ( 1.371 billion rubles. ), it has already left behind Guardians of the Galaxy ( 1.358 billion rubles. ), and in a few days it will do the same with the box office the giant of 2013 - the Iron Man triquel ( 1.382 billion rubles ).

In light of this, as well as rumors that Marvel is looking for a character similar to Tony Stark , we can safely say that the change should go smoothly, including at the financial level. And yet, to make such predictions, it is worth waiting for the sequels to " Doctor Strange ", which are now only a matter of time.

The unexpectedly popular " Trolls " is a good example for the creators of the next installment of The Smurfs scheduled for spring. The cartoon Walt Dorn and Mike Mitchell are very reluctant to give up their positions in theaters. The next weekend brought him 37 million rubles. , and all 25 days of the show - 772 million rubles . And although the animated comedy for the youngest viewers, now on the long list of " Oscars - 2017 ", is unlikely to be among the five contenders for it, it fully paid off its 125 million dollar budget.

" Trolls " is certainly far from the heights of "Zootopia" and "The Secret Life of Pets", but these charming creatures have come close to angry birds ( 785 million rubles. ), which had a much more profitable base in the form of a popular gaming application. And the cartoon "Angry Birds" is designed for a more adult, and therefore wealthy audience.


At the end of our review is the surprisingly powerful and deep military drama " For reasons of conscience ", which reviewers have already compared to the cult "Private Ryan". However, for one of the strongest works of the brawler Mel Gibson , it did not help much. The debut fees of the project turned out to be extremely modest - only 25 million rubles. USA viewers did not spare the story of the ideological deviationist and pacifist Desmond Doss. As a result, the film surpassed the indicators of similar in genre films "The Sniper" ( 21 million rubles. ) and "The Survivor" ( 20 million rubles. ), but almost twice yielded to "Unbreakable" ( 44.7 million rubles. ).

Obviously, domestic viewers are tired of contemplating the patriotic patriotic American warriors, and therefore most of them did not honor the film. In addition, the fears of moviegoers were reinforced by trailers filmed in a pathetic vein. And although the drama does have a similar mood, the wisdom inherent in it was offensively devoid of interest. Perhaps less assertive promo materials would have led to a different result.

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Author: Jake Pinkman